Chapter #03 — He Really Is A Human

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Evidently, the boy and the people in the classroom are from one group, the group didn’t stop their talking and they even filled the boy in on what they were just discussing.

“Drawing lots? No need, tonight I’ll live with him in 106.”

A cold clear voice sounded and everyone’s line of sight fell upon the person who spoke.
The person speaking is precisely the guy that Gu Xizhou had met this morning.

Hearing this, Mu Yu stared blankly for a moment and uncertainty asked, “Are you sure?”

“En.” The male student made a casual sound, clearly not taking Ma Yu’s question seriously, instead, he began to talk about the information that was collected today.

“When I sent the girl to the infirmary just now, she said that the girl who died was raped by a student from the same class.
When the police arrived at the school to investigate this case, the whole school knew that she was raped, causing her to be isolated by the students in her class.”

“And then she jumped off the building and committed suicide, the school told them to not talk about this matter which is why they weren’t willing to tell us all this time.”

When he finished talking, the class bell rang, Si YaoXing walked over to his own seat and hesitated for a while before walking over to the seat next to Gu Xizhou and sat down, leaving the dozen or so people to look at each other in dismay.

Trembling in fear, Xiao Lian grabbed the round faced girl’s hand while asking in a low voice: “What is Si Ge so courageous for? W-what if he really is a ghost ne?”

The round faced girl swallowed her saliva and sat down in her seat, “Si Ge and MaGe are people who had experienced missions from several worlds, they definitely know more than novices like us.”

Xiao Lian who looked like she was on the verge of collapsing this morning now looked much better but her two eyes were still slightly red, completely lacking the heart to listen to the lecture, “We, why are we just so unlucky, from when I was small up to now I never did anything bad, so why do I have to experience this?”

“How would I know.” The round faced girl let out a bitter laugh.

Xiao Lian stared at the string of numbers in the air—00:00:01.
It was an ordinary day and she went shopping like an ordinary person so how come she died ne?

On the first day that she had arrived in the world, she was at a loss for what to do and in her vision, there was suddenly an odd string of red numbers.
It wasn’t until when Ma Ge explained to them the meaning of this string of number did she realized that it was her life countdown.

00:00:01 means that she who was shopping will die in the next second.
Of course, there was also what Ma Ge had said, the reason that all of them are trying to survive in this world.

“Leave this world alive, then you won’t die.”

As the dismissal bell for the last class rang, the students begin to leave one by one, Gu Xizhou decided to stay behind for a moment to ask his two unhinged roommates about the suicide of the other three.
But those two people ran away faster than a rabbit, he didn’t even get to say a single sentence to them.

The school building was very old, the cafeteria is located on the first floor, Gu Xizhou grabbed something simple to eat before returning to his dorm to get a few things and moved directly to 106.

In the dormitory, there was only Gu Xizhou and the guy that sat next to him today, the one with the peculiar temperament.

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The guy had a head of ink colored hair, his chiseled five features simply enhance his face, his two eyes were ice cold like everyone owes him money and his height was taller than Gu Xizhou by half a head.

When Gu Xizhou saw that in the dormitory there was only him and this male student, he wrinkled his eyebrows and asked: “The other people ne?”

The male student: “They’re next door.”

Gu Xizhou: “Not coming back tonight?”

Male student: “They don’t dare come back.”

Gu Xizhou: “Why?”

The male student raised his eyes to look at him, using a peculiar expression to stare at him and said: “Don’t you know why?”

Gu Xizhou doesn’t know why but he suddenly felt a little guilty, after a simple interaction between them two, Gu Xizhou finally learned of the male student’s name.

He was called Si YaoXing.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Gu Xizhou looked at the time, he creased his brows and said, “They really don’t plan to come back? That many people living in one dormitory, they don’t think it’s crowded?”

Si YaoXing: “You can go and take a look, I think it is.”

Gu Xizhou: “……” This person is really unlikeable when he talks, in the other world, no one would dare to talk to him this way, if it weren’t for the fact that he returned and wants to be a law abiding citizen that upholds core socialist values, he would definitely beat him until he screams daddy.

Gu Xizhou went next door and knocked on the door, however, the door remained closed, no one answered.

There’s no one in the room?

Gu Xizhou returned to 106 and ran to the balcony.
Stretching out half of his body he peered at the other side and accidentally made eye contact with a pair of beautiful apricot eyes.

The lass that made eye contact with Gu Xizhou was directly scared into crying, “No, don’t come over! Please spare me!”

Gu Xizhou: “……” Just how scary was he for this girl to cry the minute she saw him?!!

Hearing the girl’s cry, the people in the dorm next door all stuck out their heads one by one.
Guy Xizhou stared blankly for a moment and said, “I knock on your door just now but no one answered, I thought that you were all in the classroom.”

“Didn’t hear it, did you need something?” Ma Yu replied.

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“No, but all of you people living in one dorm, isn’t it crowded?” Gu Xizhou asked.
“And, and there’s also four female students?”

“Not crowded, not crowded!” A few people simultaneously shook their heads. 

Gu Xizhou: “……” Your fears are very obvious ah.

After Gu Xizhou left the balcony, Ma Yu let out a sigh of relief and turned to head back into the dormitory.
As soon as he was back in the dorm, he fished out a cigarette out of his bag and lit it, his palms covered in cold sweat.

“Ma Ge, we’re just going to let him live next door to us?” asked Li Bing.

Ma Yu: “If we don’t let him there, what else can we do? If you’re really that afraid, then go live in 204.”

Li Bing retorted back, no matter how big of a courage he has he will not go back to 204 to live, three people just died last night, he really didn’t dare go back.
Last night when he left with Li He, the wall didn’t have those crazy and bizarre things.
After class they had gone to take a look, those bloody words painted on the wall, one look would horrify someone.

