Ch24 – My Hero

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Fang Zhi held his little quilt in fear, and his gaze fell on Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
He asked: “I… I’ll go?”


Gu Xizhou waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t have to bother.
He turned to sit up from the bed, and told the person outside: “Coming, stop knocking.”




Gu Xizhou got up and opened the door for Lei Ge, only to see the man rush in.
Actually, for Gu Xizhou to open the door, it actually also surprised Lei Ge. 


“Aren’t you afraid that I’m being chased by a monster? You didn’t even question, and just opened the door?” Lei Ge said.



Big Boss Gu Xizhou yawned and said indifferently: “I’m not afraid of monsters, but why are you searching for us in the middle of the night?”



“Xiao Yu is gone.” As Lei Ge said this, he suddenly paled and pointed to Fang Zhi’s bed.


Gu Xizhou and Si Yu unconsciously looked in the direction of his finger.
Under Fang Zhi’s bed, a little aqua blue gauze skirt was exposed at the corner, barely visible under the white sheets.
Fang Zhi saw the two of them staring underneath his bed.
Unconsciously, he lifted the sheets, and met gazes with a pair of eyes in the darkness beneath his bed. 



“You, why are you under my bed?!” Fang Zhi’s face was entirely dumbfounded, and his eyes were blank.
He didn’t know when Xiao Yu had come to his room, and… actually slept beneath his bed!


Fuck, Fang Zhi suddenly thought of the rules they had discussed in the day, and shouted a few curse words in his heart.
However, due to his job, he couldn’t say anything too cruel, and could only settle for glaring at the woman.


The woman beneath the bed wept sadly, and after being caught, silently came out from beneath Fang Zhi’s bed. 


Lei Ge, who stood at the side, had a pale face and he asked: “Like this, how many people are sleeping in your room?”


As soon as this sentence was said, Fang Zhi subconsciously looked at the woman, but the woman just sat on the ground crying sadly.
Her tears fell on the ground, and she completely ignored Lei Ge’s question. 



Si Yu sneered: “What are you crying for? Sneaking into our room in the middle of the night, don’t think we’re unaware of your vicious intentions.”


The woman sitting on the ground realised she had been mercilessly called out, and suddenly stopped crying.
She sneered, and glanced coldly at Gu Xizhou and his trio.
She stood up from the ground, and cast a glance at Lei Ge.
“Huh, what a good guy, waking up to find me missing and coming here to search for me?”


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“Then I can only wish for you not to die here tonight.” The woman said coldly. 


After that, the woman actually turned to leave Gu Xizhou’s room.
At that moment, in addition to the lights in their room, a cold wind suddenly blew outside the door.


Within a minute of the woman’s departure, a miserable cry came from the darkness, followed by a figure appearing in the corridor outside in the middle of the dark.
It was dragging the bloody figure of that woman away from the corridor.


They couldn’t even see the woman’s struggle.
She was already lying quietly on the ground, covered in fresh blood.


“Oh my god!” Lei Ge closed his eyes in shock.
He instantly felt the urge to vomit.
He had only just glanced outside, and the corridor was stained with blood.
That thing out there was taller than an average man, and its neck was twisting around like a snake.
He unconsciously slammed the door shut.


The sound of bones being bitten was clearly heard from outside the door, and blood flowed into their room through the crack of the door.
Fang Zhi pinched his right hand with his left, and anxiously strained his ears to listen to the movement outside. 

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“Be quiet, the sound outside has stopped.” Gu Xizhou said, stopping Lei Ge who was muttering to himself, his emotions on the brink of collapse. 


“I think it’s stopped,” Si Yu said quietly, and turned to look at Lei Ge, who was emotionally fragile.
“You should get up first.”


“Please don’t leave me alone, I’m scared,” Lei Ge sobbed.
“I’ve never encountered a world like this, it was supposed to be easy, but why did so many people die?”


“No one is asking you to go back alone.
Is your mirror still there?” Gu Xizhou asked.


Lei Ge was likely truly terrified.
Both his eyes were red, and he choked out: “Yes, I also took a mirror to my room yesterday, and it’s in the nightstand in the room.”


“The mirror must have some other function.
Bring the mirror over first.” Gu Xizhou rubbed his head as he spoke.


Hearing this, Lei Ge looked at the shut door, and his face paled.
It was like his courage had split apart, and he whispered in a broken voice: “I, I don’t dare to go out, I’m scared.”


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Gu Xizhou glanced at him and patted his shoulder.
“I’ll go to your room and take the mirror for you, so tell me where exactly it is.”


After telling him where the mirror was, Lei Ge asked tremblingly: “Will you be in danger if you go alone…”



“You don’t have to worry about this.” Gu Xizhou glanced at the embarrassed Lei Ge who was sitting at the side of the bed.
His eyes were both red, full of tears, and he looked quite pitiful. 


Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou with some surprise.
He felt that he really couldn’t understand Gu Xizhou, this individual. 


