Ch20 – Boss, Please Carry Me!

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Upon hearing this, Fang Zhi and Lei Ge suddenly felt something cold on their back, and straightened.
Their gazes fell on the three people in front of them.
“It, it can’t be ba? Don’t scare me.” 


“Do you have to say it so horribly?!” Fang Zhi looked at the front with fear.
If someone suddenly died, he didn’t feel that terrified.
After all, after he had graduated, he had seen many corpses with Gu Ge. 




“Fuck, is that true or false? Can you verify it?” Lei Ge was afraid first, but he quickly calmed down and asked this suspiciously. 



Gu Xizhou and Si Yu looked at each other, and formed a decision in their hearts.
Gu Xizhou said: “It’s very simple.
Let Lin Meng paint everyone once, and you can know whether these people are dead or alive.”


After he spoke, Gu Xizhou’s eyes fell on the woman in front, pondering for a moment, and followed her in, saying with a smile: “We will continue to sketch with you in the afternoon.”



Lin Meng froze for a moment, looking at him, and eventually nodded.



Back in the villa, Lin Meng quickly went upstairs and left.
The people who stayed in the villa swarmed like bees and asked about the situations. 


“Okay, don’t worry.
Today, Lin Meng also invited three people to be in the painting, and the people asked for today were different from yesterday.
Today, Xiao Ke and the rest joined the painting, and I also joined a painting.
We guess that only after everyone joins in the painting at least once, then we can obtain the NPC hint.”


“Newcomers also have to enter the painting.
If you don’t enter the painting, even if the world is very simple, you will die in the original world because you left without contributing.
Of course, I won’t force it.” 


The newcomers didn’t have opinions, but the old players who had experienced several different worlds had different opinions.


Xiao Yu shook her head: “They’re new, so they have to go seek the answers, so we don’t have to, do we?” 


Lei Ge looked at her coldly, and said lightly: “Half of the people in this mission world are newcomers, how many such mission worlds are there? The more newcomers in the mission world, the lower the difficulty.
It’s hard to meet these kinds of mission worlds in the future.”



Xiao Yu was struck dumb for a while.
Of course, Lei Ge was right.
This world hadn’t had anyone die yet, and the difficulty was obviously very low.
If she was full of misgivings and was overly cautious, then she would have to quickly enter another mission world to get the reward.
At that time, she might not be so lucky. 

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Gu Xizhou and the others wanted to add some explanations, but Lei Ge really was worthy of being someone who had experienced several worlds, and he heartlessly fooled people without a change in expression.
Soon, both new and old players agreed to enter the painting. 


After lunch, they gathered to accompany Lin Meng once more to the reservoir.
The woman continued to paint, and the requirements were the same as before.
She wanted three people to enter the painting.
In the morning, she had already painted six people, which meant that as long as Lin Meng painted two paintings in the afternoon, she would have painted everyone. 


The first painting had two boys who lived in Room 1 yesterday and another girl who lived in Room 2.
The three of them looked angry in the pictures, and their skin was white. 


The second painting had the other three people in Lei Ge’s room, also two men and a woman.
In the picture, Dong Chao and Xiao Yu were angry, while the other man was different from the two of them.
He was crying, and his skin was dark.  


Fang Zhi moved his right hand to hold his left hand in panic.
He wanted to know whether these people were dead or alive.
His eyes fell on Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
Fang Zhi wanted to know the answer, but he was a little scared.

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Xe Wlhtbe jcv Vl Te ibbxfv ja fjmt batfg jcv vfmlvfv ab ulnf Ofl Xf j tlca.
Xe Wlhtbe rjlv: “Efwfwyfg atf lcofgfcmf P abiv sbe sfrafgvjs, jybea tbk bcis gbbwr klat atgff qfbqif lcrlvf mjc tfjg ktja tjqqfcr eqrajlgr?”


“I remember.” As he spoke, Lei Ge’s face suddenly turned earthy grey.
His lips turned white, and he turned the paintings over carefully, the feeling of being fucked settling in his heart. 


Gu Xizhou looked at his expression, and knew that Lei Ge understood what they meant.



Before, they had inferred that only rooms with three people inside could hear the voices talking upstairs, and now those words confirmed their current guess– 


Among the four people in Lei Ge’s room, one of them was dead.
Their room had three living people and one dead person.
That’s why they heard the sharpening sound last night.


Similarly, in the other room that had three newcomers, there were actually only two living people inside last night.
One of the newcomers had died long ago, that is, the man who entered the painting with Si Yu and the others this morning.  


Only nine of the twelve were alive!


He slept with the dead for one whole night! 


Si Yaoxing’s judgment wasn’t wrong!

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Lei Ge stared at the three people who were not any different from the previous days, and felt chills in his heart.
Three people died in two days, this mission world was not easy at all! Fuck!


On the other side, Lin Meng packed up her painting tools and said anxiously: “Go back quickly, it’s going to be dark.” 


After going back, Lin Meng took his paintings back as usual, leaving only nine people and three ghosts in the living room.



