Ch27.1 – Criminal Gang (part 1)

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Gu Xizhou suddenly shouted.
Fang Zhi and he stepped forward to catch up with the van at the same time, leaving little sister Fang Zhi with a confused expression standing in place.


As Fang Zhi ran, he turned back to yell at little sister Fang Zhi: “Hurry up and return back to school! I’ll come back later!”




While speaking to little sister Fang Zhi, Fang Zhi bumped into someone else, causing the man to stumble and almost fall to the ground.
Fang Zhi ignored the other party, not even turning around as he rushed after Gu Xizhou, and hurriedly chased the van a few meters ahead. 


The middle-aged man who was hit frowned slightly, and he cursed angrily at Fang Zhi’s back as he sat on his small bicycle. 



Gu Xizhou followed the car, and his speed was faster than a 100-meter sprint. 



The tall middle-aged man driving the car noticed that two young men were chasing behind after them in the rearview mirror.
He subconsciously stepped on the accelerator to speed up, and told the middle-aged woman and young man sitting behind: “Fuck, stop talking crap and tie her up, there’s someone chasing us!”


The man’s abrupt and cold voice echoed, and Wu Xiaoxiu, who was crying in the back seat, froze for a moment, unable to react to the meaning behind the middle-aged man’s words.





The words had barely been spoken when she was suddenly held down by the man and woman sitting next to her. 


The man had already untied the ropes on his body, took a knife out and pointed it at her face, threatening her fiercely: “Don’t move or I’ll kill you!”


Wu Xiaoxiu was frightened beyond belief.
The young man showed a terrible face and slammed her head on the car seat.
He sat on her body, tying her hands behind her back.
What made her the most afraid was that the elder sister that had helped her just a moment ago was passing the young man a bundle of rope. 


The middle-aged woman took out a large roll of tape from the back and wrapped it around the rope several times, until Wu Xiaoxiu couldn’t move her hands at all.
The middle-aged woman pulled it twice with her hands, making sure that Wu Xiaoxiu couldn’t break free. 



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She had barely spoken before the man with a ferocious expression used his hand to press her head against the car seat, almost deforming it.
Her words became muffled, and adding on the fact that the bread van had all its windows closed and covered, people outside couldn’t hear or see what was going on inside. 


Wu Xiaoxiu immediately understood, these three people were a group from the beginning!


She was completely shocked.
At this time, her mouth was covered with tape by the man.
Her mouth couldn’t be opened at all, and her face was compressed by the tape.
Then, the man randomly threw the rest of the tape in a corner of the car. 


“Ah… wuwuwu…”


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She looked slantedly at the middle-aged woman next to her, hoping that the woman would let her go since they were both women, but the woman just looked at her and spoke with the middle-aged man sitting in front. 


“Ktlr bcf ibbxr delaf qgfaas, jcv rtf mjc ilxfis rfii obg delaf j yla.”


“Fclnfgrlas raevfcar jgf kbgat j iba.
Qtfc atf alwf mbwfr, qgbqfgis tjuuif j ubbv qglmf obg tfg.”


Qtfc rtf tfjgv atf atgff qfbqif vlrmerrlcu atlr, rtf xcfk la kjrc’a atflg olgra alwf vblcu rbwfatlcu ilxf atlr.
Lfg afjgr ofii vbkc tfg mtffxr.
Vtf atbeuta rtf tjv wfa ubbv-tfjgafv qfbqif jcv uba glv bo atf agjoolmxfg, yea rtf vlvc’a fzqfma atja… atlr kjr rlwqis j agjq. 


She started to feel more despondent.
Thinking that she would be sold, not knowing where she would be sold to, or what she would experience, and the thought of how sad her parents would be when they received the news, she struggled furiously with all her might, trying to scream for help.
However, she was stopped by the man and woman sitting in the back of the bread van, and her hands and mouth were all taped with that transparent tape. 



The middle-aged man who was driving looked in the rearview mirror and cursed: “Fuck, that fucking guy is still chasing us!”


“Then you need to drive faster!” The middle-aged woman scolded in return, and glanced at the rearview mirror as well.
There were two men running after the van, one after another. 


The middle-aged man glanced at the front and scolded: “This road is too narrow!”


As they spoke, Wu Xiaoxiu, who was left alone, suddenly felt a ray of light in her heart.
She tried to move her body and looked out from the rear window at the back of the bread van. 


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Someone was furiously chasing the back of the van.





All this happened too fast.
Even though Gu Xizhou responded quickly, it turned out that the rules of the real world were completely different from the world of supernatural missions.
He also seemed to be restricted by the rules here, and he could not use his demonic cultivation.
Other than being slightly more alert than others, as well as having a stronger body, he couldn’t use anything else. 


“Fuck, I don’t believe it anymore.
Can this guy really continue to chase us down like this?” The driving man violently scolded. 


Gu Xizhou still had confidence in his physique.
Since this was a small road near the university, the van was limited by the surrounding environment, and its speed could not reach a hundred.
He was getting closer and closer to the van.
Soon, the van would enter the main road, a road that was filled with vehicles on either side of it.
Gu Xizhou shouted: “I am a policeman, please help me stop the silver-gray van, the people inside are traffickers!”



“There is a girl in the car!”


“Stop the car!”


The middle-aged man driving the car was startled when he heard Gu Xizhou’s words, and the middle-aged woman next to him was also in a panic.
“A policeman…”


At this time, someone in the surrounding vehicles moved and drove to the middle of the road!


