Ch37.2 – Motive for Murder (part 2)

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“Don’t try to pull a fast one.
You hit them intentionally.
The surveillance recorded it.
It was definitely not accidental.
Rather, it was planned for a long time.”


“Are they dead?” Wang Liqi looked extremely concerned about the issue.




Looking at Wang Liqi’s attitude, was it possible that it was like Gu Ji Ji said, and this was a hired assassination?


Wang Liqi kept insisting: “It wasn’t intentional.
I simply ran off after the accident because I was afraid.
Regardless, it’s still murder, and it’s all the same.
You can just send me to jail.”



After an afternoon of interrogation, Wang Liqi still insisted that he had only escaped after the accident due to fear.
He seemed desperate to force the police to categorise this incident as a hit-and-run, and pushed all the blame to the traffic at the time.
No matter which police officer went in to interrogate him, he refused to admit that he intentionally hit the car to kill someone.



Gu Xizhou took the glass of water that Fang Zhi handed him, and took two sips as he listened to Fang Zhi report the progress on the interrogation.


“Now, the problem is Wang Liqi’s confession.
We all agree that it was a deliberate murder, but he is determined to hide everything, and refuses to tell us anything else.



“However, judging from the current situation, the possibility of him being a hired assassin is very high.
We don’t believe what he says, but he insists that it was a hit-and-run, and the Wei family also confirmed that they did not know Wang Liqi, had never interacted with Wang Liqi, or even passed by him before.
The deceased had also never been to that repair shop to repair their car!”


“Other than this, is there anything else?”


“The money mentioned by his former daughter-in-law is being checked, but there hasn’t been any information yet.” Fang Zhi shook his head.
The entire crime was very clear, but the suspect insisted that it was a hit-and-run, and refused to admit that he was a hired killer.


When Gu Xizhou left the office and went to the interrogation room, he met Wang Ao. 


“The people in that car, who died?” Wang Liqi asked urgently in the interrogation room.



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Wang Ao looked at Gu Xizhou.
“This time, you’ve encountered someone troublesome.
Are you confident in yourself?”


“It’s not a big problem.” Gu Xizhou smiled at Wang Ao, and turned to ask his other subordinates.
“Has the bank replied? Who was the one who transferred the money for the medical fees?”


“Not yet…” One of the policemen said helplessly.
Then, his phone rang, and he picked up the call. 


“Did you find him? Who is it? Him? Are you sure it’s that name?” The police officer who answered the call looked at his phone incredulously, then said: “Ok, I see, send it over, sorry for the trouble.”


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After a while, he put the phone down, and the first sentence out of his mouth surprised Gu Xizhou. 


“Qf’nf mtfmxfv atf yjcx jmmbeca bo atf qfgrbc ktb agjcrofggfv atf wbcfs obg atf wfvlmji yliir ab Qjcu Oldl… atf jmmbeca yfibcufv ab atf nlmalw.”


Xe Wlhtbe ogbhf.
“Ktf nlmalw?”




Lfjglcu atlr, atf reggbecvlcu qfbqif ygbxf bea lcab j mbiv rkfja.
Ktfs tjv qgfnlberis jugffv atja la kjr ilxfis j tlgfv jrrjrrlcjalbc, ktfgf atf qfgrbc ujnf wbcfs obg Qjcu Oldl’r rbc’r wfvlmji yliir, jcv abiv Qjcu Oldl ab xlii rbwfbcf.
C alwf rqjc bo atgff sfjgr ab xlii rbwfbcf kjr rilutais ecereji, yea cba bea bo atf gfjiw bo qbrrlylilas. 



But the one who transferred the money was the deceased! The deceased couldn’t have hired someone to kill himself, right?


“The direction we were investigating must have been wrong.”


Gu Xizhou said in a low voice: “Continue investigating.
Find out why the deceased gave him the money, and the relationship between them during that time.”


After checking again, the case entered another troublesome situation.
Wang Liqi insisted that the money the deceased gave was nothing more than a donation. 


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Wang Liqi’s crime was clear and simple, but his motive for the crime now became incredibly confusing.



After work, Gu Xizhou was called over by Xiang Xiaoyuan, his female colleague.
“Leader Gu, wait a moment, my boyfriend brought the little golden retriever over.
It’s right outside, I’ll pass you the puppy!”


“Right, Leader Gu… do you accept home visits?” Xiang Xiaoyuan asked a little awkwardly.
“It doesn’t mean anything, just that you’re quite busy, Leader Gu, and you don’t have a girlfriend, so I’m afraid the puppy will starve… Of course! I believe you can properly take care of the puppy!”


Gu Xizhou: “…” Your home visit is because you doubt me, you don’t have to explain.
However, even though my house doesn’t have a girlfriend, it has a Ji Ji!


Needless to say, Gu Xizhou nodded.
“Of course.”



