Ch22 – It Must Be Someone

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“The twelve mirrors correspond to twelve people.
The three mirrors we saw just now represent the three people who have died.”


The people around him heard Si Yu’s words, and they all turned to look at him.
One of the men even glared at Si Yu, yelling: “You clearly already guessed it, why didn’t you say it earlier?!”




Si Yu glanced at him and said in a self-deprecating way: “If I told you, would you dare to believe me?”


“If I tried to stop you, even more of you would try to smash those mirrors.” Si Yu raised his chin, his thin lips opening slightly as he spoke in a soft voice. 



The man heard his words and took two steps back.
He had been so stimulated that he had forgotten the person in front of him could be a dead person. 



Even Fang Zhi, who had wanted to question Si Yu, felt his face change the moment he heard Si Yu’s words.


What would happen if he had fiercely tried to prevent the rest at that time? Would the rest misunderstand and think that they had some sort of conspiracy, and smash more mirrors?



It must be remembered that the three of them were currently suspected to be dead by the other six individuals.
Without Lin Meng’s paintings to testify for them, the more they tried to stop the rest, the more people would try to smash the mirror! Because these six people didn’t believe them! The more they say not to smash, the more these people would furiously smash!


Si Yu didn’t say anything else, and looked at a few people coldly, before ignoring the rest.
He stepped forward and directly searched the pool of blood on the ground.
He collected the mirror fragments and counted them.
It was a total of sixteen fragments.
The dead player had also been split into sixteen pieces. 


Although the corresponding mirrors of the three people who had died before were also broken, since the mirrors were fixed, the mirror surface was only cracked, and wasn’t as bad as this mirror that had been smashed on the ground.


His face was calm, to the point where Fang Zhi couldn’t help but inhale sharply.
This scene, even if they had seen things like this as policemen before, the floor was messy with the corpse’s blood and flesh, split into several parts, and the entire floor was full of blood and meat, but Si Yu actually dared to reach into that pool and rummage around!


Fang Zhi grabbed the corner of Gu Xizhou’s shirt.
He didn’t know how to evaluate this person, Si Yu, at all.
He didn’t understand if Si Yu wanted people to test the rules, or he just didn’t want to cause everyone’s disbelief towards them to cause more people to smash mirrors. 



Si Yu himself didn’t care about this, nor did he look at Fang Zhi and the others’ pale faces.
He was trying to figure out the rules of the world.


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“There are a total of twelve people in this mission world.
Half of them are newcomers, so this should be very simple,” Si Yu frowned and said to himself. 


At this time, the girl named Yuanyuan collapsed and burst into tears.
Her tears and snot ruined her face, and she said in a distraught voice: “Why is it like this, didn’t you say it would be easy? Why did so many die, why did so many people die?!”


“I don’t want to die, I really don’t want to die… Let me go home! I want to go home!”


Several newcomers were infected by the girl’s emotions, and their own emotions collapsed. 


“Smashing the mirror is death, but we die if we don’t smash it! We definitely can’t go back, we can’t go back alive… this is too difficult, it’s too difficult…”


A few people broke down, and when Lei Ge saw this, he couldn’t help but scold: “Everyone, shut up, these newcomers don’t fucking cry here, if you want to cry, can you leave? En?”

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Ciatbeut rtf kjr j ilaaif jogjlv, tfg kbgvr kfgf mifjg: “C wlggbg gfqgfrfcar j qfgrbc.
Po atf wlggbg ygfjxr jmmlvfcajiis, kbeiv kf vlf? Qtb xcbkr ktb atfrf wlggbgr mbggfrqbcv ab?”


“No, one mirror corresponds to one person, but it shouldn’t be fixed.” Gu Xizhou replied Xiao Yu’s question.
He pointed at the corpse on the ground.
“We just had nine people, corresponding to nine mirrors.
If he got the mirror corresponding to himself, the probability is one in eight, do you think he’s that unlucky?”



“The one who will die is the one who broke the mirror.”


Si Yu nodded as well, and his tone was light: “I think so too.”


“Then, then now what? The mirror can’t be smashed, so who knows when the thing inside would come out? If it suddenly came out at night when everyone was sleeping, what would we do?” Xiao Yu asked anxiously. 


 “I don’t know, this is just a solutionless problem!” Dong Chao’s lips were pale.
“This world’s difficulty is simply too hard…”


“This… first, collect the rest of the mirrors, don’t break them,” Lei Ge said helplessly. 


His voice fell for a long time, but none of the people who were usually obedient moved. 


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“What’s wrong?” Lei Ge asked.


Gu Xizhou glanced at the six people, and quickly understood what they were thinking of.
Once the mirror shattered, they would die.
They could accidentally die while moving the mirrors.
They had no such worries then they first searched for the mirrors, but now when they knew what the mirrors represented, they dared not touch the mirrors at all. 


Even Gu Xizhou felt very uncomfortable when he saw those mirrors.
He wasn’t afraid of the ghost suddenly appearing, but he also worried that he might accidentally smash the mirror and directly cause him to die again.
Compared to that type of ghost, what made him uneasy was the strange rules of the mission world. 


“Since you’re all afraid, then I will take a mirror and leave first.” Gu Xizhou walked through the crowd to the table where the mirrors were placed, and took a mirror.
His fingers grasped it more tightly than usual, and Si Yu frowned as he glanced at him.
Then, Si Yu went up to grab a mirror.
Fang Zhi saw Gu Xizhou and Si Yu had taken a mirror, and he followed along. 



