“I can’t come today.
The traffickers you caught yesterday were a large gang.
The police raided their residence last night, and two girls were detained.
The province just notified us of the emergency meeting.
There are a lot of people involved in the trafficking, and it is very likely that those who have been trafficked number in the hundreds or even thousands … “


“These bastards are seriously so hateful.”


Gu Xizhou and Wang Ao said a few words, but he actually had a headache.
He couldn’t just leave his car here, right? Right as he was distressed, someone over there sent him a message.


Xiang Yuan: “Yo, Leader Gu, you’re injured? Trapped in Xijing?”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Xiang Yuan: “Come and beg me, beg me and I will go to you and drive you home.”



Gu Xizhou: “Scram.”


Gu Xizhou put down his phone and ignored Xiang Yuan, then suddenly turned around and called someone.


“I was injured in Xijing and can’t drive.
You can pick me up.” He said lightly to the phone.


The other end of the phone: “…”


“Are you still asleep? Why should I pick you up?” Si Yu, who was driving his cool luxury car, felt his lips twitch slightly as he listened to Gu Xizhou’s voice through the car’s voice call function.
He felt that this was a bit strange. 


Gu Xizhou: “Xiao Si, you are a good person, I’m sure of it!”


“I’m not!” Si Yu, who was driving, almost wanted to smash the car.
That incident of the glass falling was indeed his fault, and he… he had nothing to say about that, but this time, Gu Xizhou’s injury had nothing to do with him!


Gu Xizhou: “When you asked me to save you, I gave you my mirror without even thinking.”


“You are too indifferent and ruthless, sigh …” He continued, “I’m just asking for this one little favour, but you just throw people away after you use it, sigh …”


Si Yu: “…” Why, in Gu Xizhou’s mouth, was he like a scumbag man with a guilty heart? What kind of policeman are you, are you trying to turn this into a two-man comedy show?



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At the thought of this, Si Yu’s mouth twitched slightly and he felt a headache incoming.


“You’re not busy, why can’t you come to pick me up?!” Gu Xizhou.
“The three of us should be together often, to cultivate a tacit understanding!”


Si Yu: “…”


“Unless, the company is busy and you don’t have time to come?”


Si Yu wanted to say angrily that this was the case, when he heard the man go on: “But you told me last time that your company was under someone else’s management … Sure enough, it was because someone poorly managed it, so I was almost killed! “


Si Yu: “… you, shut up.”


Gu Xizhou: “Will you pick me up?”


Si Yu: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “Don’t drive, take the bus yourself and drive my car back! I’m at XX hotel!”


Si Yu: “…”



At this time Gu Xizhou’s mobile phone rang again–Xiang Yuan: “Where is it, I’m here to find you, sigh.”


Gu Xizhou replied: No, I found someone.


Xiang Yuan: Ah? Okay then.



At noon, Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi had lunch in the hotel, and just after going downstairs, they saw Si Yu with a black expression.
The girls around him saw Si Yu and whispered quietly.


Gu Xizhou threw the key to Si Yu and said: “The key is for you, the car is in the B2 area, the black off-road vehicle.”


Si Yu drove the car out of the basement, sent Fang Zhi to his house, and then sent Gu Xizhou home.


After the Land Rover slowed down, Gu Xizhou saw the door of the house and was finally at ease, saying to Si Yu: “Thank you!”


Si Yu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, gave him a blank expression.


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Gu Xizhou got off the car after seeing this and said to him, “Then, I’ll go upstairs now to recover from my injury.
Don’t forget that you promised me and Xiao Fang to enter the mission world together.”



Si Yu got out of the car and threw the car key to Gu Xizhou, then waved his hand impatiently and said, “Got it, hurry up and scram!”


After Gu Xizhou left, Si Yu looked around and suddenly … thought … how should he go back now, bastard! He knew that guy was using the glass incident as leverage!



Gu Xizhou went upstairs to open the door, and there was no sound at home.


A post-it note on the back of the door——


“Where did you go?”


“Not back yet?”


“You ran away?”


“Just you wait for me!”


He took off the post-it and looked at it for a while, then rolled his eyes and explained lightly–



“I went to send Xiao Fang and his sister, you know.”


“I’m injured.”


“Run where, I can’t afford a house now, I want to live with you.”


“Dead ghost, then how about you come out and show me! I’ll look down on you if you don’t come out!”


Gu Xizhou finished saying all this and went back to his room to lie down on his front.
As for why he laid down on his front… well, his back hurt.


He slept until midnight, then woke up blearily. 


There was a cup of warm water at the head of the bed, the medicine he brought back from the hospital, and a post-it note–“How did you get injured?”


Gu Xizhou glanced around at his surroundings.
As before, he still couldn’t see the original owner, so he simply said what happened yesterday.
A person muttering to the air, if anyone came to see him like this, they would think he was a madman.

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