A child was pulling on the dog’s tail.
When he saw how the dog couldn’t walk, he laughed, as if he had found some interesting plaything. 


The children picked up branches from the ground and hit the dog.
The puppy was beaten until it howled without stopping, and its body trembled with pain.
Just when it was desperate, a soft voice rang in its ears.


Gu Xizhou looked at the girl.



One of the boys was pushed by the angry girl who came.
She exclaimed: “Li Ming, why do you want to bully Little White?!”


“Heh, I’m not only bullying it, I’m also going to bully you!” The child named Li Ming pushed the girl who had rushed over to the ground with a backhand, and then directed his other companions to continue beating the dog.

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“Hahaha, your father and mother gave birth to a younger brother, they don’t want you anymore! They just dumped you here!”


“That’s right, what’s so great about you, do you think they really love you?”


The little girl got up from the ground, picked up the stone from the ground and threw it at Li Ming.
“Your father and mother don’t want you!”


The boy did not expect the girl to retaliate.
His eyes were red with anger, as if ready to kill.


They bullied the girl just as they had bullied the dog just now.
They drove her and beat her with branches.
The girl stumbled and rolled down the side of the mountain, until she hit a tree halfway down the mountain.
When several children caught up, they saw blood on the ground, and they knew something bad had happened. 


No one knew whose idea it was, but they planned to bury the girl.
The puppy saw this and wanted to stop them, but was kicked away.
One of its hind legs was broken, but the puppy didn’t give up.
It endured the pain and bit at one of the children’s trousers, hoping to stop their behavior.




The puppy looked at the girl who was about to be buried.



Gu Xizhou followed its gaze, and looked at the girl in surprise… She hadn’t died yet, but the children didn’t realise this, and continued to fill the hole with soil.
Like this, the girl was buried. 


Buried alive.


The puppy climbed down the mountain to ask for help, but was seen by passers-by and left in the trash.


Time passed in a flash.
Little White had been taken back to the city for treatment, and had almost made a full recovery.
There had been several attempts to run away from home, but every time, it was found.
Later, when there was no one at home, all the doors and windows would be closed and it could not leave at all.


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Some time after that, the family brought it back to the countryside on National Day.
It didn’t recognise the place at first, but when it entered the yard, it smelled familiar.


“Woof woof woof!” It was them, they buried the little lady!


“Woof woof woof!” The little master is here!


“Woof woof woof!” Let them take me to the little master! I want to dig her out!


The dog knew it wanted to leave, so that day it bit off the rope, and it bit the Li family’s children, hoping they would take it to find the little lady and dig out the little lady.


It did not understand what death was.
It naively thought that as long as the girl was dug out of the soil, the little lady could continue to accompany it.



Gu Xizhou saw the scene where it was killed.
The dog bit and refused to let go.
It wanted to see its little lady.


At the moment when the dog died, Gu Xizhou heard the sound of the chain sliding again.


Gu Xizhou sighed a bit, but in a blink of an eye he had returned to Siyu’s luxurious villa.


The dog’s wish was simple—hoping its little owner could accompany it home.


After they had uncovered the body, the dog dragged it all the way back to the countryside.
When someone recognised the girl, it’s body immediately disappeared and completed the wooden door.
The voice that spoke… was the daughter of the Tian family.
She had always wanted to know if her father really didn’t like her anymore.


If he could, Gu Xizhou really wanted to tell her, that her father had not changed his phone number all these years, always waiting for her phone call. 


When Gu Xizhou looked back at Fang Zhi, the kid had red eyes and opened his mouth, but there was no sound.

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