It was already very late, so the three of them returned to the room along the corridor. 


Fang Zhi felt that he wasn’t holding a mirror in his hand, but an ancestor, so he barely resisted the urge to kneel in front of the mirror.
His outlook on life and the world that he had maintained for over twenty years, had been ruined in a few days in this place. 


He dazedly looked at his hand.
Just now, this hand was still stained with warm blood, and a real person had been torn apart in front of him.
This was telling him that he really was in a spiritual world, in a different space where supernatural phenomena could occur at any time!


“Why did you take a mirror?” Si Yu asked after entering the room.


Gu Xizhou said: “One person has one mirror, I took the one I liked.”


Si Yu: “… Speak “human.”


Gu Xizhou carefully placed the mirror in the drawer.
“I think these mirrors have other functions.”


Si Yu looked at the mirror in his hand and nodded in agreement. 


Hearing this, Fang Zhi put the mirror he took in the drawer.
In order to protect the mirror in the drawer, he specially wrapped the mirror in a soft bath towel. 


Gu Xizhou continued: “You said that this world is very simple, but now the situation is such that five are dead.
Fortunately, our room is safe.”



Si Yu looked at him, frowning slightly, and muttered to himself.
“Simple… This world is very simple, we’re safe…”


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“This can be considered as you reminding me!” Si Yu suddenly said.


Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi looked at him: “What did you think of?”


Si Yu didn’t tell them the answer, and instead said: “Go to bed early.
I think someone will die tomorrow.”


“…” Upon hearing Si Yu’s words, Fang Zhi got a shock, and quietly went back to his bed and laid down, wrapping up in his little blanket tightly. 


The vague appearance of the corpse’s bloody flesh was still in his mind!


At night, when Fang Zhi was asleep, Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu who was on the left bed, and softly shouted: “Hey, are you asleep?”


The man rolled over, gave him a look and raised his brow slightly: “?”


Gu Xizhou looked at him.
“Why didn’t you say earlier, back then? If you had said something earlier, he wouldn’t have died.
You were very kind to those people in that world before, and today you even came back to find Fang Zhi and me…”


Si Yu was silent for a moment, and a pair of deep eyes flickered in the dark.
His voice was a bit hoarse.
“I have encountered similar rules before.
Many people died that time, including people who weren’t supposed to die.”



Gu Xizhou: “That’s not your fault… you don’t have to blame yourself.”


Si Yu: “I’ve never blamed myself.”


Gu Xizhou expression was full of ‘I understand’, and he nodded with a pitiful gaze.
Pretty face also had to be strong.


Si Yu: “…”



Like this, the next day arrived.
Gu Xizhou and the rest got up early in the morning, and after eating, accompanied Lin Meng to sketch again at the reservoir.
The three of them were the first to be painted.
In the picture, the three of them were fair-skinned and angry. 


Others entered the painting in sequence.
Since there was one less person, Lei Ge was added to the last group of paintings again.
In the picture… Lei Ge and Xiao Yu had a white complexion.
Dong Chao, who entered the painting with them, appeared like the three people who died a few days ago, and had the same terrified face!

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Gu Xizhou saw the painting and said: “Now you believe that the three of us aren’t dead.”


Although it was established that Gu Xizhou and his trio were still alive, the appearance of Lei Ge and the rest weren’t good, and Lei Ge’s voice trembled slightly: “Dong Chao is dead.”


Si Yu: “… En.” After that mirror broke yesterday, he had guessed something.
Now, when he saw who had died, he was even surer of his thoughts.
Since arriving here, every night had someone die, but that thing in the night had never come to their room!



This was actually very simple, and was likely to be a rule–if there were three people in one room at night, then it cannot enter a room to kill someone.


Even though this rule may seem absurd, Si Yu had a reason for believing so.
Imagine, if on the very first day, everyone had slept in the room given by the master, there would be three people in each room that night.
Then, no one would have died!


After returning to the villa and waiting for Lin Meng to leave, Si Yu expressed his thoughts, and the other people were dazed. 


Lei Ge sort of understood Si Yu’s meaning, and hesitated: “No, that can’t be ba?”


Gu Xizhou already clearly understood Si Yu’s meaning and said: “No, I think he’s right.”


“First–when we came here on the first day, if we had slept in the room allocated to us by the master, then no one would have died on the first day.
In this way, the world is really simple.
From the beginning, it gave the first rule that wouldn’t have killed anyone.”


“Second–the hint given by Lin Meng, that she would not refuse painting us no matter how many times we ask.
And every time, no matter how many people we have, there must be three people being painted together.”


“Third–the voice upstairs can also help us judge whether the people among us are dead or alive.”


“Fourth–the broken mirror.”


Si Yu nodded and agreed with Gu Xizhou’s words: “Looking closely, this world has actually given us many, many hints, more than any mission world I have experienced before!”



Lei Ge was a little surprised.
“So… it’s like this…”


The others seemed to accept Gu Xizhou and Si Yu’s claims.
But right as they were excited about figuring out the rules, apart from Gu Xizhou’s trio, the other four people made eye contact.
They had seven people left, and this meant that tonight, someone had to sleep alone!

soya: in case anyone is confused about the math (because i was a bit confused too…) so there were 9 people left.
then guy A was like “let’s smash the mirror!!” and after he smashed a mirror, he died, so there were only 8 people left.
8 people means 2 rooms of 3 and 1 room of 2, so because of that night where only 2 people slept in one room, Dong Chao died, leaving 7 people total.
7 people would be 2 rooms of 3 and 1 room of 1!

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