Ch29.2 – Lost Time (part 2)

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“Why are you standing there dumbly?” Si Yu entered the door and frowned at Gu Xizhou.


Gu Xizhou turned his head and his mouth dropped open.
He looked around.
There were students in school uniforms all around.
They were walking on a path paved with gravel.
Looking back, it turned out to be a school in the town that had just ended class for the day, so the students of the school came out in twos and threes.




Gu Xizhou knew that they had entered the mission world.
Gu Ji Ji’s incident could only be put aside for now.
After all, there were too many weird rules in the mission world.
Even if he was a demonic cultivator, his body could still turn cold.
There was still a strong power in this world that could subdue his strength.


Gu Xizhou and Si Yu glanced at each other.
Their appearances had changed.
Si Yu and Fang Zhi both became 17 or 18-year-old high school students, wearing blue and white school uniforms.
Gu Xizhou glanced down at the same school uniform on his body and estimated that he was about the same.



There were two school teachers who seemed to know them and frowned: “There are seven days of National Day, don’t you three think about hanging out and playing, go home quickly! Recently, two or three children have disappeared one after another, so go back early, and pay attention to safety while going home, don’t think you’ll be fine because you’re a high school student.”



The three were startled, looking at each other, and grasped the key points of the two teachers’ words–National Day holiday and missing students.


Like a good student, Si Yu cleverly said: “Thank you teacher for your concern, how are the missing students now?”



The two teachers looked at each other and shook their heads: “They haven’t been found yet, maybe they were abducted.”


“What are their names?” Si Yu asked.


“Eh? I remember Li Ming and Liu Shurong are your neighbors?” The two teachers said in surprise.


Si Yu heard this and showed a coquettish s mile.
His eyes curved slightly and he smiled, looking very charming: “Thank you teacher, I have been too tired from studying recently.
My relatives may have worried about my emotions and did not tell me! “


“Teacher worked hard, I wish you a happy National Day!”


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The two teachers seemed to be satisfied with Si Yu’s words.
They nodded slightly and said to the three of them: “Yes, you too, don’t forget to write your National Day homework and go home quickly.”


After that, the two of them rode on their small bicycles and left.


“It seems that this time we have a relationship with our neighbors.
The time limit should be seven days.
Find a place to live first, and someone will find us later.” Si Yu said.


Gu Xizhou nodded and glanced at Si Yu.
The pretty face lifted his chin, and it was honestly quite attractive, he was quite handsome… The thought of Si Yu pretending to be a good student just now, Gu Xizhou felt it was hilarious.
This person was simply an actor?


It was as if his mouth was smeared with honey.
No wonder the NPCs in the mission worlds were willing to say a few more words to him.
In just a moment, they had come up with the important information.

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As soon as he walked into the courtyard, Gu Xizhou was patted on the shoulder by a middle-aged man.
The man said lightly: “Since you’re back, let’s go to dinner.
Your mother is waiting for us.”


Gu Xizhou was startled and looked back to Si Yu, only to see Si Yu helplessly spread his hands at him, and was also taken away by a family member.


After dinner, Gu Xizhou, who was asked to do his homework, couldn’t read a single word at this moment.



Sorry, a demonic cultivator doesn’t know the physics and chemistry of high school, he can’t write his homework!


Just as he scratched his head, someone knocked on the door from outside.


As soon as he turned his head, he saw a clean and delicate face.
The boy said, “Can I come in?”


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Gu Xizhou: “You can.”


After Si Yu came in, Fang Zhi also quickly came over.


Gu Xizhou was a little dazed: “How did they let you out?”


Si Yu said lightly: “After finishing the homework, it’s not too much to ask to come out for a while, right?”


Gu Xizhou’s eyes fell on Fang Zhi’s body, and Fang Zhi blushed: “It’s a very simple topic, and I finished it in one go.”


Gu Xizhou’s eyes widened.
Is this simple?


Is high school mathematics physics and chemistry simple? It’s super difficult, okay!



Gu Xizhou said to Fang Zhi next to him: “You write this for me.”


“Ah … Ok, Gu Ge!” Fang Zhi obediently took over the pen in Gu Xizhou’s hand and began to write his homework seriously.