“Fuck!” The middle-aged man who drove did not expect to encounter such a thing.
At this time, he was already panicked and said angrily: “Open the door of the car and throw her down!”


After that, a man and a woman immediately got up and opened the trunk of the van, pushing Wu Xiaoxiu out!


“Fuck your mother!” Gu Xizhou saw those actions, and couldn’t help but curse in public.
He stepped forward, as quick as an arrow–


There was the dull sound of heavy objects falling on the floor.


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Gu Xizhou rushed forward and caught Wu Xiaoxiu, who was pushed from the driving van, and acted as a human cushion.
The short sleeves he wore were worn out.
He endured the pain and under this situation, Wu Xiaoxiu was not injured.
He was sure that if he didn’t move as fast as he did, this Wu Xiaoxiu would fall face-first to the ground, and would definitely be disfigured.


“Police, I, I’m a policeman, stop the van!” Fang Zhi, who followed, shouted breathlessly.
The people around him saw that previous scene and didn’t have time to react, but three cars in different lanes suddenly kicked the throttle and swerved, directly blocking the silver van trying to escape!



Gu Xizhou got up from the ground, and the enthusiastic crowd next to him came to watch and help Wu Xiaoxiu loosen the rope and tape.


The three kidnappers thought they could run away when Wu Xiaoxiu was left behind, but they didn’t expect that there were several cars that directly blocked the road after hearing the words of the young man running behind!


There were people around him warmly supporting him.
Gu Xizhou felt that his back was hot and painful.
At this time, the door of the bread van that was stopped in the middle of the road whipped open and two men and one woman jumped off.
The tall and middle-aged man wanted to run away from the crowd, but even though he was tall and big, the people around him weren’t pushovers, and Fang Zhi was there as well.


“Stop, police!”


Fang Zhi quickly chased after him.
He was very skilled, and within a few minutes, Fang Zhi stepped out and kicked the man’s stomach.
The middle-aged man instantly lost his resistance.
He handcuffed the man, and the other man and woman had also been caught by the enthusiastic passers-by around.


Fang Zhi caught them and immediately came back to see the injured Gu Xizhou.
“Gu Ge, are you okay?”


Gu Xizhou watched him come back after grabbing the middle-aged man, stood firm and nodded: “It’s okay, it’s okay … call 110 first … Actually, it might be better to call 120 for me first.”


Gu Xizhou thought for a while and thought that he should call 120.
Now he wasn’t in the mission world and had to tolerate any injury.
Going to a hospital now wasn’t too outrageous! 


Gu Xizhou glanced down at Wu Xiaoxiu, who was clutching his shirt, and comforted her: “Okay, don’t cry, you young people are still too poor in being aware of your surroundings.”


Wu Xiaoxiu said nothing, and kept crying, unable to speak clearly.
She seemed to be really terrified, simply grabbing the corner of Gu Xizhou’s clothes.



After the people around them called the police, they pulled three traffickers to the side of the road and gave way for other drivers.
The three drivers who had just stopped the bread van were also there.
They waited until the nearest police station around Xijing University sent someone to come.
Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi presented their identification and explained the situation to the policemen sent over from the station near Xijing University.


There were many people around who were willing to testify.
A group of people was scolding the three traffickers, telling them to die, shouting that they would help send the three traffickers to the police station.
At the same time, the ambulance came.
“Where are the injured people?”


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Gu Xizhou raised his hand in silence.
He saw the nurse opposite him looking doubtful, so Gu Xizhou turned around in silence, revealing his back.


“Oh my god, I’ll deal with you first, come up here quickly.” The nurse was startled when he saw that bloody back, and pulled Gu Xizhou into the car.
Gu Xizhou just walked to the side of the car, when a policeman that he didn’t know shouted: “Don’t go with him!”


Gu Xizhou turned around, this was a problem.
The girl might be too scared, and was still grabbing the corner of his clothes, and even followed in his footsteps.


The people around didn’t succeed in persuading the girl, and the policeman who led the team finally said helplessly: “This … why not look at it like this, Officer Gu.
These people were caught by Officer Fang and you, and you’ll have to give your report in the end.
I’ll send someone to accompany this student and you to the hospital together, and you’ll both come to the station to give your report afterward.
Is that okay?”


Gu Xizhou nodded.
Wu Xiaoxiu had been through a lot today.
It was like escaping death, and she was still crying, so she should for a checkup at the hospital as well. 


On the other side, Fang Zhi first followed the others to the local police station for further investigation.


    The ambulance rapidly drove to the hospital, and after the doctor saw him, although his injuries looked scary, in fact, they were all surface skin injuries.
Some medicine was applied and his back was covered with gauze.
When he came out, he saw that Wu Xiaoxiu, who was accompanied by a female police officer, had calmed down.
When she saw Gu Xizhou coming out, she sat up in a hurry, looking anxious.


“Policeman Big Brother, you, are you okay?” The girl choked out faintly with a nasal voice and red eyes.



Gu Xizhou looked at her and said: “It’s okay, the doctor said it was a skin injury.”


“Then, let’s go to the police station now.” Gu Xizhou said to the policewoman who accompanied Wu Xiaoxiu.


The policewoman was a little hesitant: “But your body…”


Gu Xizhou: “Relax, it’s not a hindrance, and I’m also a policeman.”


Gu Xizhou pondered the scars on the body, there were seven or eight of them, and it could be seen that the life of the original owner was very exciting and thrilling.
The two of them still had something in common, and he was very willing to share with the original owner about his life of demonic cultivation, but the original owner … was always too lazy to talk to him.




At the thought of this, Gu Xizhou was a little unhappy.

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