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As he spoke, Wang Ao took out a pair of handcuffs from his trouser pockets and handcuffed the thin man.
“Entering a house to rob it, follow me.”


“Okay, okay! Take me to the police station!” The thin man clutched Wang Ao’s clothes, and his eyes looked at Wang Ao as if he saw a savior.


Wang Ao had been dealing with cases for so many years and has never seen such a wonderful miracle: “…”



Gu Xizhou: “…”


“Brother Officer, let’s go quickly, there are ghosts in this room!” The thief said anxiously.


Wang Ao glanced at the time on his watch and said seriously to Gu Xizhou: “Well, that’s it today.
I think you’re almost fine.
Early tomorrow, you should go to the hospital to get medicine first, then come to the police station.”


Gu Xizhou said: “Okay, Deputy Director Wang.”


The thief beside them was cold all over, hands in handcuffs, looking nervously and fearfully around Gu Xizhou’s room.
He was shaking all over, begging in a shaky voice to Wang Ao, who was still talking: “Officer, let’s go to the police station, I’m afraid … “


“Wuwuwu …”


Wang Ao: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Gu Xizhou sent Wang Ao and the thief who entered his house downstairs.
Wang Ao said: “Okay, you don’t have to send us any further, go back.”


“Okay.” Gu Xizhou was just about to leave, when the thief shouted suddenly.



“Brother Officer, there are ghosts in your house, you have to believe me, it just … just hit me! You should move away as soon as possible!”


At the side, Wang Ao heard this and slapped the thief’s head, and said angrily: “What century is this, you’re still labouring under a feudal superstition?! Go, go to the police station with me!”


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The thief was aggrieved, and he said unhappily to Wang Ao: “There really is a ghost in his house, and the things in the room were flying!!”


Gu Xizhou: “…” Brother, you know too much.


Back home, Gu Xizhou dropped the key and directly went back to the bedroom.
“The thief was so scared that he pissed his pants.
Wang Ao thought he was pretending in order to escape being arrested, and he hit him until his head looks like a bun.”


“He’s really pitiful, Gu Ji Ji, you really are great.”




“You, a policeman, actually scared everyone to the point of tears.”




Gu Xizhou said: “You can still scare others, why not talk to me?”





“… Why do you keep ignoring me, or … you should squeak.”




Gu Xizhou forced him for a long time, and the other party finally seemed to be unable to tolerate it any further.
Gu Xizhou saw a pen on the desk move and began to write —


Don’t call me Gu Ji Ji!


I’m not ignoring you, but you’re such a useless demonic cultivator that you can’t hear me!




Gu Xizhou: “…”


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Gu Xizhou said: “Gu Ji Ji, you actually can’t leave this house at all, right?”





Gu Xizhou: “You threatened to follow me but it was all a lie.”




Gu Xizhou patted away the dust on his body and sat down beside the bed, saying lightly: “What the hell happened to you? Dying in a mission world, I heard Si Yu, oh, it’s that Si Yaoxing who said, you should be completely dead.




Gu Xizhou saw the other party pretend to be dead again.
“Well, I will move out tomorrow.”


This time, Gu Xizhou heard the sound of the chair hitting the desk.
Apparently, Comrade Gu Ji Ji was too excited.


Both sides had a stalemate for a long time, Gu Xizhou speculated that the original owner may be staring at him, but unfortunately he could not see it.
After a while, the pen on the surface slowly wrote–don’t move away!


Gu Xizhou read the note and said, “Then tell me, why did you summon me?”


Note: …


Gu Xizhou saw that the pen seemed hesitant, and his handsome brow furrowed slightly: “If you don’t say it, I will move away.”



Note: …


“I will really move away!” Gu Xizhou pretended to insist.
He even picked things up, but the content on the note was not updated.
He tried to grab the air with his hand, but didn’t catch anything. 


Gu Xizhou sighed.
Sure enough, he couldn’t touch Gu Ji Ji’s soul.

soya: i know this chapter is a bit short,  but alert!! in the next half, Gu Xizhou is super duper ultra handsome!! for real!! his actions made my heart flutter!! 

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