After casually ordering a few dishes, Gu Xizhou did not fight over the payment with Fang Zhi as usual, but quietly watched the Fang Zhis siblings compete for the right to pay, and finally Fang Zhi won over his sister.


The two siblings definitely had more to say to each other.
Gu Xizhou did not rush them, walking behind them as he slowly admired the scenery near Xijing University.
Then, there was a noisy sound in front of them.
People stood in circles, talking in low voices.

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Pushing the crowd away to take a look:


“Follow me home!” A man in his twenties yelled arrogantly.



A young girl that looked about little sister Fang Zhi’s age sat on the ground and hugged the street lamp on the side of the road, shouting to the people watching on the side: “Help, I don’t know him, I am not his wife!”


The young man heard those words and gave the woman a slap in anger: “The child is under half a year, why are you so cruel? What good is that wild man?”


The beaten woman cried and didn’t want the man to drag her away.
She sobbed and said, “You’re not, I’m not married at all, my name is Wu Xiaoxiu, I’m a student of Xijing University, I don’t know him, he’s a trafficker, he wants to abduct me! “


The onlookers were all discussing the situation. 


“Sister, the child must be so pitiful being discarded when he is so young, you should just go home.”


“Eh … You can’t say that, maybe this man is a human trafficker? It’s said in the news, these are their usual tricks!”


Hearing this, the man obviously panicked-


The young man’s eyes were red, and he grabbed Wu Xiaoxiu’s hair angrily, wanting to hit her.
At this time, a man and a woman came out of the crowd to stop the man.
“What are you saying? You are slandering my name!”


The middle-aged woman held Wu Xiaoxiu in her arms, and the middle-aged tall man next to him grabbed the young man’s hand and said, “What do you want to do?”

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“Whether she is your wife or a student at school, you shouldn’t beat someone!” The tall man who came out to stop him said. 



The young man said angrily: “If I beat my wife, what does it have to do with you?! Scram, I’m warning you, don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong!”


“Big brother, I am really not his wife, I am a student at the school!” Wu Xiaoxiu was helped up by the middle-aged woman, and she grabbed the tall man, saying anxiously, fearing that they would believe the young man.


The middle-aged woman said to the man, “Husband, it’s unclear about this matter.
We should take them both to the police station.
When we go to the police station, we can always make it clear!”


The middle-aged man nodded, “Okay!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the unreasonable young man turned around and wanted to run away.
The onlookers were standing in a circle, so where did he have to run? The middle-aged man glanced at him: “Hah, you’re suddenly afraid? It seems that what that little girl said was true! Go, take this trafficker to the police station! “


The middle-aged man twisted the young man into his bread van and said to Wu Xiaoxiu in the local dialect: “Little sister, you follow me, we will send him to the police station!”


“Okay!” Wu Xiaoxiu’s eyes were full of tears, and she almost couldn’t speak from how moved she was.
“I met a good person today, thank you, big brother and big sister!”


Soon Wu Xiaoxiu followed the middle-aged couple into the car.
Little sister Fang Zhi next to him saw this scene, and said fearfully: “It’s terrible, even attempted to abduct someone at the entrance of the university! Fortunately, the girl met a good person.”


Gu Xizhou heard this and was stunned.
He looked at the van that had already been driven for some distance.
Gu Xizhou noticed that there were scratches on the license plate of the gray van, and there was a number that could not be seen at all.
He and Fang Zhi stared at each other, and had a bad hunch.
They both started to curse. 


“Chase them! Don’t let them run away!”

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