After having dinner, Dong Chao suddenly felt like going to the toilet.
He got up and said: “I’m going to the toilet.” 


He just got up and was going to the toilet, but was stopped by Lei Ge who said: “Wait, I’ll go with you.”


Dong Chao nodded for a moment, then went with Lei Ge.
The moment they walked into the toilet, his foot stepping in, Lei Ge also followed in.
Dong Chao froze for a moment: “Lei Ge, you…” 


Fuck, he doesn’t sell ass!


Lei Ge made a silencing gesture and said: “Be quiet, I have something to tell you…” 



The last girl who was informed by Lei Ge that there were three dead people came back, and she walked a little unsteadily.
When she looked at the girl next to her, she couldn’t help but show her fear.
She had just been notified by Lei Ge that… the person sleeping next to her in the room last night was a dead person! 


How could this not make her nervous? She was trembling even opening her mouth.


No one spoke in the living room, and the atmosphere was sullen.  


“I’m a little tired.
Are we sleeping?” Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi, whispering. 



As soon as his words fell, the other six people appeared stiff, and the air in the room seemed to stagnate for a moment. 

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“Let’s go to bed,” Lei Ge said.
“We’ve reassigned the rooms.
Two girls slept in one room yesterday, I didn’t say anything, but today’s painting incident has already been explained to you.
Three people together are a condition, so regardless of whether our previous judgment was correct or not, we need to have three people in every room tonight.”


“The men better not have any opinions, I’ll be the leader and reassign!” 




Eight pairs of eyes, big and small, looked at Lei Ge at the same time.
The three dead people’s gazes were especially penetrating, and his hands and feet felt cold, but he still hardened his skull and reassigned the rooms.
“The three of you will continue to stay in a room.” 


“I will reassign the other people.
Xiao Yu, you’re an old player, you and Dong Chao… the three of you in one room, Yuanyuan is a newcomer so she’ll room with me… the three of us will be in a room.”


After talking, Lei Ge looked at the three dead people and said in fear: “En… you are also two guys and one girl, you need to take good care of her.” 


“Okay, no problem.”


Seeing that the three dead people did not raise any disagreements, Lei Ge exhaled a long breath.
When he just spoke, his heart kept playing drums in his chest, he was seriously so fucking scared to death, 


After the arrangement, several people went back to their rooms.
Gu Xizhou and the rest also went back to the room together, and soon heard footsteps upstairs.
There was some argument between the master and the mistress upstairs.
After, they heard the sound of a door opening, the mistress scolding two sentences, and then sleeping.
After that, there wasn’t a single sound.



“Sleep,” Gu Xizhou said to Fang Zhi.
“Rest assured, it’s okay.” 


Early in the morning, Gu Xizhou had barely walked out of the door when he heard someone talking quietly around the corner.
“They… their bodies…”


“They really were dead.” 


Fang Zhi heard that voice, frowned, and had a bad premonition.
He looked over and asked in a small voice: “What happened?”


Lei Ge saw him, and pointed at the people who had already sat at the dining table outside.
They were the three dead people who had been assigned to stay in one room together, and their bodies were corrupted with varying degrees of decay.  


After Gu Xizhou and Si Yu came out, there was a subtle change in the attitude of those around them.


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Fang Zhi could guess the intention in their eyes, and he could even translate it out: Boss, carry me! 


The faces of these people are really — true. 


After having breakfast with the three dead people, they accompanied Lin Meng to sketch at the reservoir.  


The first to be painted was still Gu Xizhou’s trio, and the last to be painted were the three dead people.
Unlike yesterday, the three dead people were drawn at the same time.
Their faces were not only full of fright, but their faces had decayed.



Through Lin Meng’s paintings, everyone confirmed that there were no dead people last night, which was good news for them. 


After this, Lei Ge was obviously relieved. 


After lunch, everyone gathered together again.
Gu Xizhou raised his head slightly, scanning the whole room, and said lightly: “Those three people are gone.” 


Fang Zhi: “?”


“Gone?” Lei Ge was a little stunned, and his gaze fell on everyone.
Only then did he notice that the three dead people in their group disappeared when they had entered the painting.  


Walking with three dead people was already creepy.
When they realised the three people had disappeared, they casually searched for a while.
For some reason, when they didn’t see their three dead members, they were relieved. 


Since there were no dead people last night, everyone’s suppressed emotions were slightly released.
Just as everyone was sitting on the sofa and chatting, there was suddenly a miserable scream from the toilet! 


“Ah– save, save…”


The people in the living room heard the scream and suddenly froze, not daring to move.
Only Gu Xizhou looked around and hurried towards the toilet.  


He hurried over–



Only to see a teammate fallen on the ground, a face full of fear, fingers pointing straight at the mirror on the washstand in front of him, trembling on the spot. 


Gu Xizhou’s gaze fell on the mirror above the sink.
A pale hand had just drilled out of the mirror, and the rest of the mirror reflected Gu Xizhou’s slightly stunned expression. 

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