their limbs were long and thin.
They didn’t have any clothes, and the flesh on their body kept falling off onto the ground.
The skinless faces kept bleeding.




Everyone had been shocked stupid by the scene before them.
Only Si Yu responded the fastest.
He grabbed Gu Xizhou as he shouted, and then everyone in the team finally recovered from the startling sight before them. 


Fu Yiran, who had always followed Si Yu, saw Si Yu’s movements, and then looked back at the situation behind him.


Wen Wen, who was with Liu Kai, didn’t even think twice before directly dumping him on the ground, and rushing off behind Si Yu to escape.
The blood on the women’s faces slipped down their cheeks, and the ground seemed to turn into a sea of blood. 



“Ahhhh!!” Liu Kai, who didn’t know what had happened, screamed while sitting on the ground, then he attempted to crawl forward on all fours.
“Save me… save me!”


His voice trembled.
It was a cry for help from the very depths of his soul.
Liu Kai crawled forward desperately, but he couldn’t see anything.
“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me!!!”


Liu Kai’s eyes bled, and he cried out for help, his entire body shaking. 


Everyone was only concerned with saving themselves, and didn’t hesitate even when they heard that pitiful voice.
Everyone thought the man was finished.
Then, Gu Xizhou shook off Si Yu’s hand and said: “You run ahead, I’ll go find him!”


“You’re seeking death!” Si Yu said as he raised his eyebrows. 


Gu Xizhou suddenly winked at Si Yu: “Try to guess if I’m really a human?”

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Si Yu:  “…”


Si Yu saw Gu Xizhou turn back, and shouted anxiously: “Stand outside, don’t step on the black marble!”


“I know!” Gu Xizhou answered with his back to Si Yu.
The monsters that came out of the wall were dripping with blood, and looked extremely scary.
The moment Gu Xizhou entered through the door–


Suddenly, a bloody face and a head of black hair hung upside down in front of his eyes.
A pair of eyes stared at Gu Xizhou, showing a smile, and reached out to touch Gu Xizhou’s face. 



Gu Xizhou tilted his face slightly away from the monster’s hand, and then used his other hand to pull down the faceless woman that had been hanging upside down and smashed her on the ground!


“Ahhhh!!!” The monster on the ground screamed.
Gu Xizhou kicked the monster’s chest, and the monster screamed again. 


Gu Xizhou threw off the five monsters who were holding Liu Kai with one punch.
He saw a row of pinholes on Liu Kai’s left cheek, and helped him up. 


Liu Kai appeared to have been frightened to the point of losing his mind.
He struggled frantically, until he lost whatever energy he had left.


“Shut up, I’m Gu Ran.” Gu Xizhou told Liu Kai.
“Don’t move, I’ll bring you  out.”


“I… I…” Liu Kai collapsed and cried, grabbing Gu Xizhou with his hands, crying with a face full of snot and tears. 


Gu Xizhou picked up the monsters that rushed at him like chicks and threw them away, smashing the walls of the entire ancestral hall. 




The blind Liu Kai was like a startled bird, and he grabbed Gu Xizhou’s clothes in fear.
He asked in a shaking voice: “What, what was that, what are you doing?”


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Gu Xizhou said lightly: “It’s nothing.
Those monsters have left.
Follow me, and walk slowly.”



Liu Kai slowly reached a hand out to feel his surroundings.
Because he couldn’t see, he felt incredibly unsafe, and was trembling.


In fact, Gu Xizhou didn’t lie to him.
Those monsters who did not go out voluntarily had been thrown out by him. 


It wasn’t like Gu Xizhou didn’t attempt to kill those monsters.
However, the moment he had killing intent, he would be bound by some sort of invisible power, just like back in his dream, where an invisible chain bound him tightly. 


“Let’s go.”


Gu Xizhou took Liu Kai out of the ancestral hall, and the monsters who had just came out of the walls seemed to have given up attacking Gu Xizhou and Liu Kai, so this strange scene appeared–there were countless monsters crawling on the road outside the ancestral hall, and they timidly looked at the two people walking, as if considering attempting an attack.


“Are we alright?” Liu Kai repeatedly asked in a low voice.
“Are we alright?”


Gu Xizhou said: “We should be okay, let’s go back to the village first.”


“You, why did you come back to save me? We… haven’t even spoken more than a few sentences,” Liu Kai asked quietly.


Gu Xizhou: “No reason, I just wanted to.”


Liu Kai: “… Thank you.”



After hearing this, Liu Kai didn’t push for more.
Instead, he nervously followed behind Gu Xizhou and kept asking: “Those monsters didn’t come after us?”


Gu Xizhou glanced at the monsters who looked like they wanted to attempt an attack, and said lightly: “No.”


“Sigh–” Hearing this, Liu Kai breathed a long sigh of relief.

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