Ch21 – Demonic Cultivation Isn’t Scary

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The pale hand emerged from the mirror, and then the second hand came out.
The man who had fallen on the ground saw this and burst into tears.
His legs were so soft that he couldn’t even stand up at all, and the calmness from before instantly collapsed. 


By now, the others had already rushed over and saw their companion sitting on the ground.
Their gazes collectively fell on the mirror.




The hand pressed firmly against the mirror, then its head and body drilled out of the glass.
Seeing such a horrifying scene, someone was unable to stay calm and screamed in despair: “Quick… quickly, run! It, it’s coming out!”


The people around heard the girl’s shrill screams, and as if they suddenly recovered, immediately sprinted away.
Even the man sitting on the ground abruptly discovered a strong desire to survive, and obtained a strength he didn’t know he had, to get up from the ground.



Just when everyone ran away, Gu Xizhou acted differently.
He didn’t run, but actually took a step forward!



“Gu Ge, run!”


Gu Xizhou: “?”



Fang Zhi turned around and saw Gu Xizhou, who was near the mirror, and subconsciously turned back to grab Gu Xizhou’s wrist and dragged him away desperately. 


The three of them ran at the same time, and Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou’s profile, wondering if it was his imagination.
He felt that just now, Gu Xizhou wanted to go and grab that hand… if it weren’t for Xiao Fang grabbing him and running…


While they were running, the thing had successfully drilled out of the mirror.
The footsteps of the thing walking on land closely followed behind their own footsteps.
Except for Gu Xizhou who was being pulled along by Fang Zhi, everyone else was striving for survival and running wildly, fearing that they would be slower than the rest and be caught by the thing.


They ran out of the villa, all the way down the stone steps, but even if they put their life on the line to run, the thing behind was still behind them.
Gu Xizhou glanced back, and that thing didn’t have a human figure at all.


Its neck was very, extremely long, coiled like a snake’s head.
It had a human face on the top, spread out black hair, and eight hands on its body which crawled on the ground at the same time, looking like a walking human spider.
A bloody red tongue dangled from its lips, and red liquid dripped down the corner of its mouth.
A pair of red pupils was staring closely at their escaping figures. 



The group of people ran wildly on the mountain road, but the thing didn’t go past the stone steps.
Instead, it used its eight hands to walk on the rugged mountain terrain, and quickly caught up to them. 


“My… fucking god!” Fang Zhi copied Gu Xizhou, looking back.
After seeing that thing behind him, he tripped and fell on the ground.
He got up and wanted to run again, but that thing had already caught up and was staring coldly at him.


He stopped breathing.


Was he going to die…


The others didn’t stop, but continued to run.
They were glad that someone had fallen and was left behind, until they couldn’t even see his silhouette.
They thought it was just going to be like this, but suddenly saw Gu Ran stop in his tracks.


Lei Ge gritted his teeth.
This demon was about to die, but he still wanted to go back to save people!


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Everyone thought Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi were done for.
At this time, who had the time to care for others? What sort of relationship did they have, in order to be willing to turn back for the other? What was surprising was that there was another one who wasn’t afraid of death, who was willing to turn back and follow Gu Xizhou.


Si Yu saw Gu Xizhou stop, and clenched his jaw, but turned around to search for  Fang Zhi as well.
He was confident that even if he had no time to save Fang Zhi and Gu Xizhou, he wouldn’t die in this place.
He had always been lucky. 


Soon, no one else could be seen on the stone steps–


The monster stared at Fang Zhi strangely.
It stretched its neck, sticking its face close to Fang Zhi.



Fang Zhi was able to smell the stench from its mouth.
It stared at him, and it reached out a pale hand–


Fang Zhi subconsciously closed his eyes.
It was as if he had given up struggling.


Just when the monster’s hand was about to touch him, a hand suddenly grabbed him and dragged him back.
Fang Zhi turned around and saw Gu Xizhou looking at it with a cold gaze, a sort of furious intensity that he had never seen before.

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Fang Zhi had just escaped from death, and didn’t have the time to think too deeply about it.
He stared at that monster with a dazed expression.
He felt like the monster was trying to be provocative, and it was right after his escape from death… it was like a human who had just been threatened, turning around and trying to save face by provoking them again. 


