amily, the girl had a nightmare.
In the dream, she saw the moment her biological parents were in the car accident, the image of her mother using her body to protect her.
She woke up in the middle of the night from shock, and saw someone sitting at her bedside. 


She was a little afraid, and asked in a small voice: “Who are you?”


After switching the lights on, she realised the person sitting at her bedside was her new father.
The man nodded slightly at her.
“I’m your dad, did you have a nightmare?”


“En…” Lin Meng nodded repeatedly. 


The man: “Then, Dad will stay with you tonight, okay?”


Lin Meng: “Okay!”


At night, the girl fell asleep in the arms of the man.
The man looked down at the sleeping girl, and simply patted her spine, as if comforting her in her sleep. 



In Lin Meng’s memories, Gu Xizhou saw these images one at a time, and time suddenly began to fast-forward. 


Lin Meng slowly grew up.
When she was about 17 or 18 years old, the man who brought her into the house suddenly had an inexplicable love for the girl and confessed to Lin Meng.
Lin Meng refused and after drinking heavily, the man lost control and committed an atrocity. 


Lin Meng told the other members of the family, but what made outsiders feel like vomiting was the fact that the other family members clearly knew what was happening, but kept silent.

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Her adoptive mother even advised her not to go against the man!


Lin Meng was suffering terribly, but because the man had moved his entire family abroad, and she didn’t know anyone in that country, along with her poor grasp of the foreign language, she had to live a life of imprisonment overseas. 


The time suddenly jumped to when Lin Meng was about 20 years old and had fully grown up.
Gu Xizhou judged that Lin Meng must have learnt the foreign language by now, because she was dressed brightly and fashionably. 


Lin Meng just so happened to meet her biological cousin when she followed her adoptive father back to China.
She still had her memories from before she was five, so when she contacted her cousin, she was extremely happy for that period of time, and they kept contact like this. 


After another three years, Lin Meng returned to China again, this time with a baby. 


Gu Xizhou saw the familiar villa again.
Lin Meng brought those three cousins to her house, and later painted the painting of her three cousins by the reservoir. 


At this time, Lin Meng had already adjusted her mentality, but then there was a day when–



That night, the baby cried annoyingly.
So annoyingly, that people couldn’t sleep.
In the end, that night, the baby stopped crying, because it had died. 


Lin Meng didn’t know how the child died.
Maybe it was the man, or the woman she called her adoptive mother, she didn’t know. 


Gu Xizhou felt something wet on his cheeks, and touched his eyes.
It was tears. 


Gu Xizhou continued to see scene after scene of what happened while in the woman’s body. 


The woman wept silently.
He had a hunch that the woman was unable to keep on living.


The next day, her three cousins came to see her again.
Under the care of her relatives, Lin Meng’s emotions collapsed, and she told her three cousins about everything that had happened in those past few years.
Her three cousins were full of anger, and clenched their jaws tightly as they comforted Lin Meng, promising to find a way to help her. 


After her three cousins had left, Lin Meng jumped into the reservoir on the mountain and committed suicide. 


When her three cousins heard the news, they took kitchen knives and rushed to the villa in anger, and chopped to death Lin Meng’s entire adoptive family. 


Gu Xizhou saw this last scene, and finally understood.


Lin Meng…



In her life, the last thing that she regretted–was that she was so cowardly, so weak, that she even dragged down her loved ones. 


No one would die if there were three people in a room, because Lin Meng was protecting them. 

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As for the eight-handed monster, it would likely once have been the four members of Lin Meng’s adoptive family.
Their disgusting and vile desires, as if having absorbed the nightmare lingering in Lin Meng’s body. 


As for the mirror…


Because the woman didn’t have the mirror, she couldn’t kill that monster, until Fang Zhi directly gave her the mirror!


This time, she wanted to do it herself. 


Gu Xizhou figured this all out, and the sound of a chain sliding once again rang by his ears.
His consciousness slowly returned–




“Stop the car!”


Right when the car was about to hit the three of them, a toddler suddenly appeared not far from them.
Next to him, a woman dragged the child back and protected him with her body, preventing him from being crushed by the turning wheels.
The entire scene was dangerously thrilling. 



In the police car, Yan Li immediately stepped on the brakes.
She covered her face with her hands as she fearfully got off the car, and knelt on the ground, saying in a shaky voice: “You’re… you’re okay, right?! I didn’t mean it.”


“Do you even know how to drive?!” The woman cried and shouted while holding her son.
Then, a man hurriedly rushed over to help up the woman who had just saved her own child, anxiously asking: “Mei, you’re fine, right?”


The woman shook her head and said: “I’m okay, I’m okay… at least the child is unharmed, it almost scared me to death.”


The man pursed his lips: “You’re too much; an adopted child, you’re willing to die for her?”


The woman stared at him unhappily until the man shut up. 


The child seemed to be unaware of the dangers she had just experienced.
She smiled at the woman, stretched out her hands and shouted indistinctly: “Mamu, Mamu, hug.”


“Don’t run wildly like that in the future, if you run wildly like that again, I’ll hit you!” The child’s mother’s eyes were red.
She had clearly been terrified just now.
She picked the child up, seemingly done with her business here, and carried the child as the pair of siblings left. 


The three people that had just escaped death took a long breath.
Yan Li had only stepped on the brakes because she had seen that pair of mother and son, sparing their lives.
Now, Yan Li had been controlled by the police. 


This should be the accident that the mission world arranged for them, to avoid their accident, Gu Xizhou thought.


Fang Zhi was dumbfounded.
Upon finding himself back to reality, he thought the real world actually felt a bit fake.
He felt something in his hand and opened his hand, only to find a small round mirror on his palm.
It was Lin Meng’s return gift to him.
All this told him that the things he had experienced before were true, not just illusions. 



“This, this came out with me…” he said in a trembling voice.

soya: another arc done! poor Fang Zhi, he’s really questioning reality… 

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