Xian Liam was the girl that had burst out in tears this morning, her pair of eyes looked towards the wall next door.
“That ghost is living right next door to us, everyone must be alert, no matter what don’t fall asleep!”

A few people looked at each other, agreeing with the girl’s words, however they all haven’t slept for days already.
Last night they don’t know who slept in 204 implicating the other people to also enter the dream causing a dormitory of six people to die four!

It also causes that ghost next door to follow them, thinking about this, a few people couldn’t help but resent Li He and Lu Bing the two people from 204 a little.

They say it like this but the people in the dormitory had already preserved in not sleeping for several days, if this continues, even if the female ghost doesn’t kill them, they would be tired to death.

“The unclean thing next door, would it use the balcony to climb over at night?” It was unclear who said this but the atmosphere in the room immediately became frozen.

“Let a few male students pushed the bookshelf to the balcony to block the entrance.” Ma Yu gave an order and a few male students immediately went into action.

“That ghost shouldn’t be able to come over ba?”


Si YaoXing was facing the balcony when he was washing his face and the people next door didn’t deliberately lower their voice so the two of them heard the conversation clearly.

Gu Xizhou: “……” After all the fuss, he was taken to be a ghost by these people? When he lifted his head he saw Si YaoXing’s narrowed eyes staring at him in silence.

Gu Xizhou thought back to his resurrection from last night, weakly he tried to explain to his only roommate, “I’m not, they’re talking nonsense!”

“Yesterday three people died in my dorm, even the head teacher said that it was because their mental pressure was too great, leading them to jump the building! It has nothing to do with me.”

Si YaoXing was evidently unconcerned with his explanation, he put down his face towel and walked into the dormitory, spreader his blanket and prepared to go to sleep.

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Si YaoXing guiltily added another sentence, “If you don’t believe me, touch my hand, my hand in warm!”

Si YaoXing who was spreading his blanket heard what he said and hesitated for a moment.
Unexpectedly, he really over to the other side of the room and touched Gu Xizhou’s hand.

Gu Xizhou said: “It warm ba!”

Si YaoXing nodded his head, his reaction nothing special.

Gu Xizhou: “Then you go and call them back to sleep!”

Si YaoXing impatiently said: “No, troublesome, crowded.” 

Gu Xizhou: “……” He actually understood what Si YaoXing meant, ‘Not going, there are too many people to call back, too crowded it would be uncomfortable sleeping.’

The people next door anxiously paced back and forth, compelling themselves to not sleep.
Scared and on edge they still have to from time to time look at the entrance of the balcony that was blocked up by the bookshelf.

Gu Xizhou looked across the room at the Si YaoXing who had already laid down and went to sleep and felt that it was strange, from the lols of it today, he should be acquainted with those people.
The people next door all didn’t dare to sleep but his guy on the contrary directly laid down on the bed to sleep! He also was willing to live in the same room as him.

Did he believed him or not ya!

He really was human!

Probably, maybe, should……be one ba.

Gu Xizhou laid on his bed and thought for a while, the sound of the people next door pacing back and forth still hasn’t stopped.
Gu Xizhou purposely slammed the wall twice, “Are you still letting people sleep, quiet down!”

As expected, the footstep noise stooped.

After a while, Gu Xizhou started to feel sleepy.

The people next door were unbearably scared by Gu Xizhou’s two slam on the wall, a few lasses eye rim were filled with tears, from time to time there would be a quiet sob, “He, if he comes over, what are we going to do ya?”

“I’m so scared……”

But because of Gu Xizhou’s two slams, anyone who was sleepy before was no longer sleepy.

Second day, seven o clock, the sky already appears to be red in the direction of the rising sun.

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Gu Xizhou got dressed, his line of vision falling on the bed next to his.

Si YaoXing’s hair was a bit long, a few strands of hair fell forward scattering as it wishes, revealing a slender and white neck.
On his neck was a red string and there seems to be something hanging from the string.

Gu Xizhou saw his sleeping and completely unguarded appearance and felt a little soft hearted, this person was actually really good looking.
Last night the light was too dim, looking closely now, this person looked pretty delicate but didn’t give off an air of femininity at all.

Si YaoXing opened his eyes and saw Gu Xizhou staring at him.
Silently and not speaking, he gave him a cold sharp stare.

Gu Xizhou stared back. 

He, little white face, vain.


In the dorm next door, a whole night without sleep, in class taking advantage of free time, Ma Yu called Si YaoXing out of the classroom to talk.

Ma Yu: “You alright ba?”

Si YaoXing: “Alright, yesterday you guys didn’t sleep again.”

Blood veins covered the downcast eyes of Ma Yu, his face bitter.
How could he dare to sleep, in a room if even one person slept, all the other people would also be dragged into the dream.
Taking note that Si YaoXing’s state is not bad, Ma Yu was stupefied, “You slept last night?”

Si YaoXing nodded, “Slept.”

Ma Yu gasped, saying: “Living in the same room as that thing, you still dare to sleep? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be killed in the dream?”

Si YaoXing yawned and suddenly said, “Gu Ran didn’t die.”

Ma Yu stared blankly: “How can you be sure?”

“Last night I touched his hand” Si YaoXing continued to talk under Ma Yu’s stunned expression.
“It was warm.”

Ma Yu stared fixedly at Si YaoXing’s retreating back, the corner of his mouth twitching.
He really never saw someone so capable of courting death before, this Si YaoXing, how did he live through the previous few worlds?

Wasn’t he afraid that the hands he’s touching is a dead person’s hand?!


XIAOTING: Is some fluff finally starting to emerge?

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