After getting the little golden retriever, Gu Xizhou put it and its cage in the passenger seat next to him, and drove home.
He patted the dog’s cage, and carefully looked at the little puppy.
It was small and extremely cute, but looked particularly wronged in Gu Xizhou’s eyes. 


When he reached home, Gu Xizhou directly placed the little golden retriever on the table and said: “Ji Ji, this is a small puppy, I’m entrusting it to you!”


Gu Ji Ji: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “Isn’t it cute?! Look at how good I am to you, this lonely old ghost in an empty nest!”


Gu Ji Ji: “… Not raising it, take it away.”


Gu Xizhou: “Tch.”


Gu Xizhou was too lazy to care about Gu Ji Ji, and started to talk about the progress of the case today. 


“This is a bit weird, the money was given to him by the dead…”


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“En,” Gu Xizhou said while nodding.
“However, this is definitely correct.
We’ve checked, and even interviewed the deceased’s family.
His wife said that she wasn’t quite sure about how much they donated since they often made quite a few donations.
However, the money given to Wang Liqi wasn’t a donation, but was directly sent to Wang Liqi’s account.”





Gu Xizhou said: “As of now, the police believe that the suspect has no reason to kill the deceased, and the deceased was simply unlucky.”




Seeing Gu Ji Ji enter a state of confusion, Gu Xizhou suddenly laughed: “Gu Ji Ji, are you at a loss on what to do?”




Gu Xizhou made a patronising sound.
“To think, there are times where you are helpless as well.”




Gu Xizhou said: “Well, I still have an idea of what direction to search in.
Tomorrow, I’ll contact his sister, and we’ll likely be able to form some sort of conclusion.”


Gu Ji Ji wrote with a pencil: What direction?


“You’ll know tomorrow!” Gu Xizhou said.
“Take good care of my puppy son.”


Gu Ji Ji: “…”



Gu Xizhou looked at the figure of his golden retriever son sleeping on the sofa, and couldn’t help but feel jealous.
Not only was his dog son sleeping somewhere other than his kennel, but a ghost had also already prepared milk for it. 


Really, a lonely old ghost with a mouth that couldn’t say what he meant. 


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Gu Xizhou washed his face, and rushed back to the police station. 


“Leader Gu, Wang Liqi’s sister has been contacted.
Just like you guessed, Wang Liqi also had a daughter, and the daughter was given away not long after she had been born.”


Gu Xizhou nodded.
“Have you questioned the deceased’s wife?”


“We’ve already asked her… the deceased’s daughter, Wei Xiaoling, was adopted!”


“What?” Fang Zhi was stunned.


Gu Xizhou entered the interrogation room again and looked at Wang Liqi: “We’ve confirmed that you aren’t a hired assassin.”


Wang Liqi made an agreeing noise.
“As I said, it was a hit-and-run.”


“No, you did hit them intentionally,” Gu Xizhou said coldly.
“Wei Xiaoling is your daughter, and the deceased was her adopted father.
Let me guess, five years ago, when your son suffered from kidney failure and needed a donor, you found your daughter’s adopted father, Wei Guo, and the other party promised to give you 200, 000 as a treatment fee, but you weren’t allowed to tell Wei Xiaoling that she was adopted…”



Gu Xizhou had only spoken for a while, but Wang Liqi’s face had turned pale white.
“You, you…”


“Go on, I want to hear it from you,” Gu Xizhou said lightly.
The reason he thought of this was that when Fang Zhi told Wang Liqi during the interrogation that only Wei Guo died, Wang Liqi appeared to be a lot more relaxed. 


It might be that he thought about killing his own daughter, and felt somewhat guilty, so after hearing that Wei Xiaoling didn’t die, his mental state had visibly recovered. 


Wang Liqi suddenly buried his face in his hands and cried.
His voice shook, and he slowly explained his motive. 


“Five years ago, my son had kidney failure and needed a kidney donor.
After testing, he couldn’t use my kidney, so I remembered the daughter that my wife and I had sent off.
I found the Wei family, and wanted to see if my daughter could be a donor match, to donate her kidney to my son.
But that Wei guy said Wei Xiaoling was in poor health and refused my request.
Later, I threatened him and said that if they didn’t help my son, I would tell Wei Xiaoling that she wasn’t their biological daughter…”


“He promised me 200, 000 for my son’s surgery fee, in exchange for leaving Wei Xiaoling alone.
At the time, I was lacking in money, and there was an alternative kidney donor, so I agreed to his request.
I didn’t expect that, after the operation, my son’s body rejected the donated kidney.
There were multiple complications, and he soon died.
At the time, I kept thinking that if he didn’t accept this kidney, and had accepted his sister’s kidney instead, maybe he wouldn’t have died…”


“The more I thought about it, the angrier I was, and I got angrier and angrier…”

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