“Sure enough, he won’t admit it.”


“Come and see this tape, and tell us if it’s your car!” The interrogating police officer directly showed the screen to Lu Jian. 


Gu Xizhou took a closer look at the man.
The man was about forty-five or six years old, and he was overweight, about one meter, seven or five meters tall, which was different from the physical characteristics of the driver that they had established.
Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi looked at each other, and Gu Xizhou whispered: “The car wasn’t driven by him.”


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After he called out the police officer inside the room, he brought Fang Zhi and the accompanying material into the interrogation room. 


“I really didn’t kill anyone!” Lu Jian was frantic, his face was red and he was worried.
He was afraid of being convicted for no reason.
Although the car was his, he really didn’t kill him.


Gu Xizhou motioned for him to quieten down.
“Drink some water and sit down.
We’ll talk slowly.
We won’t accuse an innocent person, but we also won’t let a guilty person off.”


“…” Lu Jian felt that the police officer staring at him had some sort of immense pressure, entirely different from the small policeman from before, and immediately retracted his temper.


“You know why we brought you in.
On the eighth of this month, in the early morning, where were you? Is there anyone who can confirm where the car was?”


“The eighth… That day, I was sleeping at my house, and… my car was broken that day!” Without waiting for Gu Xizhou’s follow up question, Lu Jian continued to explain: “My wife can be my witness, the car engine was broken at the time, and I sent it for repair!”


At this time, Lu Jian seemed to calm down, and he carefully organised his words.
“Because the car was broken, I sent it to a small auto repair shop for repair, and it wasn’t left at home! Yes, someone at the repair shop must have taken my car, yes… The car plate, I thought it was strange at the time why the car plate had changed, but because the car was correct, I didn’t think anything of it!”


Lu Jian reported the location of the repair shop, and Gu Xizhou immediately rushed over.
The location of the garage was very remote.
To enter, he had to go through a narrow alleyway, right next to the railroad tracks.


The people inside saw that the police had come, and visibly panicked.
Gu Xizhou showed them his badge, and said: “Police, get everyone over here.”


He spoke in a cold voice.



About ten minutes later, the boss arrived.
He wore a pair of bleached jeans, a shirt with short black sleeves, and his hair resembled a bird’s nest.
He had apparently heard the police had arrived and rushed in immediately.


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The boss seemed to have written a script a long time ago.
Seeing the investigation in the factory, he immediately said some pitiful words: “Hello Comrade Police, what happened to our factory?”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him.
“Don’t pretend to joke around.
Don’t think that the matter involving fake cars can be brushed off lightly.
Whether there is a problem here, the truth will be uncovered after the investigation.
Now, we have to ask you some questions.
The car plate XXXXX for the fake car, the one that Lu Jian owns, why did you suddenly change the car plate?”


“Ah?” The boss froze.
“I don’t know about this.
Do you know? The police are asking you!”


A few car repair workers looked around at each other, staring between themselves, before a tall and dark-skinned man finally spoke.
“I remember that the number plate was perfectly normal when the car came in for repair, but when we were coating it with a fresh paint coat, Old Wang… I think Old Wang sprayed some paint on it.”


“A few numbers weren’t visible anymore, so we decided to directly change the number plate.”


“Old Wang?” Gu Xizhou said.
“Where is he now?”


“He resigned and went home,” the boss said, taking over.
“A few days ago, he said his parents in his hometown were in poor health, and he left.”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him.
“Do you have his ID and his photo?”


“Yes! I will immediately hand it over!” The boss quickly went to the next room to search for a moment.
Gu Xizhou looked at the man in the photo–55 years old, lean, a face full of wrinkles.
His skin was as dark as coal, and his years of life had engraved countless traces on his face.



“It shouldn’t be Old Wang ba? His life is already so pitiful…”


Gu Xizhou looked at the speaking boss with surprise and asked: “What do you mean?”


“A few years ago, his son died of kidney failure.”

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