Chapter # 04 — Waiting For You Oh

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When Gu Xizhou arrived in the classroom he didn’t see anyone else.
He lifted his eyes and looked outside the window at the gloomy sky.
Suddenly he heard a peal of rustling noises, a girl wearing white walked into the classroom, it was the girl that was sent to the infirmary yesterday.

“Xiang Xiaoxiao, why don’t you any make noises when you walk ya?” 

She had been walking with her head down and had accidentally knocked into a guy’s back, the guy discontentedly gave Xiaoxiao a push, the girl’s movements were sluggish and didn’t reply to the guy’s question.
She walked around him, towards the seat in front of Gu Xizhou and opened the classroom’s window.

Being ignored by Xiang Xiaoxiao, the guy smashed a chair in embarrassment, cursing: “Xiang Xiaoxiao, did you met with a ghost? Since yesterday you’ve been acting like fucking nutjob! If you want to be crazy, go back home to be crazy!”


There was a cold, bone-chilling breeze.

The girl faced her back towards everyone and then slowly twisted her neck.
Gu Xizhou heard the groaning and creaking sounds of bones, the head had turned over completely yet the body was still faced backward towards them.

“How did you know that I met with a ghost?” On Xiang Xiaoxiao’s face was a smile, but when Ma Yu and a person walked into the classroom and saw this scene, his courage was small to the point that he let out a scream.

“G-ghost ah!” The boy screamed while running away, wetting the floor beneath him.

The surrounding people were like birds startled by a bow and scattered in all directions.

Gu Xizhou: “……”

‘Xiang Xiaoxiao’ saw the male and females running away like they were afraid of losing their head and smiled.

She slowly turned her head, her neck breaking from her body, and saw the Gu Xizhou that didn’t leave.

Woman: “……Why don’t you run?”

Gu Xizhou: “ Not scary.”

Woman: “……”

Gu Xizhou: “You’re still not jumping off the building ma?”

Woman :”……”

Gu Xizhou: “ Yesterday my roommates jumped off the building.
What, if you’re not jumping are you going to invent a new way to die?”

The girl crooked her head and stared at him intently, the pair of eyeballs on her deathly pale face were fixed upon Gu Xizhou.
The smiling expression from the corner of her mouth was indescribably creepy.

Gu Xizhou: “If you’re not going to jump, then close the window.
I’m a bit cold.”

Woman: “……”

As Gu Xizhou was confronting the girl, a hand grabbed him and madly dragged him out of the classroom.
The girl in the classroom stared coldly at the two people’s departing back.

Gu Xizhou’s hand was grabbed by Si Yaoxing who hurriedly rushed through the corridor.  Ma Yu stared at them, opening his mouth but didn’t say anything.
Right now he really wants to beat Si Yaoxing to death!

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Fuck, so you fucking went back, why did you bring back him!


Only a ghost knows what kind of bullshit this is!

The three people had just ran into a big hall when all of a sudden, a loud noise sounded from outside of the building.

Walking out of the big hall, there was a faint smell of blood that pierced through their nose.
Ma Yu wrinkled his eyebrows.
Running three steps before walking two steps, he walked over in such a manner.

‘Xiang Xiaoxiao’ had jumped. 

Jumping from the second floor, her body was completely shattered, there was only a head that could still be considered intact. 

Fuck, the face was still smiling.

Ma Yu felt a chill down his back, suddenly, someone patted his back.

Si Yaoxing asked with a cold face, “What happened?” 

Gu Xizhou who was following behind him also poked out his head.
The corpse’s eyes which were originally closed suddenly opened and face Gu Xizhou while saying, “I will come find you at night.”

Gu Xizhou winked at the girl, “Waiting for you oh, see you then.”

Girl: “……”

Si Yaoxing: “……”

Ma Yu: “……”

Fuck, where did this exotic flower came from! Even for him who had experienced several worlds, he had never seen a situation like this!

The atmosphere for a while was frozen.

The girl’s corpse, after opening her eyes was finally completely dead.

“Ma Ge……” The girl who met Gu Xizhou in the balcony yesterday waved her hand at Ma Yu and Si Yaoxing while furiously shooting meaningful gazes, indicating for the two people standing with Gu Xizhou to go over.

Ma Yu walked forward two steps while turning back to look at Gu Xizhou with a weird expression.
Si Yaoxing also followed.

