y and listening to the sound that came from a distance away, just like him.


It sounded like a lot of women were gathered and crying together, instead of a single woman.
That sort of low crying sounded like a warning, and the people there couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spine. 



Fu Yiran stopped talking for a moment and asked the old man: “Are there girls crying inside?”


The village chief showed a blank expression.
“No, no one is crying inside, you must have heard wrongly!”


“There is someone crying inside.”


The village chief had a blank expression again.
After hesitating for a while, he said: “I’ll go in and take a look.”


After he finished speaking, he stepped into the ancestral hall.
As he walked in, Gu Xizhou heard the crying grow louder, as if countless mouths opened to cry right next to his ear at the same time. 


The village chief came out soon after entering, and raised his eyebrows.
“No one is crying.
You must have heard it wrongly.
Did you rush here to our village too quickly, so you’re feeling a bit unwell?”


“Maybe,” Si Yu said lightly when he heard this.


“Hehe, you should rest more.
You have five days to finish this, so you don’t need to rush.
You can rest for two days before building the plaque, as long as you don’t miss the deadline of the sacrificial ceremony,” the village chief laughed, and sounded incredibly considerate.


Although the village chief said that, the sounds of crying could still be heard from within the ancestral hall, and it sounded as if a lot of people were crying at the same time.
The voices grew louder and louder.
As for the village head’s kindness, naturally no one accepted it. 


The earlier they finished the plaque, the earlier they could leave. 



After the old man left, Gu Xizhou tried to look inside, wanting to take a look at the situation. 


“Don’t go in for now,” Si Yu said lowly, suddenly grabbing Gu Xizhou.

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“Okay.” Gu Xizhou nodded, and glanced again inside the ancestral hall.
He could only barely see a candle that was burning slowly inside. 


After determining the location of the ancestral hall, Gu Xizhou and the rest went to the mountain that the village chief pointed out to cut wood.
Unexpectedly, the wood was obtained fairly easily, and no accidents occurred during this period. 


The wood was placed at the door of the house where they lived.
The woman who had cooked for them last night had started to prepare their food quite early, and after seeing them return, she smiled as brightly as before. 


“You’re back, please eat.” The woman set the tableware and invited them to eat. 


After that, the woman took off her apron and was about to leave.
At this time, Si Yu casually asked: “What is your ancestral hall mainly used for?”


The woman heard this and looked up at Si Yu: “Just for the sacrificial ceremony.
Every year, during the sacrificial ceremony, people will go there.”


“Does anyone in the village live there?”


The woman smiled as she put down the apron in her hands.
“Live inside? Who would live there? Living with your ancestors’ graves? That would be terrible!”



After speaking, the woman left, leaving nine of them to sit at the table and eat. 


“Today went well… Later, we can use the tools to cut that piece of wood.” The only girl in the team spoke softly.
“I haven’t encountered a world like this in so long, it’s rare that no one died this morning.”


After she spoke, her eyes bent into small crescents, clearly not as nervous as she had been yesterday. 


Fu Yiran who had been next to her, heard her words and said lightly: “Don’t let your guard down, or the first one to die will be you.”


Upon hearing Fu Yiran’s words, the girl immediately became angry and said: “What are you saying? Saying that I’ll be the first to die, are you insane?!”


Fu Yiran looked at her coldly, and smiled.
“I’m just kindly reminding you–curiosity killed the cat.”


“Hey, say that one more time, you idiot who can’t decide if he’s a guy or a girl! You…” The girl was extremely angry.
After all, if someone said you would die in a world like this, it wasn’t a good thing.


Fu Yiran rolled his eyes: “Remember my advice.
Anyway, if you live or die, it’s none of my business.”


“Okay, just stop.” Gu Xizhou patted Fu Yiran’s shoulder.
This place was originally full of death around every corner, and saying things like this really wasn’t right.


The people next to them also persuaded the girl to calm down.
Fu Yiran didn’t say anything under Gu Xizhou’s watchful gaze.
In the afternoon, those two people in the team refused to get along with each other, but they worked together and quickly finished the plaque before sundown. 



“It’s done? You’re too fast, can it be hung up today?” The village head didn’t mind the crooked and ugly words that looked as if they had been written like an idiot.
On the contrary, he looked delighted. 


In the end, Liu Kai glanced at the already dark sky.
It was estimated that the journey from the village to the ancestral hall would take about an hour.
If they went over now, it would be dark. 


“We’ll help you hang it up tomorrow morning.
Now, it’s dark, and it isn’t safe to go out,” Liu Kai said.


The village head didn’t force them to hang the plaque today, and laughed out loud.
“Okay, no rush, as long as you do it before the sacrificial ceremony.”


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After eating at night, Gu Xizhou glanced at the time on his phone and said to everyone: “It’s late, we should go to sleep.”


Hearing his words, the people around him nodded slightly and went back to their rooms. 


After all three of them washed up, Gu Xizhou sat on the bed and stared blankly at the newspaper covered window. 


“What are you looking at?”


Si Yu patted Gu Xizhou’s shoulder and asked. 


Gu Xizhou looked up at him.
“Thinking about those two figures last night.”



“Curiosity killed the cat,” Si Yu abruptly said in a faint voice. 


Gu Xizhou was slightly startled when he heard this sentence, because it was exactly what Fu Yiran said to the girl during the day.


In the middle of the night, Fu Yiran woke Gu Xizhou up again.
He pointed at the window and the shadows behind it, and said: “Gu Ran, aren’t you curious about what’s outside?”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Fu Yiran smiled slightly at him.
He had the intention to invite Gu Xizhou to explore the secret together.
His eyes were full of eagerness, but the expression on Fu Yiran’s face suddenly froze. 


Gu Xizhou felt his back turn cold, and he turned to see Si Yu rising up from the bed.
Si Yu’s gaze fell coldly on Fu Yiran’s body, then he said in a whisper to Gu Xizhou: “Remember what I told you before.”


Gu Xizhou held back his curiosity and nodded.
Actually, he was seriously itchy at the fringes to find out what was going on with the shadows outside the window.
He really wanted to take a look. 


There were definitely ghost monsters outside.
To him, this wouldn’t be a big problem.
At most, he would have to beat it up once, and it would be solved. 


Si Yu saw him gazing at the window, and helplessly walked over to the window.
He used his hands to tap the window gently. 


“There is nothing that you want here.
Please leave.”



The things outside seemed to understand his words, and the outline of the black shadow on the window became smaller and smaller, smaller and smaller, until it disappeared. 


The next day–


Before Gu Xizhou walked out of the room, he heard a whispering voice at the door!


“Dead… it’s really not that simple, two died in one night!” Liu Kai pointed to the room in the corner and spoke softly with Wen Wen next to him. 


Gu Xizhou saw the blood on the floor and knew that something had happened last night.
Four feet were outside the door.
Gu Xizhou walked over and looked at it–the two bodies lying on the ground were already unrecognisable.
The blood on the ground had flowed out from their faces, and the faces of those two people were already gone.
Other than that, everything else was completely intact, including the clothes on the bodies.
From the clothes, it was clear that one of them was the girl who quarreled with Fu Yiran yesterday.


Gu Xizhou subconsciously looked in the room that the two had stayed in.
He noticed that there was an irregular shape torn out at the window of the room where the newspapers had been attached.
It was the right size to sneak a look at what was going on outside.


Curiosity killed the cat.

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