ion have any use?”



Gu Xizhou shook his head and said: “I understand Xiao Fang’s meaning.
Just now, when Si Yaoxing said to her ‘they look nothing like your father’, do you remember her reaction?”


Of course they remember, because of that one sentence, they thought they weren’t able to see the sunrise tomorrow!


“We can take another interpretation.
It wasn’t that the man didn’t want to put pictures of Lin Meng before the age of five, but that he simply didn’t have pictures of Lin Meng before she was five years old.
Lin Meng might simply not be the man’s daughter, which is why those three cousins look nothing like Lin Meng’s father,” Gu Xizhou said.


Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou’s words and was a little surprised.
He said faintly: “This is a possibility.”


They were quietly discussing, when Gu Xizhou glanced upstairs, and said–


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Gu Xizhou: “Just now, when Si Yaoxing and I were searching the other two rooms, other than Lin Meng’s room, the other rooms each have a mirror inside.”


“That is to say, everyone in the house has their own mirror, only Lin Meng does not have a mirror.”


Si Yu nodded: “I also noticed this.”


Hearing the talk about the mirror, Lei Ge couldn’t help the chill that crept over his body.
“Is Lin Meng that monster?”


Si Yu continued the conversation, saying lightly: “That is possible, but I think it’s unlikely.”





“Do you remember the sound of knife sharpening that we heard that night?” Si Yu asked Lei Ge in return.


Lei Ge was at a loss, unsure of what Si Yu meant.
Fang Zhi next to him, however, appeared to have thought of something.
“Lei Ge and the rest said that that night, they heard Lin Meng sharpening the knife for a whole night, implying that there was a night where she didn’t leave her room!”


Si Yu nodded: “That’s right.
That night, Lin Meng didn’t leave her room, but because we only found out about the three dead people on the second day, we cannot confirm their time of death.
We still have to confirm if the monster isn’t Lin Meng, but I think Lin Meng shouldn’t be the monster.”



After their discussion, the host family upstairs appeared out of thin air.
Lei Ge opened his mouth.
He clearly remembered Gu Ran just telling them that the other two rooms upstairs were empty! Where did these four people come from? But he quickly understood, this was a supernatural world, and there was no logic here at all. 


After tentatively eating dinner, the night that Lei Ge hated the most arrived again.
His entire body was cold and he followed the other three closely like a parasite.
“What do we do tonight?”


He asked in a low voice.
Yesterday, because of the incident with Xiao Yu, he had to hide in the same room as the three of them.
However, he had no idea how he was supposed to spend this night.
Although the three of them had said in the morning that they would not leave him alone at night, he was still incredibly terrified. 


Gu Xizhou’s gaze lightly brushed over his face, and he faintly said: “Tonight, I’ll sleep alone, the three of you sleep together.”


“No!” Fang Zhi shouted anxiously.
“Gu Ge, you being alone is too dangerous!”



Si Yu also disagreed.
“Tonight, we should sleep two in  a room.
Regardless of what happens, it’s already the last night, we just have to see if we can avoid it or not.”


No matter what Gu Xizhou said, Fang Zhi and Si Yu disagreed.
But because of the rules, and they were missing one Xiao Yu, the four of them couldn’t stay in the same room.
In the end, they ended up staying two to a room, Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi, Si Yu and Lei Ge. 

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After arranging this, Lei Ge choked and said: “Thank you.”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him lightly and said: “You’re welcome.
Tonight, if it goes to your room, you must remember to run over and find me.”


Yesterday, Lei Ge rushed over and knocked on the door, saying that Xiao Yu had disappeared.
Under the circumstances where he could have very likely died, he didn’t drag them down, and even tried to save them.
Even though Gu Xizhou looked on Lei Ge and people like him, but Lei Ge acting as the “leader” of the group wasn’t a problem, which is why he raised the idea of him sleeping alone just now. 


“Bring the mirror with you.” Si Yu suddenly said.


Gu Xizhou turned back and looked at him, nodding.


Si Yu followed Lei Ge to the room where Lei Ge slept in the day before.
The blood stains in the room had disappeared, and even the corpses on the ground had disappeared.
Lei Ge wasn’t intending to sleep at all.
He didn’t even take off his clothes, simply sitting at the side of the bed and lifting his head to stare at the ceiling. 


Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi did not fall asleep either. 


“Gu Ge… can we leave safely?” Fang Zhi’s eyes were red, and his nose was a little sore. 



Gu Xizhou raised his eyes and looked at him: “Relax, your Gu Ge won’t sleep for an entire night, just to keep you safe.”


As night fell, the wind outside the window made the leaves shake, and Fang Zhi couldn’t help but stare at the mirror in his hand, fearing that something might suddenly emerge from it.




In the darkness, there was a tremendous shriek.
Gu Xizhou pulled Fang Zhi up and ran out.
The moment they ran out of the door, he ran into both Si Yu and Lei Ge.
Lei Ge’s crotch was right, but this wasn’t the time to disdain him for pissing himself. 




Si Yu yelled, and as they ran, Fang Zhi turned to look at the room that Lei Ge and Si Yu had stayed in.
In the room, a small round mirror was placed on the bed, and something was slowly squeezing out of the mirror.
Bit by bit, half a body had already come out, and the snake-like head smiled at him.
Its mouth was filled with many, many layers of teeth. 


As soon as they ran upstairs, there was suddenly a voice: “What, what’s in your clothes?”


Lei Ge pointed at Si Yu and took two steps back.

soya: this chapter was split up because of how long it was.

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