Ch28.2 – Gu Ji Ji (part 2)

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After he left the house, Gu Xizhou casually found a hotel and stayed there for one night.
He had to see if Gu Ji Ji could really hold his anger in.
In the early morning, he did not drive, but instead took a taxi to the police station.


Early in the morning, Wang Ao met to talk about the recent mobilization of the police force.
Several photos of the human traffickers flashed on the projector in the conference room.




“Qian Hongliang, forty-nine years old, 1.78 meters, from Nanmu Village, Taishan Province, a particularly impoverished area.
He took a large number of young men from the village on the grounds of going out to work as a farmer.
After actually leaving the village, he mainly engaged in human trafficking and other illegal and criminal acts.
This time the police force was mobilized.
The first purpose is to hunt down five fugitives from a criminal group dominated by Qian Hongliang, and the second is to rescue abducted women and children in poor mountain villages around Taishan Province.


“This area is a very poor area, with inconvenient transportation.
Most male villagers buy abducted women …” Wang Ao’s voice was a bit choked.
“According to our preliminary investigation … Most of the villages in Taishan Province have a business of buying and selling women in every household, so this operation may be very difficult.
I hope you all prepare yourselves, and gather at the gate of the city office tomorrow morning.
Okay, that’s it, dismissed.”



After the meeting, Fang Zhi saw Gu Xizhou, and he rushed over to stand next to him.
“Gu Ge!”



“Last time your sister seemed scared, how is she now?” Gu Xizhou said.


Fang Zhizhi said: “It’s okay, Wu Xiaoxiu was rescued, and their school has publicized this matter.
Also, all school students are now required to bring a student ID to enter and exit, and have to show their student ID in an emergency!”



Gu Xizhou nodded.
He held the information that was just disseminated, and took a closer look at the situation in Taishan Province and nearby villages.
His expression was not very good.
“Are you going this time?”


“Going.” Fang Zhi nodded.


“Take a look,” Gu Xizhou put the information in his hand into Fang Zhi’s hand.
Fang Zhi took it and studied it seriously on the spot.
Gu Xizhou sat on his chair and quietly looked outside.


The next day, Gu Xizhou went directly from the hotel to the meeting point, and met a lot of policemen on the way.
He found out that many of these policemen knew Gu Ji Ji.
He tried to stay far away but those people kept saying hello to him.


The car drove for most of the day, and it wasn’t until the afternoon that they arrived at the Taishan Province Public Security Bureau.
Inside the public security bureau was a tall, dark-skinned policeman.
When he saw them, he immediately greeted them and took them to the province’s restaurant for dinner.



“Drink some alcohol!”


“No,” Gu Xizhou waved his hand, “We are here for a reason, you should explain the situation here to us first.”


The middle-aged man heard these words and sighed, letting go of the things in his hands: “We are poor, so the houses in the countryside are all tile houses made with clay tiles walls, and the roads have not been repaired for a long time.
Every village is full of bachelors.”  


“Several times before, even the family members of the abducted girls have found us, and found the village.
The province’s police have gone, but they just can’t grab people …”


“What’s the matter? They dared to mess with the police?” Someone asked with some doubt.


The middle-aged man sighed and said helplessly: “Isn’t it the problem? They actually made a move on us.
Two years ago, someone was kidnapped there, and their family members came to find us.
All of us from the bureau went over, and we were beaten soundly by them…”


“This …” Everyone around was stunned for a moment, having never expected this to happen.
“What’s going on?”


“The villagers’ households have bought people.
If you go to a family to grab the kidnapped person back, they will carry their axes and sickles and come over to stop us.
At that time, one of our people was slashed by those villagers.” The young man was a little bit uncomfortable, “We were hit the hardest, because we did not expect that there were hundreds of people from all the villages around here!”


“They just refuse to use common sense at all, they are very arrogant, and they are incredibly desperate!”


The man explained this, and the civilian police officers who had come together were a little stunned, but the pile of criminal police sitting with Gu Xizhou wasn’t afraid. 


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One of the elders with a black expression said lightly: “I want to see how arrogant they can be.
There isn’t any kind of ruthless people that I haven’t seen.
I have been a criminal policeman for so many years, I’ve seen it all.”


“Yes, this time even the criminal police have been sent, implying that we can’t return without success.”


“How is the data collection on your side? Identify which abducted women are at home or in the field.
We will take them directly when we find them.
We’ll enter several villages at the same time, lest they raise their guard and lock the abducted females up.


“Today? So fast?” The locals froze for a moment.
“Will it be too fast if it happens today?”


Gu Xizhou put down the materials in his hand and said: “It’s not too fast, a quick attack results in a quick win.
Your police bureau should send one representative to each of our teams… Yes,, leave five civilian police in the police station as well to act as a guard.”


Gu Xizhou’s eyes fell on the man and smiled slightly at him.


An older criminal policeman next to him heard his words and froze for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Yes, leaving five people in the police station to help do the work that the rest of you will be leaving behind.
You can’t mess up your normal work.” 


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


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Xe Wlhtbe qea vbkc atf wjafgljir lc tlr tjcv jcv rjlv, “Po cb bcf lr kjamtlcu atfw, ktja lo rbwfbcf ubfr ab gfqbga?”



Fang Zhi: “?”


“This place is small and many people know each other.
There might be people who have relatives that bought abducted women.
This situation isn’t clear, so they can’t leave our sights.”


“It turned out to be like this!” Fang Zhi looked surprised, looking at Gu Xizhou’s eyes with stars in his eyes.


Gu Xizhou was too lazy to take care of him, and continued: “Be more alert later, close the door as soon as we hand over the abducted girls, don’t get hurt.”


Fang Zhi nodded: “Got it!”


“Although so many criminal police were sent, but we can’t rely on all of them.
If you fight later, pay attention to your safety, don’t end up like last time.” Gu Xizhou said, turning to look at Fang Zhi: “How much time do you have left?”


Fang Zhi glanced at the countdown in the void.
“Two days left.”


“En,” Gu Xizhou nodded and estimated it.
It happened to be Saturday that day.
“Okay, I’ll contact Si Yu when I get back.”




Fang Zhi heard this and exhaled a long breath.
The countdown in the void, showed that every minute and every second of life was declining, and he could see the passing of his life, which made him cherish every minute and second even more now.
He even felt that sleeping was a waste of his time.
Last time, he was unhappy getting up, but now he would get out of bed as soon as the alarm went off.



Looking at it, he would think of the impossible things he had experienced, and he would feel very depressed.


Gu Xizhou saw him in a daze, patted his shoulder, and said: “Relax, Si Yu said that the newcomer world will not be too difficult, there are not many rewards, allowing us to first accumulate experience.”


“Thank you Gu Ge!” Fang Zhi straightened, dispelling the frustrated emotions just now.


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He was not alone.
There was Gu Ge and Si Ge, two people who would carry him.
Compared to other newcomers, his circumstances were far better.


Taking advantage of the time in the car, Gu Xizhou took a closer look at the information obtained by the local police station after investigation, about which family bought the abducted women.
At this point, Gu Xizhou felt that the man’s words were correct.
The demographic trend of people who bought and sold women was simply shocking.


There are also women in a village who have been sold many times after having children.


After reading these, the atmosphere in the car was heavy, and no one spoke.
Gu Xizhou flipped through the information and said to the police officers who had come with him from Jinluo Police Bureau and the civilian officers: “Later, the moment you catch someone, bring them to the car.
I’ll be out of the car, so you all have to pay attention to your own safety and don’t get caught up in their traps.” 


“Leader Gu, you’ll go alone?”


“Relax, me going alone is better than taking people along, else instead of one of us being beaten, two of us will be beaten into pandas.” Gu Xizhou smiled, as if joking, saying that bringing a few companions was not a good idea.


“Leader Gu, let me accompany you.” A tall policeman said urgently.



Gu Xizhou directly refused: “Relax, you and Xiao Fang will be responsible for escorting her into the car when I snatch someone away.”


With that said, a family home soon appeared in front of the car.
The house was made of clay tiles and the walls were covered with cracks.
It seemed that as long as it was pushed lightly, it would collapse, and the road of the whole village was muddy.


Backwards and poor.


This was the first time they had seen such a village.


As soon as their car came in, the villagers in the fields put down their hoes in their hands and looked up, and to the surprise of the people in the car, the villagers quickly gathered together,  carrying the hoes.


“Fuck, as soon as they fucking looked at our car, these old men and young men gathered  themselves together?”


“It seems that what the local police said just now is true, and families of the abducted women have found this place and come here before.” Gu Xizhou pondered for a moment: “I’ll get off the car first, you act the moment you see an opportunity.”


There was also a local policeman who got off the car with Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou walked to the villagers who gathered together and said: “We are the police.
This time, we have come to take the abducted women home.
Please do not hinder our jobs.”


A few shirtless men across the field scolded abusively, and they were very angry, yelling a whole bunch of words.


Gu Xizhou: “…”



“What are they saying?” Gu Xizhou turned to look at the local policeman next to him.
He didn’t understand their words for a long time.


The local police said: “They said … don’t even think about it, they bought those women, so they own them.”


“No one should dare to take their women away, you … you asshole cops…”


Gu Xizhou waved his hand, “Coarse language doesn’t have to be said.”


The local police hesitantly said: “They are saying, we should scram back to where we came from.
Those women are the ones they paid for, they belong to them, so they should stay in the village…”


Gu Xizhou was patient with his temper: “You having spent money is not the problem.
People cannot be bought and sold.
This is a national regulation.
It is already illegal for you to buy people.
Now we can hold you accountable at any time, and the result is imprisonment!”


The situation at hand was soon known to the whole village.
Many women saw the car coming like the wind and shouted while running–


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“Help! Help!”


“Police, rescue me, I was abducted!”


One after another, there are nine young women in this village alone! As for the older women with numb gazes, who knew how many of them were also abducted?



Those women did not run towards them like young women.


The women that ran out were suddenly caught by the villagers, holding their bodies back.


The men stood in rows, one behind the other, and the others in the back grabbed the women who were bought, and did not want them to approach the vehicle.


Several people murmured something again, Gu Xizhou looked at the local police subconsciously.


The local police translated: “They said … don’t try to speak sense to them, they won’t listen.
They handed over money so they get the goods, and… told us to scram the hell away.” 


Gu Xizhou waved his hand: “Okay, that’s because they don’t want to reason with us, right?”


The local police nodded, a headache brewing in his skull.


Gu Xizhou: “Okay, I already gave up on reasoning with them long ago.”


The local policeman was stunned and subconsciously looked at Gu Xizhou.
The handsome man in front of him suddenly stepped forward like an arrow and seemed to want to forcibly rob people.
The villagers all carried hoes, and they were also frightened by the policeman who had suddenly rushed in.
But soon they quickly reacted, and a guy with a hoe wanted to block Gu Xizhou.


“Peng! …”



The tall villager who was just huffing like a bull was slapped by Gu Xizhou on the head, and his eyes rolled back in his head, directly fainting onto the ground.


“This man is so strong…”


“Quick, stop him!”


The local policeman stared at this scene with stunned eyes.
The handsome captain of the criminal police team who came with him felled dozens of young and strong men by himself.
They all collapsed with a single slap, or Gu Xizhou would add on a punch, and the other party would lie on the ground, unable to get up. 


He lightly patted away the dust on his body as he stared at the men on the ground, and went over to pull away the few women who were being held down. 


One of the women still held a child in her hand.
She looked at Gu Xizhou and looked at the child again.
She wanted to go with Gu Xizhou, but what about the child? What to do?


The woman kept crying and crying.


Gu Xizhou sighed: “I’ll give you three seconds, make a choice, you want to take the child, take it.”


The woman looked up at him.
“Is that really okay?”


Gu Xi nodded.
“I said it’s possible.”



Hearing Gu Xizhou’s words, she rushed to the car with her child and was taken to the car by Fang Zhi.
She shouted: “Go, go! They want to grab my baby!”

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After Gu Xizhou determined that the nine abducted girls were all in the car, he glanced at the tough men on the ground who wanted to get up.
He got in the car and closed the door, saying, “Drive.”


The policeman in charge of driving took a while to recover: “Okay, okay, Leader Gu…”


After the car started, everyone in the car swallowed.


“Leader Gu, you are too fierce! Fuck! Over twenty people had a hoe or a sickle in their hands, but you felled all of them by yourself?!” 


“When did you secretly practice this!”


The local police looked at the nine girls in the car, as well as the newly-born child, and was a bit dazed.
Not only did they steal the women, but also stole the child! It must be known that these people were desperate for their children!


Wait… they were all on the ground, what could they be desperate for? 


Criminal police, they really were different!


“Gu Ge, you beat them like that, if they sue us …”



Gu Xizhou glanced at Fang Zhi lightly, and thought of Gu Ji Jii at home, humming: “They are criminals themselves, would they try to sue us? I beat them all by myself, so if they’re going to sue anyone, they’ll sue me.
Anyway, I don’t want to be a police officer anymore.” 


Fang Zhi: “…” I don’t believe it!


A police officer from the same team: “…” The captain is really a good person, wuwu, when will we have the alertness of the captain!


Gu Xizhou: “…” Trust me!


Their team quickly returned to the county and waited a long time before the other teams arrived.


Gu Xizhou saw Song Qian first.
His nose was blue and his face was swollen, and he walked crookedly.
Every team that came back looked miserable.
Obviously they had fought terribly, but fortunately, everyone had been brought back. 


Song Qian saw Gu Xizhou and Gu Xizhou’s team without any injuries, and was dumbstruck: “You didn’t rescue your people?”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him and said lightly, “Rescued them all, they’re sitting inside!”


Song Qian didn’t exactly believe him.
He turned sideways to glance inside and saw that there were nine young women in it, and one of them was holding a baby.


A baby?



He swallowed.
He remembered that a girl just now was reluctant to leave her children.
Those villagers almost smashed their cars.
If the children was not given to them, they would have been directly blocked in the middle of the road.
But this team, even the children were snatched out?!


Those who went to other villages saw Gu Xizhou and their team, and each showed a blank expression: Why didn’t you get beaten?

The author has something to say:


I wrote this plot because of the frustrations of that year.
I read such news a long time ago.
The police really went to the village to steal these people back, but no one could take them away because they would be beaten.
A girl kept crying and wanted to take her child away from the family.
But I heard the police say something: If you take him, then you can’t leave, because they will definitely not agree.
After hearing this, the girl let go. 


For so many years, I have always remembered that I felt uncomfortable at that time, so I wrote this plot and hoped that such a thing would not happen again.


Everyone must be aware of this.
Pay attention to your own safety, and if you encounter such a situation, report to the police as soon as possible.
Do not leave the sight of the masses and do not get on the train with people casually. 

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