As they talked in a whisper, there was a sudden swearing voice outside, “Fuck, did they raise a sick dog? All I did was walk by, and it bit me!”


“Haha, okay, where we live should be here, let’s look around first.”


Gu Xizhou originally wanted to speak.
At this time, Si Yu made a silence gesture to him and said: “Look at the situation first.”


At this time, except for the two missing children in the yard, the other 11 people had already returned home.
One of the men with slightly dark skin found Gu Xizhou and his trio.
Those NPC parents saw eleven children gathered in a room, and didn’t really care.


Right as he followed behind the man, Gu Xizhou heard a horrified roar coming from the lit room: “Where is this, why do I look like this?”


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Gu Xizhou knew that the other party should be in the supernatural world for the first time, which is why he was so panicked.


He just walked in, and most of the expressions in the room were calm, but several of them were trembling.
Among them, there were men and women.
The girl who opened the door saw the dark-skinned man who brought them and shouted: “Husband, are they also one of us? “


Xie Wenhuo nodded and introduced: “They are all people who have experienced one or two worlds.”



Gu Xizhou heard Xue Xiao’s title for Xie Wenhuo and was slightly stunned, the two were actually a couple!


The girl who opened the door nodded to them and introduced herself: “Hello, my name is Xue Xiao, let’s help each other.”


Noting Gu Xizhou’s surprised expression, Xue Xiao explained.


It turned out that Xue Xiao and Xie Wenhuo met in the mission world, and later they met in the real world and became married.


Si Yu shook hands with Xue Xiao, greeted them politely, and pointed to the emotional man inside, “He is?”


Xue Xiao and Xie Wenhuo helplessly spread their hands and said, “It’s not like that.
He doesn’t want to believe that he will die.
This time, there are three newcomers.
The situation is pretty good.”


After they entered, the emotional man continued to shout: “What kind of crew are you? Stop playing! I tell you, I don’t want to participate! Insanity! I want to sue you!”


Xie Wenhuo seemed to have been enduring his anger for a long time.
After entering, he glanced at the man and said lightly: “If you don’t want to participate, don’t participate.
If you want to die, you can leave here now.
No one will stop you.”


The emotional man yelled again, angry, and cursed as he left.


“Don’t go out!” Fang Zhi shouted anxiously, grabbing the man’s wrist and said: “You calm down, it’s dangerous outside at night!”



The man didn’t listen at all, shaking off Fang Zhi’s hand as he yelled, and his figure gradually sank into the darkness.

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Hearing the screams in the darkness, Xie Wenhuo didn’t care at all, but just spit and said lightly: “He was searching for death.”


Among the rest of them, several remained calm, but their eyes exposed a terrified look, and one of the girls was directly scared to the point of crying. 


Xie Wenhuo was sitting by the bed, obviously the leader of this group of people.
He first shared his discovery: “This time we are celebrating National Day, then the time should have been limited–seven days.”


“Students of our grade in the school are missing.” Xie Wenhuo didn’t hide anything.
After saying what he knew, he asked: “Have any of you collected any news?”


Gu Xizhou listened and observed the expressions of the people around him.
Except for Xie Wenhuo’s relaxed expression, everyone else showed nervous and terrified expressions.


It seemed that most of them have experienced one or two worlds like him, and there were three newcomers, but one of them … Gu Xizhou looked out at the night.
That one should be gone.


“The two missing students are our neighbors.
There are thirteen children in this yard, including the newcomer who just left.
There are only eleven now.
Two of them are missing, named Li Ming and Liu Shurong respectively.” Gu Xizhou added on.


Hearing Gu Xizhou’s words, Xie Wenhuo looked at him subconsciously, and was a little stunned.
He didn’t seem to expect that some people had already collected this information after only having arrived here for a short while. 



At ten o’clock, the parents in the yard shouted that everyone should go to sleep.
The ten people each found a reason, and took a room with people they were familiar with.
The parents did not object, and simply told them to go to bed early.


Gu Xizhou, Fang Zhi, and Si Yu slept in a large room.


Until the early morning of the next day, the man who had left did not return.


Gu Xizhou got up early in the morning, and just after washing his face, he heard several people returning from outside whispering.


“The newcomer really died … oh …”

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