His eyes fell on Gu Xizhou’s frame again, but didn’t dare to speak. 


Gu Xizhou was staring at it from afar, with a strange smile on the corner of his mouth.
It was evil and foreign, and he had never seen this sort of Gu Ge. 


The man exuded a wicked aura throughout his entire body.
He licked the corner of his mouth with a cold smile.


Si Yu panted as he ran over, just in time to see the monster running for its life and the strange smile on Gu Xizhou’s face.
At that moment, he had a scary thought. 



He thought of the first world he had met Gu Xizhou in.


His eyes fell on Gu Xizhou’s body, and his mouth twitched.
So you really are a ghost!


At this time.


Gu Xizhou looked at the escaping monster, and his eyes curved slightly.
He had guessed right, the rules in the mission world were different from the rules of the real world. 


Here, he could use his cultivation abilities.
He could have easily killed the monster by gathering the grudges lingering around it, but there was a force that appeared out of thin air to prevent him from acting further.


Were the rules of the mission world that he could not kill the monster?

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Gu Xizhou turned around and noticed that Si Yu was blankly staring at him, a stunned expression on his face.
Gu Xizhou was a little surprised: “You also came.”


Si Yu: “…”


Si Yu swallowed.
He was suddenly a little unsure whether the man in front of him was a ghost or a human, and took two steps back vigilantly: “Are you a human or a ghost?”


Gi Xizhou glanced at him, putting on an especially wronged expression.
“You asked me this question again, you don’t believe me.”



“How can you not know if I’m a human or a ghost? We slept in the same room! Just one bed apart!”


“Xiao Mengmeng even painted a picture for us this morning, and my skin was so white!”


Si Yu: “…” No, I don’t want to listen to you, really.”


“Do you want me to recite the core values of socialism again for you?” Gu Xizhou added with a wink.


Si Yu: “…”


“What happened just now?”


Gu Xizhou pretended to be confused: “I don’t know either.
I saw that it was about to bite Xiao Fang.
I was scared, so I randomly pinched its neck, and it suddenly cried out!”


“Wuwuwu, I was really scared just now, thank you for coming with me to find Xiao Fang, wuwuwu, pretty face, you really are a good man after all.”


Si Yu: “…” That look in your eye when you pinched its neck, I saw it all, don’t think I’m blind!


“I don’t think you’re afraid at all…” Si Yu said quietly.



Gu Xizhou: “Why don’t you touch my back? I was so scared, my entire back is full of cold sweat!”


Si Yu glanced at Gu Xizhou, thought of Lin Meng’s words this morning, and calmed down.
He lazily rolled his eyes at Gu Xizhou: “No need, let’s go back first.”


The others didn’t know how far they had run.
After running for a long time, they didn’t know who stopped first, but everyone slowly stopped one after the other.
There was no movement behind them, which allowed them to finally relax, letting out a deep breath. 


“Lei Ge, are they already dead?” The first woman who called for everyone to run asked in a trembling voice. 


Lei Ge leaned against a stone and gasped for breath.
Just now, he had run so desperately, now he really didn’t feel like moving a finger.
He smiled bitterly and said: “Dead.”


“Really two fools.” Speaking of which, Lei Ge looked to the top of the mountain.
He showed a bitter smile.
It was just dying a little early, and at least Gu Ran could choose to die for a friend.
For a lot of other people, there was no such choice.

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As they looked up at the position of the mountain behind them, they guessed that since those three people were left behind, the monster wouldn’t forgo what was in front of it and seek for those far away, and would definitely pursue to kill those three. 


It was getting dark.
They had to climb from the bottom of the mountain to the villa on the top of the mountain.
After they panted all the way to the top of the mountain, they saw the trio that they had marked down as dead sitting in the living room.


As soon as they came in, they saw the three people.
Lei Ge opened his mouth, and his face was full of incredulity, but he seemed to think of something and calmed down at once.
He looked at the rest, and nodded. 


Yesterday, the three dead people were also mixed in between them, so after they came in and asked Gu Xizhou and the rest a few questions, they waved at them and randomly answered whatever they said. 



“Lei Ge, you’re back, just now…”


Lei Ge nodded with a smile and said vaguely: “En en, we’re back, hahaha, you’re so early.”