Gu Xizhou spread out his palms and stood in one place while saying in his heart: This sister, the way you communicate with your eyes is really too obvious……also don’t your eyes hurt blinking like that?

Si Yaoxing and Ma Yu walked over and the group huddled together.
The air was filled with the thick scent of blood.

“Is Gu Ran a dead person or a living person?” Xiao Lian cautiously glanced at Gu Xizhou from a distance and quietly asked the people beside her,

“The rules that we have figured out before, are they right or wrong?”

“They’re right.” Si Yaoxing said this in a flat tone.
He pointed towards the dead and cannot be any more dead girl. 

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“Yesterday it was her that told me the reason behind the female ghost’s suicide.
That should be the reason why she died today.”

The school forbade anyone to mention “this girl” therefore the first death condition, as long as you do not violate the school rules you’ll be fine.
As for the second condition— sleeping and dreaming, it was untenable.
Yesterday, under the persuasion of Si Yaoxing, ‘Xiang Xiaoxiao’ had confessed the reason for the girl’s death.
The first death condition had been fulfilled so her being killed today is something very normal.

Also, compared to the ‘transfer student’ them, the female ghost will naturally be more interested in killing the original students from its class.

No wonder……

This was why Si Yaoxing dared to sleep last night!

Because he knew that the female ghost won’t go find him, it was busy killing ‘Xiang Xiaoxiao’.

Ma Yu silently turned his head to look at Si Yaoxing.
With bloodshot eyes, he pointed a finger towards himself and his voice increased by several pitches, “Why didn’t you remind me yesterday, I want to sleep too ah!”

“If you slept, would they (group member)  have agreed?” Si Yaoxing’s tone was calm and even carried a hint of ridicule, “Or would you have dared to sleep in room 106 with him (GXZ)?”

Ma Yu: “……no.”

Si Yaoxing turned to look at Gu Xizhou who was still standing there by the side and the badly mangled corpse on the floor.
The floor was cover with minced flesh and broken bones, resembling a meat patty.
There was blood splattered everywhere, there wasn’t a clean piece of ground to be seen.

“As for him (GXZ), I think he’s human.” Si Yaoxing who had touched Gu Xizhou’s hand yesterday spoke up for him. 

At this time, Li He appeared.

“You’re saying that the rules are correct but you are also saying that he’s human, you’re obviously contradicting yourself?!”

Si Yaoxing looked at him, “Then I’ll have to ask you two, are you sure that the two of you saw him die with your own eyes?”

“I clearly saw a knife cut his neck, there was that big of a wound……” Lu Bing said this and shivered all over.

Ma Yu asked: “In other words, you didn’t actually see him die?”

Lu Bing secretly looked over at Gu Xizhou and shook his head, “When he was caught by the female ghost, I didn’t dare to think anything more and only knew how to run.
I didn’t turn around to look at all……”

“Actually, there’s another reasonable explanation.” Si Yaoxing suddenly said this.

“What?” Ma Yu’s left eye twitched as he subconsciously asked this.

Si Yaoxing’s line of vision landed on Lu Bing and Li He as he asked: “Those two are lying.”

A trace of panic flashed through Lu Bing’s eyes, “No, don’t talk bullshit, I didn’t!”

Li He subconsciously looked at Si Yaoxing, his eyes twitched twice as he said: “Why would we do that?”

“We all entered this world at the same time, no one knew each other at all! Why would we want to kill him? What good would that do for us?”

Upon hearing this, Si Yaoxing’s newly arose suspicion was dispelled again.
Indeed, everyone is not familiar with each other, not to mention these three people are all newcomers so it wasn’t possible for there to be a feud between them from another world’s mission.

“Why would I know why you did it, I only know that if you are by yourself  here, you will die.” Si Yaoxing said this with a cold laugh.
Li He and Lu Bing’d face were flushed red with anger from arguing with him (SYX).

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Li He and Lu Bing parted with Si Yaoxing on bad terms.

At night, they all returned to the dorms.

Ma Yu also returned to room 106, when he entered the room he ‘accidentally’ brushed against Gu Xizhou’s hand.
After confirming that he was indeed warm, he furrowed his brows and stared at the wall for a while.

“What exactly happened last night?” Ma Yu muttered to himself before asking.

Gu Xizhou: “Ah?”

Ma Yu furrowed his brows, “Yesterday three people in your dorm died, what exactly happened? You must tell me it in detail, if someone is really lying then things will get troublesome.”

