f you can truly become immortal, then wouldn’t the mission  worlds be too godly?”


“This is just a guess.
Maybe there is one world among the mission worlds… that no one can pass… who knows?” Si Yu spread his hands and smiled.



After having dinner at Si Yu’s house, Gu Xizhou sent Fang Zhi home first, then drove home.
He parked the car, then opened the door to his house.
The house that had been messed up suddenly became neat and tidy, and the damaged furniture was put aside.


Gu Xizhou: “Gu Ji Ji, are you the Snail Maiden? “


Gu Ji Ji: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “Ji Ji, you’re so cute.”


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Gu Ji Ji: “…”


Gu Xizhou recalled what had happened before he had entered the mission world.
He was still a little concerned about it.
This time, he made sure to take his mobile phone out to watch the time.
After pressing the stopwatch to start counting time, he cleared his throat and asked, “What did you say in the morning? I seem to have forgotten!”


Gu Ji Ji: “…”


After he asked the question, he subconsciously looked at the time.
It had become 15 minutes and 45 seconds.
He had guessed correctly.
As long as it was something with regards to his revival, he would have his memory erased. 


Since there was a mission just a few days ago, and the police officers who went on that mission had more or less taken a beating (with the exception of Gu Xizhou’s team, of course), the higher-ups gave them a few days off, letting them rest at home.


Gu Xizhou dreamt of the first day that he had been summoned.
The bloody hole on his neck made him feel breathless and cold. 


He didn’t know when a long chain had suddenly formed on his body.
The other end of the chain had fallen to the ground.
Gu Xizhou followed the direction of the chain for a long time, but he never reached the other end. 


Gu Xizhou reached his hand out, and his fist closed around air.
When his fingers closed into an empty fist, he suddenly woke up.


He felt his forehead.
Whenever Gu Ji Ji told him why he was summoned, he would always suffer from some short-term amnesia.
This incident was like a huge mountain, really impossibly big, to the point where he could even dream of it. 


 As for the chains in the dream, Gu Xizhou guessed that because he could hear the sound of chains sliding in every world, strange chains appeared on his body in his dream.
It was as if he was someone else’s puppet. 



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It was 5:32 in the morning.
Gu Xizhou saw his cell phone flash, and then it started ringing. 


Gu Xizhou had just pressed ‘answer’, when Fang Zhi’s voice rang out: “Gu Ge, there was a car accident and someone died.”


Gu Xizhou froze slightly.
“If it’s a car accident, go tell the police, why call me?”


Fang Zhi: “The police on site already did a preliminary check… After looking at the CCTV recording, the car that hit the other party was a taxi with a fake carplate.
The party driving the car likely did it on purpose.”


“Intentionally causing a car accident?” Gu Xizhou frowned when he heard the news.


The car that was hit resulted in one dead and three injured.
The three injured have already been sent to the hospital.
Among them, two are heavily injured, the other is lightly injured.
The one with the lightest injury is a small boy, and he said he saw the people who knocked into them, that person was wearing a cap and a mask, covering his face…”


“It’s the middle of the night.” Gu Xizhou looked at the time in frustration.
He really didn’t want to go, but a ‘ghost’ had already stuffed his clothes into his hands, pushing him out the door. 


“Ji Ji, it’s already so late, I’ll be cold if I go out! Can’t you be a little more understanding, and treasure me a bit more?” Gu Xizhou asked after hanging up. 




Unfortunately, Gu Ji Ji didn’t care about this shameless demonic cultivator, and had already lit up the room brightly, and pushed Gu Xizhou. 



Gu Xizhou helplessly entered the bathroom to wash his face with cold water, chasing his drowsiness away in a moment, and changed his clothes, rushing out of the house.

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