Gu Xizhou smiled: “Yes, that monster suddenly ran away, we’re all fine.”


“Hahaha, is that so? That’s good.” Lei Ge laughed, only a ghost would believe you!


Soon, the six people bypassed the three of them and gathered together.
It was clear that Gu Xizhou’s trio was being isolated. 


Si Yu looked at the six people who were quietly whispering, and said: “Looks like they don’t believe us and think we’re already dead.”


Gu Xizhou: “It seems so.
Why am I always being misunderstood as a dead person ah, this happened last time as well. 


Si Yu: “…” No, it’s Xiao Fang and I who are being misunderstood.
You still need to defend yourself. 


Fang Zhi’s face was blank.
He could clearly feel that they were being isolated by the other six, but Gu Ge and Si Ge didn’t seem worried.
“Aren’t we telling them? If there’s something we don’t know… will it affect us leaving here?”


Si Yu waved his hand: “No, whatever they want to do, the house is only so big.
They won’t be able to hide it from us.
I guess they’ll start looking for all the mirrors in the house in a moment.
It’ll be better if they don’t call us, so we can get comfortable. 



Si Yu said this, and comfortably stretched out, a figure of laziness.


Gu Xizhou: “Yes, we can wait for Lin Meng’s painting tomorrow.
Then, they’ll know if we’re really dead or alive.
Now, even if we explain it to them, they won’t believe it.
It’s useless to say more.”


The few people who walked by Gu Xizhou whispered about what happened this afternoon–


“That thing will come out of the mirror at any time, what should we do?” Xiao Yu’s voice couldn’t help but tremble.


As soon as her words fell, the other five people became breathless.
Finally, Dong Chao said: “That ghost came out of the mirror.
If we smashed the mirror, it wouldn’t be able to come out, would it?”


Lei Ge pursed his lips and said: “It’s not that simple.
I’m not sure if she can only exit from that mirror.

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“Then, how about we first find all the mirrors in this house, and confirm their positions.”


“Okay!” The others immediately started to move, looking everywhere.
Gu Xizhou and his trio sat quietly watching TV, waiting for them to figure out where all the mirrors were, and the three dead people who entered the painting the other day hadn’t appeared at all today. 


Soon, they found all the mirrors.
There were five fixed mirrors downstairs, one in each bathroom in the rooms, and one in the toilet in the corridor.
There were seven movable mirrors, making a total of twelve mirrors. 


Several people whispered: “There are twelve mirrors.”



Someone’s voice rang out: “If we smash the mirror, then the thing inside can’t come out and hurt us!”


“Smash it…”


Gu Xizhou and his trio could hear the discussion between the six people.
Fang Zhi couldn’t help but look over at Si Yu, thinking that Si Yu was a bit like a god…


Then, Si Yu looked at the two of them and said: “Follow me to see what mirrors they’ve found.”


“Okay.” Gu Xizhou nodded, and the three of them walked together.
Three of the five fixed mirrors in the rooms had already been broken. 


Si Yu frowned: “Three mirrors were actually broken.”


“What happened to those three mirrors?” Gu Xizhou looked at him, but Si Yu didn’t answer him.


After seeing this, they returned to the living room.
The other mirrors collected by everyone were intact, and several people were arguing about the mirrors.


“Smash!” A male voice whispered.
“It must be smashed, else that monster will come out and hurt us!”


Gu Xizhou thought of the three mirrors that had already been broken, and frowned slightly.
Twelve mirrors… twelve people… he suddenly looked back at Si Yu. 



“Don’t smash it!” Fang Zhi saw Gu Xizhou’s gaze fall on Si Yu’s body, and instantly thought of the question Gu Xizhou had just asked Si Yu.
He shouted anxiously, but it was already too late.




A mirror fell, and it shattered apart.
At the same time, scarlet blood splattered on the hand that Fang Zhi had stretched out.
He unconsciously looked at his blood-stained hand, and his ears were full of screams from the crowd. 


The blood on the floor ran all over the place, leaving behind pieces of meat.


Gu Xizhou wiped off the bloodstains on his face, and heard Si Yu’s voice in his ear, faint and without much emotion.


“It’s almost the same as I thought.”

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