Ch38 – Cared For by a Ghost

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As he spoke, Wang Liqi broke down again.
The man who was in his fifties, gripped his head with both hands and cried silently.
The traces of the years carved on his face, accompanied by the movement of him wiping his tears with his cuffed hands, made him look extremely pitiful.


However, Gu Xizhou didn’t pity him.
Instead, he thought this man was even more hateful than before. 




Gu Xizhou left the interrogation room, and heard continuous crying echoing from the surveillance. 


“This person is really worthless!”



“What kind of person is he?! The deceased was seriously unlucky, meeting an asshole like this.
Fuck, what kind of family does he belong to, needing a male inheritor?!”



“Tch, people like this still exist, don’t you always see them on television? Sending their daughter away, then their son falls ill, and they search out the daughter to donate her bone marrow… it’s seen everywhere.”


“This happens a lot, and some even dare to send their child away, then wait until their child is old and grown before they find them again, and expect the child to be filial to them.
Sigh… these people are seriously outrageous.”



They couldn’t be blamed for being angry.
The truth had been laid out, and this kind of ‘pitiful’ man, was hated by the masses. 


The case had been solved, and they immediately notified the deceased’s family.


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After hearing the reason, Niu Dinglan, the wife of the deceased, cried on the spot.
The adopted daughter, Wei Xiaoling, felt like she had no right to face her mother, and could only cry into her husband’s arms. 


After two days, Niu Dinglan’s family came to the police station again.
The old lady’s hair was much whiter than what he had seen before. 


“Thank you, Comrade Police, for helping us find the murderer! Thank you very much!” Niu Dinglan was held up by Wei Xiaoling’s husband, and Wei Xiaoling’s eyes were red as she stood next to them, evidently having just finished crying. 



“It’s part of our job,” Fang Zhi said softly as he supported the old lady. 


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The old lady thanked them again with tears in her eyes. 


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“Xb yjmx, Wljbilcu jt…” Vtf revvfcis bqfcfv tfg wbeat, jcv meqqfv tfg vjeutafg’r mtffx klat bcf tjcv.
“Ktfs vlvc’a kjca sbe, rb kf jvbqafv sbe.
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Tbe xcbk atlr, tf’r jikjsr ibnfv sbe rlcmf sbe kfgf sbecu.”


“Don’t punish yourself with others’ mistakes.
Your father wanted you to live your life happily.
Don’t cry anymore, you’ve been crying too much recently.
It isn’t your fault, and you’re our good, obedient child.”


Wei Xiaoling hugged her tightly at the entrance to the police bureau, and cried out weakly: “Mom–”


Gu Xizhou opened the curtains in his office and saw the mother-daughter pair hugging at the door.
After the pair left, a few policemen stood at the door, looking at the door at their leaving figures for a while. 

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Gu Xizhou sighed.
The old lady could still maintain her reason in such a situation, and didn’t vent her grievances to her adopted daughter.
She was completely different from Wang Liqi. 


Then, Gu Xizhou’s phone rang.
He answered, and a pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone. 



“Next weekend, call Fang Zhi over to my house, and prepare to enter the next world.”


“So sudden?” Gu Xizhou was puzzled by Si Yu’s proposal.


“En, my time is almost up,” Si Yu said faintly. 


“You?” Gu Xizhou asked.  “Didn’t you just experience two worlds with us? You should still have a lot of time!”


“After experiencing three worlds with you, I…” Si Yu’s mouth crooked up slightly.
“My time was only extended by one hour.
I can’t do anything about it.”


Gu Xizhou froze for a moment, and felt a chill run down his back.
“Didn’t you say that old players liked to bring newcomers to play? Why did your time only extend by one hour? Even though I also accompanied Fang Zhi into the mission world, and the countdown for my life didn’t extend by much, it still extended by at least twenty hours, you…”


“Stop asking,” Si Yu said.
“Just come over this weekend, I’ll bring you into the world.
But I’ll warn you first, my world is different from yours.
You must act with caution.
The world will be full of those strange death conditions that you are afraid of.


“Don’t be as reckless as before, or you won’t live even if you have multiple lives.
Prepare yourselves as quickly as you can.”


“That fierce…” Gu Xizhou said hurriedly: “Then, how about Fang Zhi not go, and I’ll just go with you? I’m afraid that when the time comes, I might not be able to protect him.

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“That will do.
My mission world is really not suitable for Fang Zhi.”



After they finished discussing, Gu Xizhou hung up and saw Wang Ao rushing over to him during his break. 


Wang Ao looked at Gu Xizhou and said: “Xizhou, I heard you’re raising a dog?”


Hearing Wang Ao’s words, Gu Xizhou wasn’t really sure why he asked it, but nodded.
“Yes, the golden retriever puppy of one of our female colleagues in the bureau.”


“En…” Wang Ao glanced at him, and spoke in a calm, unchanging voice: “Then, raise it well.
Have you bought the automatic feeding machine?”


Gu Xizhou: “Not yet…”


Wang Ao patted Gu Xizhou’s shoulder and said out loud: “A dog’s life is still a life.”


After, Wang Ao left Gu Xizhou’s office, leaving Gu Xizhou standing there alone.


Gu Xizhou: “?”



When it was time to get off work, Gu Xizhou walked out and coincidentally saw his colleagues who were packing up and preparing for the holiday.
He waved at Fang Zhi. 

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“Fang Zhi, come with me,” Gu Xizhou said: “I have something to tell you.”


Fang Zhi nodded, and sat in Gu Xizhou’s car.
There was no one around them, and Gu Xizhou started to speak.


“Tomorrow, Si Yu’s time is up.
He will enter the mission world, and I plan to go with him.
After thinking, his mission world is very difficult, and there will be many strange death conditions inside it.”


“This is also my first time in contact with a harder mission world, so I decided not to take you.
Later, when your time is up, we will enter your mission world together.”


Fang Zhi heard this, and opened his mouth: “Gu Ge, I can…”


Before he finished, Gu Xizhou waved his hand: “I plan on taking a look at what Si Yu’s self-proclaimed ‘difficult world’ looks like.
Don’t worry, with him there, the strange death conditions wouldn’t pose too much of an issue.
This time, I’ll go in and be obedient.
In any case, he is experienced.”


“Ah…” Fang Zhi hesitated, but he knew that Gu Xizhou had already made his decision, and would never let him join them, so he said: “Then… Gu Ge, take care of yourself.”


“I’ll wait for you to come back,” Fang Zhi said.


Gu Xizhou nodded, then drove him to the door of his house.
After, he drove straight home, and told Gu Ji Ji about him entering Si Yu’s mission world.
Then, he took his puppy son out for a walk. 


The next day, when the meeting time reached, Gu Xizhou prepared to go to Si Yu’s luxury villa, and saw a post-it note on the back of the door–Come back early. 



Gu Xizhou laughed lightly.
He was a demonic cultivator that frightened ghosts the moment they saw him, but even he could experience a day where a ghost would care for him.

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