In the mission world, teammates telling lies are fatal, if one if not careful then the whole group can be wiped out!

Gu Xizhou: “……Even if I say it you might not believe me, yesterday I knocked my head and lost my memories……”

Ma Yu rolled his eyes at Gu Xizhou, isn’t that like saying: only ghost will believe you ya!

Gu Xizhou explained to him: “What I’m saying is true……”

The corner of Ma Yu’s mouth twitched.
He turned to Si Yaoxing and said: “What should we do for today? Are you going to stay here or am I……”

All in all, faced with Gu Xizhou, Ma Yu still felt a bit uneasy.

Losing one’s memory in a mission world, what a lie!

Si Yaoxing, having heard what Ma Yu said, faintly said: “It still me and him (GXZ) in a room.
Next door are all so obnoxious, you go back.”

Hearing Si Yaoxing’s words, Ma Yu can’t help but breathe out in relief.
He dashed faster than a rabbit, in an instant he had ran out of the room and closed the door, afraid that Si Yaoxing would renege on his words.

Si Yaoxing: “……”

Gu Xizhou: “Is it really that scary to share a room with me?”

Si Yaoxing: “……”

Gu Xizhou: “Yaoxing, in the end you’re still the best!”

Si Yaoxing: “Heh.” I just want to sleep.

The two of them were just about to go to bed when Si Yaoxing suddenly turned his head and asked: “Are you a ghost?”

Gu Xizhou widened his eyes in order to make himself appear more sincere: “Wealth, democracy, civilization, harmony and freedom……”

Si Yaoxing: “……”

Gu Xizhou even winked at Si Yaoxing: “Have you ever seen a ghost that abide by core socialist values?!”

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Si Yaoxing: “……no”

Gu Sizhou looked at Si Yaoxing and his dead face and was unable to keep himself from laughing.

During that night, Gu Xizhou hazily felt himself being crushed by something heavy.
He opened his eyes in a daze.

A woman with a cape of long hair covering her face was sitting by his bed.

“You’re finally awake.
They, they’re all dead……”

With the help of the moonlight, Gu Xizhou was finally able to see the woman’s face, it was the beautiful girl from next door with the pair of apricot eyes.
She sobbed with eyes full of tears.

“Quickly, let’s run away!” The frightened girl used her hands to grab onto the corner Gu Xizhou’s clothes, her beautiful eyes glistened with tears.

Gu Xizhou rose and got off the bed.
The girl thought that he was going with her.

“Let’s go……”

Gu Xizhou picked up a nearby stool and smashed it against the girl’s head.
The girl’s skull shattered into pieces with a ‘ka cha’ sound.

“Fuck, if you’re going to impersonate a person, can you please use your brain a little.”

The woman who was hit into a daze slowly turned her head towards Gu Xizhou.
The deathly pale was unfamiliar and it held an expression of perplexion and astonishment: “How did you know that I’m not her?”

“That girl was scared into crying by me so many times yesterday, it’s impossible for her to come into my room in the middle of the night to ask for help,” said Gu Xizhou with a cold face.

Woman: “……”

On the side, Si Yaoxing faintly heard the sound of talking, opening his eyes and turning his head, he saw the woman sitting by Gu Xizhou’s bed.
The woman’s neck was bent to the left and was staring fixedly at Gu Xizhou, a person a ghost, confronting each other wordlessly.

Si Yaoxing: “……”  Fuck!

Si Yaoxing rushed over to Gu Xizhou who was confronting the female ghost and grabbed his hand before madly dashing outside!

They had just ran outside before they were met with Ma Yu.

Ma Yu rubbed his eyes, together the three of them ran faster than a rabbit, in no time at all they had arrived on the second floor.
Confirming that the female ghost didn’t chase after them, Ma Yu finally let out a breath of relief.

“Not good, everyone in the dorm hasn’t slept for four days already, we couldn’t hold up and all slept.” Ma Yu said, “Wait a minute, why did the two of you also enter the dream?”

He looked at Si Yaoxing, “Didn’t you just slept yesterday night?”

Si Yaoxing: “……I wanted to catch up on sleep.”

Noticing that Ma Yu was looking at him, Gu Xizhou thought about it for a moment before explaining, “There’s too much pressure studying for the third year of high school, after 24 minutes I would want to sleep.”

Ma Yu: “……” What year three of high school! Bastard!

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