Ch42.2 – The Fierce Ghost Cried (part 2)

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The others fled in different directions.
Fu Yiran was followed by the most monsters, but he stuck closely to Si Yu, and went wherever Si Yu went. 


“Fuck, boss… Save me! Fuck, why do they keep chasing me?” Fu Yiran shouted anxiously, a trace of terror showing on his face that was prettier than a woman’s. 




Si Yu glanced back at him.
“Can’t you stop following me?”


“You asked me to come with you, if I don’t follow you, who do I follow? I’m just a weak little girl!” Fu Yiran shouted in a crying falsetto. 



Si Yu: “Who called you?”



Fu Yiran winked at him.
“It was you ah, you called me.”


As they spoke–



The faceless monsters surrounded Si Yu and Fu Yiran.
Si Yu scolded: “Good, now I’ve been dragged down by you, fuck!”


Fu Yiran blinked at him and suddenly shouted loudly: “Help! Help! Help save me and Si Yaoxing ah!”


Si Yu shouted: “Is there a point in screaming for help? Who the fuck is going to help you?”


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Fu Yiran: “I’m just going to scream, what if someone helps us?”


Si Yu: “You… are insane!”



Gu Xizhou, who was dragging Liu Kai, heard someone in front scream for help, and the voice was familiar.
When he heard the three syllables ‘Si Yaoxing’, he silently cursed and ran towards them with Liu Kai in tow. 


The two people in front were surrounded by the faceless monsters.
Gu Xizhou saw Si Yu’s handsome brow twisted in a mess. 


Gu Xizhou rushed over and kicked the two faceless women in front of them. 

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Qtfc Me Tlgjc rjk Xe Wlhtbe, tf rtbeafv: “Xe Ejc, tfiq! Ctttt!”


Vl Te: “…”


“Xe Ejc, rjnf wf, P’w gfjiis rmjgfv, kekeke!” Me Tlgjc qlaloeiis ugjyyfv atf mbgcfg bo Xe Wlhtbe’r mibatfr jgf rfflcu tlw, jcv klqfv tlr afjgr. 


Xe Wlhtbe atgera Ole Bjl lcab Me Tlgjc’r jgwr, jcv rcjamtfv atf mbgcfg bo tlr mibatfr atja Me Tlgjc kjr tbivlcu.
Lf kjr qijcclcu ab qea eq j ylu oluta, yea atf wbcrafgr yftlcv  atfw tjv mjeuta eq, jcv ifa bea j ragjcuf cblrf, ilxf rbwf rbga bo kflgv ktlrqfg. 




Gu Xihou saw the monster point at him, and grumbled to the other monsters.
In the next moment, the monsters that had surrounded them glared at them for a while, before suddenly changing direction to bypass them and chase after others. 


He looked back, and as expected, Si Yu looked at him with a face full of suspicion. 


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Gu Xizhou explained: “…In fact, they’re very weak.”


Liu Kai, who couldn’t see anything, was very uneasy and said anxiously: “I heard something, did the monsters catch up?”


Gu Xizhou glanced at the backs of the faceless women who left: “No.”


“Who said there’s no such thing as a life-saving call for help,” Fu Yiran cried as he spoke to Si Yu.
“Look, isn’t this very useful?!”


Si Yu: “…”


As they walked back, Fu Yiran led Liu Kai in front.
Gu Xizhou deliberately slowed down and walked next to Si Yu.
He winked at Si Yu and said: “Xiao Si, do you need me to recite the core values of socialism again?”


Si Yu: “No need.”


Gu Xizhou whispered: “Actually, they really are very weak.
If you beat them, they won’t follow you all the time.”


“Do you think everyone is like you?” Si Yu rolled his eyes at Gu Xizhou, then changed the topic.
“Did you step on…”


Gu Xizhou shook his head firmly.
“No, I didn’t step on the black marble!”



“En… that’s good,” Si Yu said.
“That piece of black marble makes me feel uneasy.
You should be careful not to step on it.”


Gu Xizhou nodded like a chick pecking at the grain.

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They went back to the village.
After about an hour, the other people in the team slowly came back one after another.
Gu Xizhou counted, and altogether including them, there were only six of them.
Wen Wen had disappeared. 


Two of them saw Liu Kai had come back alive, and looked a little dumbfounded.
“You, you didn’t die?”


By now, Liu Kai had completely calmed down and said: “Yes, didn’t die, was saved by someone.”


The two looked at Gu Xizhou and his group, and someone changed the topic.
“It seemed that Liu Kai sat down on the Buddha statue before those monsters came out.”


Si Yu heard this and nodded.
“En, those Buddha statues should be used to guard those monsters.
You might not have seen it–after Liu Kai sat down on the Buddha statue, the expression on the face of that Buddha statue changed.”


Gu Xizhou took over and said: “I saw it, the Buddha statue that Liu Kai sat on smiled.”


“It appears that we cannot step on the marble with a Buddha statue.
There must be a reason for their placement,” