Ch29.1 – Lost Time (part 1)

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Song Qian was puzzled, rubbing his feet that had been beaten by villagers with a pole, and asked: “Are you all okay? Didn’t they hit you?”


Gu Xizhou raised a corner of his mouth and smiled, “Because I acted first, and defeated them all.”




Song Qian: “…”


Song Qian’s mind was a mess, and he had started to imagine the headlines that may appear on the Internet and news such as “Police’s Violent Law Enforcement”, “Police Beat People Up”, “Police Violently Destroyed Villagers”, etc.
He swallowed, and reached out to pat Gu Xizhou’s shoulder.



The people around him seemed to think of something and sighed quietly.
When a province committed a crime, and the number involved was in the hundreds or thousands, the law actually lost its effectiveness.
Just like right now,  even though it was an illegal act, but in reality, the villagers who bought abducted women would not be punished. 



Under the law, these people had committed crimes and should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment.


Gu Xizhou saw that Song Qian was looking at him, speechless, and said lightly: “I acted alone, unlike you guys.
Why, am I not allowed to be a police officer anymore? Anyway, resigning isn’t a big deal.” 



Gu Xizhou thought that if he was really asked to leave because of this, Gu Ji Ji would have nothing to say.
After he finished speaking, the gazes of the people around him fell on him in unison, and their gazes held quite a bit of reverence.


All the people had arrived, and the team did not linger.
The leading criminal police captains discussed it, worrying that there would be some changes in the circumstances if they stayed here for long, and they drove away from Taishan Province on the same day.


The car moved fast.
Gu Xizhou sat in the back, and did not speak.
His mind recalled the first day he was summoned.
That formation was obviously the formation used by the mission world to call on evil spirits.
However, these few days, he had turned Gu Ji Ji’s house upside down but still failed to find anything related to ghosts or monsters inside. 


Gu Xizhou had a headache.


At night, the convoy drove to the designated place.
As the car slowly stopped, the gates were already full of people.
Most of them came to pick up their children, and some of them had been waiting here since yesterday.



After the convoy stopped, there were men and women hugging and crying everywhere.
Gu Xizhou rubbed his forehead and got out of the car.
Song Qian and Fang Zhi next to him also followed.


One of the policemen who walked out of the car lit a cigarette, leaned on the side of the car with his index and middle finger holding a cigarette.
He swallowed the smoke, looked at the front with his eyes, and reached down to offer a cigarette to Gu Xizhou.


Gu Xizhou smiled and waved his hand: “No, I don’t smoke.”


He had just finished speaking, when Fang Zhi next to him looked stunned.
He looked at Gu Xizhou inexplicably.
He remembered that Gu Ge was an old cigarette addict.
Especially when the pressure he faced was high, two or three packs of cigarettes a day were not enough.
He even had to go on a cigarette run for Gu Ge.
Still, after thinking about it for a long time, it seemed that Gu Ge did not smoke in front of him recently.


“This is too unlike you, Leader Gu not smoking?” Several companions around were slightly stunned.


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“…” Gu Xizhou frowned, and then said, “I went to see the doctor some time ago.
The doctor didn’t let me smoke, saying it was bad for the lungs.”


“So that’s the reason, as I said, if even Leader Gu this old smoker can quit, then we all can quit too, right? Hahaha.”


Gu Xizhou: “…” Almost exposed himself, Gu Ji Ji this smoker!


The people around were crying in small groups.
Gu Xizhou took out his phone and glanced down at the time.
It was almost six o’clock.
He decided to go home first.
He had let Gu Ji Ji hang dry for a few days, and he wondered if Gu Ji Ji had finally come to a conclusion, being willing to tell him the truth! 


Perhaps it was because Gu Guzhou who was about to leave, but the girl who had left with her child noticed Gu Xizhou and actually brought her family to them.



The girl’s eyes were red and she thanked him in a low voice, sounding a little teary: “Thank you.”


The group of people who smoked couldn’t say anything, but Gu Xizhou looked at the girl and frowned, asking: “What are you going to do with this boy?”

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“Olaaif ulgi, vlv sbe gfjiis atlcx jybea la? Glv sbe atlcx mifjgis?”


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“Tfr!” Ktf ulgi cbvvfv olgwis.
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Gu Xizhou patted the girl on the shoulder.


After Gu Xizhou let go, the girl seemed to be appeased and said thank you again.


Gu Xizhou waved his hand, turning around and leaving the team, walking to the roadside and flagging a taxi home.


Standing downstairs at Gu Ji Ji’s house, Gu Xizhou glanced upstairs.
He shook his head and took the elevator to go upstairs.
He hesitated for a moment at the door.
He didn’t hear any movement inside, so after thinking for a moment, he opened the door with the key.



As soon as the door opened, Gu Xizhou saw the situation at home, and his face instantly became black: “…”


“Gu Ji Ji! Are you a husky? Specializing in tearing down the house ?!”




Gu Xizhou opened the door, and he was almost shocked into becoming an idiot at the sight of all the things in front of him.
The glass dining table placed in the dining room was smashed directly to bits.
The pillows on the sofa and the cloth sofa were all destroyed and the furniture and appliances were ruined.
The chairs on the ground were smashed, and the wooden floor on the ground was cracked.

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In the entire living room, only the bench in front of him was still intact.
At the moment Gu Xizhou opened the door, the bench squeaked as it retreated to the back, as if someone had risen from the bench.


Gu Xizhou said to the air: “Fuck, all I did was not return for three days.
Did you tear down your house?”




Gu Xizhou: “Are you angry?”




“Are you afraid?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow and closed the door behind him, clearing his throat.
He felt just like he had caught someone’s small tail, and he raised his jaw slightly, a little proud.



“As long as you tell me how you summoned me, why you summoned me, and why you still exist when you should have died, I will …”




The bedroom door was pushed vigorously and hit the wall directly.
Gu Xizhou: “…”


“Don’t think that because you lose your temper, I’ll stay.
If you don’t make things clear, hehe, then goodbye sir, I will resign and leave in minutes.
No one will ever see you again, you will stay here for a lifetime, and you can wait to see if I bother to come back to see you!” Gu Xizhou’s lips curved slightly. 


Gu Xizhou guessed that Gu Ji Ji must have entered the bedroom to get the pen.
He followed him in, and that pen was really struggling to write–


Gu Ji Ji: I thought you wouldn’t come back? Why, you couldn’t bear leaving my house, and want to continue living here? 


Gu Xizhou: “…” How gutsy. 


Gu Ji Ji: Useless demonic cultivator, remember the time now.


Gu Xizhou saw these few words and froze for a moment.
He unconsciously took out his phone, and saw that it was 7:14 in the morning.
“What about it?”




Gu Ji Ji: Useless demonic cultivator, look at the time again.


Gu Xizhou waited for a long time, but Gu Ji Ji didn’t speak, simply asking him to check the time again.
When Gu Xizhou looked down at the phone again, he was stunned. 


The time now was 7:44 in the morning.

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What’s the matter, his time was half an hour shorter? Gu Ji Ji was messing around?


While Gu Xizhou was thinking of this, he subconsciously looked down at the string of red numbers, his life countdown, in the void.
Time had passed half an hour just like his cell phone.
Gu Ji Ji might be capable of messing with his phone to falsely switch the time, but Gu Xizhou believed that Gu Ji Ji didn’t have the ability to fake the numbers of his life countdown. 


Gu Ji Ji: Do you understand?


Gu Xizhou: “Understand what?”


Gu Ji Ji: Idiot demonic cultivator.


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Gu Chee: Useless demonic cultivator.



Gu Xizhou: “… If you scold me again, I will lose my temper!”