Gu Xizhou left the room and walked to the next room.
In the next room, a mirror full of cracks laid on a bed.
This should be the mirror that Xiao Yu took away. 


After finding the mirror according to Lei Ge’s instructions, he was about to leave, but the mirror in his hand suddenly reacted.
A pale hand stretched out from inside, grabbing his wrist. 


Gu Xizhou was grabbed by the hand, but did not release the mirror in his hands.
He grabbed the pale hand with his other hand, and dragged the owner of the hand out–


The three people who were waiting for Gu Xizhou to return from the room hadn’t seen him for a long while, and suddenly heard a miserable scream from the darkness.


Fang Zhi threw away his fear and directly rushed into the room next door.
In the dark, a slender figure was standing in the room.
From the height and frame, Fang Zhi judged that this should be Gu Ge. 


“Gu Ge, are you okay?”


In the darkness, Gu Xizhou saw Fang Zhi and Si Yu rush over, and then glanced at the mirror in his hand again.
The hand had disappeared. 


“Nothing happened,” Gu Xizhou said nonchalantly.
“Go back to the room first.”



The three of them returned to the room.
When Lei Ge saw Gu Xizhou come back unharmed, he revealed a confused expression.
“You’re, you’re okay?”


“En.” Gu Xizhou hummed.


“What was that voice just now?” Lei Ge trembled in fear, but he was still visibly relieved when he saw Gu Xizhou safe and sound. 


Gu Xizhou: “That monster wanted to come out of your mirror, but your mirror surface was too small, so it got stuck, and started to scream.”


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Lei Ge: “…” I’ll believe your nonsense!


Fang Zhi: “…”


Si Yu: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “Sleep first ba, it likely won’t appear again tonight.”


That night was a dreamless night.
Other than Gu Xizhou, the others weren’t drowsy at all.
Gu Xizhou’s words obviously failed to convince the three of them, so they forced their eyes open and waited for dawn to arrive.


Early next morning, Lei Ge saw Xiao Yu appear in the dining room and swallowed subconsciously. 



“Little sister, let’s go sketching.” Gu Xizhou patted the woman’s shoulder, and a faint smile appeared on his face.


Lin Meng: “Yes, okay.”


He wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating, but Lei Ge felt that Lin Meng seemed like she was a bit afraid of Gu Xizhou today.
Every time she spoke to Gu Xizhou, she seemed nervous.
Seeing this, Lei Ge was a little shocked. 


After finishing the painting with Lin Meng, they confirmed the number of survivors, even though they had actually already known the truth last night.


On the way back, Gu Xizhou suddenly pulled at Si Yu.
Si Yu raised an eyebrow: “?”


“After today, tomorrow should be the last day.
Later, should we go upstairs to take a look?”


“No, we can’t ba…” Lei Ge hesitated.


Fang Zhi, however, nodded in favour of Gu Xizhou’s words.
“We’ve already looked at everything downstairs, and there is no useful information at all.
We don’t have any option other than going upstairs, and… those people never said we couldn’t go upstairs, right?”


“En.” Si Yu nodded and said: “En… we can try it.”


They returned to the villa, and after a brief lunch, Lei Ge watched Lin Meng who had gone upstairs and swallowed.
He asked with much difficulty: “Are we really going up?”



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Gu Xizhou nodded and said: “Of course we have to go up, unless you want to sleep alone tonight?”


“No… I don’t.”


Sleeping alone would mean death! Lei Ge hurriedly explained, afraid that if he was just a little slower, the three people would throw him away.


The four of them snuck upstairs. 


Gu Xizhou pushed open the first door.
There was no one in the room.
This should be the study room of the host; there were many photos in the study room, pictures of a girl of five or six years old, from when she was young until now.
When they reached the last picture, they finally realised that this was Lin Meng herself.


“This man really likes his daughter, keeping so many photos,” Lei Ge said subconsciously.


Fang Zhi picked the photos up and looked at them, frowning: “This study room has so many pictures of Lin Meng, but not a single one of Lin Meng’s mother?”


“What’s so strange about that?” Lei Ge asked, stunned.


Fang Zhi shook his head.
With his instinct as a policeman, he couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong. 


“Okay, let’s take a look at the next room.” Gu Xizhou said.



His hand gently twisted the door open.
This was Lin Meng’s room, and she was taking a nap, curled up on the bed like a baby.
There was a baby chair beside her bed, and two paintings were placed in the room, and they were paintings that they had never seen before. 


The first painting–it was still the reservoir, but the three people in the picture were three young individuals that he had never met before. 


The three people were smiling and looked straight ahead, reflecting a smiling girl in their pupils–Lin Meng. 


There were two small words written on the corner of the painting–My Hero.


The second painting–a newborn baby was painted on it, and it was holding a fluffy little bear. 


Similarly, there were words written on the corner of the painting in charcoal–Mom Loves You.


“Who is it…?” The woman sleepily opened her eyes.

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