hing away the weeds around him, and cursed: “You are the one that’s dead!”


He gripped Xiao Hua’s collar with one hand, squinting at her… then, at that moment, Xiao Hua suddenly retreated back in shock, seemingly seeing some monster.
Xiao Hua pointed behind  Gu Xizhou and said: “Dog, there’s a dog… following him!”


Gu Xizhou also noticed the wheezing sound behind him.
He stopped slightly and turned to look back. 


There was indeed a dog behind him.
The dog’s face was rotten, its bones were broken, and the white fur on his body was dirtied with mud and dead leaves.
At the same time, it was messy with blood, and there was some meat hanging on its bones.
Blood dripped down his mouth.
There was nothing good about it.
It stared coldly at Gu Xizhou, barking ferociously.


Gu Xizhou could feel the dog’s anger.


“Run!” Xue Xiao yelled out, and the crowd frightened by this scene recovered when they heard her scream, fleeing away.



The monster did not chase other people, staring coldly at Gu Xizhou who was still there.
Gu Xizhou heard Xiao Hua crying as she ran: “He brought the monster…”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Gu Xizhou could even discern the heartbeat of the people everywhere in the jungle.
Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows when he noticed that there was no one around, and directly faced the bloody monster.


The monster froze for a moment, then opened his mouth, and it flew in front of Gu Xizhou, opening its blood basin!




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In an instant, Gu Xizhou kicked firmly at the monster, causing it to scream.




The monster slid for a distance, and then suddenly felt that a foot was stepping on its head.
It wanted to break free, but found that the other party’s strength was amazing, and that foot was exuding a black mist that it had never seen before.
It was a qi flame, burning its soul.


“Woof woof woof!”


“Woof woof woof!”



It was foolish, this player is wrong!




“Stop howling.
Now, I’m going to ask and you’ll answer, or I’ll kill you.” Gu Xizhou threatened while stepping on it, although he could not actually kill the other party.


The dog on the ground was quiet for a while.
It seemed that it believed Gu Xizhou’s words, and really stopped howling.
Gu Xizhou didn’t expect the monster to be so obedient.
He said to the dog, “Is Xiao Hua human?”


“Woof woof woof!”


Gu Xizhou: “…” It’s not easy to communicate.


Gu Xizhou: “If they’re a person, stretch your left paw, if not, stretch your right paw.”


The pitiful monster on the ground still had some human-like intelligence and raised its right paw silently.


Gu Xizhou: “She is the missing girl of the Tian family?”


Dog: Left paw



Gu Xizhou: “What are the conditions of death in this world?”


The poor monster looked down at his two paws, a bit wronged.

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Gu Xizhou: “…Sorry, I forgot.”


Gu Xizhou: “We can’t come out at night, and it is safe at home, right?”


Dog: Left paw



Gu Xizhou grabbed the monster and interrogated it for a long time before leaving Muguan Mountain.


In the middle of the night, when Gu Xizhou came back, everyone around was stunned.
When Gu Xizhou entered the door, the sound of barking dogs rang around him, en… it seemed that the monster didn’t lie to him.


Si Yu looked at him closely, and was surprised: “Are you okay?” He had just heard Xie Wenhuo’s words, and he had already assumed that Gu Xizhou was gone.


“En, what could have happened to me?” Gu Xizhou asked curiously.



Si Yu: “…”


Xie Wenhuo inhaled sharply.
They had all seen the monster stare at Gu Xizhou and not chase them at all, else they wouldn’t have been able to smoothly leave Muguan mountain!


Gu Xizhou glanced at the people around him and asked: “What about Xiao Hua?”


“Didn’t come back.” Xue Xiao shook his head bitterly.
“There was another person with her, and he didn’t come back.”


Gu Xizhou nodded and said: “I understand.
Don’t leave this courtyard, it’s safe in the courtyard.”


Si Yu: “?”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him and said lightly: “The eight dead dogs didn’t bite humans.
They were always in the yard.
The Samoyed did not dare to come in because they stayed in the yard.
As long as we do not leave the yard at night, we will be fine.”


Si Yu froze for a moment.
“How do you know?”


Gu Xizhou: “…” En… I didn’t want to use my brain… so I interrogated the monster dog a little bit.

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