Gu Xizhou felt that Gu Ji Ji this ghost was too strange, scolding him over nothing.
Right when the irritated demonic cultivator wanted to directly scold Gu Ji Ji, his cell phone suddenly rang.
When he picked it up, he heard a clean voice say lightly: “Bring Fang Zhi and come find me, prepare for the next world.”


Gu Xizhou glanced at the time.
Fang Zhi ’s life countdown was approaching.  and Gu Xizhou was helpless: “Forget it, I won’t be arguing with you today, trash Gu Ji Ji, you husky.”


Gu Xizhou, while packing up his rubbish-like home, called Fang Zhi: “Fang Zhi, rest well, I will come and pick you up soon to find Si Yu and enter the mission world.”


 “Okay, Gu Ge,” Fang Zhi said.



Gu Xizhou drove up to the place designated by Si Yu.


In the suburban tyrant villa area, it was a villa worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


When Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi arrived, Si Yu was wearing a set of white sportswear at home, eating leisurely, playing light music, randomly flipping through the newspapers in his hand, Upon seeing the two of them, he casually nodded at them. 


“Bring the computer over,” Si Yu said lightly, pointing to the computer next to him.



Fang Zhi took back his judgmental gaze that he was directing at Si Yu’s mansion and hurriedly went over to bring the two laptops over to put on the long table in front of them. 


“Open the first forum in the browser’s favorites, the password to enter it is ******.
Take a look at the content on it.” Si Yu picked up the milk on the side and said nonchalantly.
“This forum was created by people who participated in the mission world, relying on word of mouth in the mission world.
The content inside is enough for the two novices to accumulate experience in a short time and understand the mission world.”

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Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi heard this and thanked Si Yu.
They entered the forum homepage and saw many excellent posts on the homepage.


In a world with more newcomers, the world would have more restrictions on death conditions, and in a world with fewer newcomers, the death conditions were more extensive.
Most of the worlds with many newcomers would rely on logic, but some worlds would have no logic at all.
Compared to the previous worlds they had been in, where the wooden door would appear after they settled the monster, the next few worlds would be an even bigger threat on their life. 


In the forum, there were many experienced people looking for newcomers, mainly to increase their life time through the rewards of those simpler worlds, like mosquitoes attacking a piece of meat.


So there were quite a lot of people who carried newcomers.
Of course, they would ask for payment for it.
Gu Xizhou looked at it for a while and roughly understood the situation.


Then, Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu and asked: “You’re not charging, right?”


Si Yu glanced at him and pointed to a luxurious villa as gorgeous as a palace.
His meaning was obvious–such a poor man like you, do you have the money for it?


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Waiting for the countdown was actually quite painful.
Gu Xizhou could vaguely feel that Fang Zhi was a little nervous.
He patted Fang Zhi’s shoulder and comforted: “Don’t be nervous.
Anyway, everyone is together, so don’t be afraid.”



“En…” Fang Zhi murmured in agreement, wuwuwu, but he was still very nervous.


Gu Xizhou looked at Fang Zhi like this, and sighed.
Still, the poor little policeman wasn’t as unlucky as he was.
His transmigration this time could be said to be a complete failure! Even though he was quite miserable at the beginning last time as well, this time …


Imagine that a person could clearly know his time of death.
Anyone would be nervous, right?


The three sat on the sofa and waited for a moment.
Gu Xizhou glanced at the time and estimated that Fang Zhi ’s countdown was coming to an end.
He said: “That … let’s hold hands first.”




Soon, the countdown ended, and after a familiar trance, Gu Xizhou seemed to have caught something in his head, which felt a lot like … when Gu Ji Ji told him to watch the time, that … feeling.


Gu Xizhou was startled.


He lost half an hour, but it might not be lost time, instead it was him losing his memory of that half hour!!!


Gu Ji Ji might have said something!


But he forgot!



That’s why Gu Ji Ji asked him, if he understood!

soya: Gu Xizhou, secretly in his heart: Si Dage, can you keep me??? 

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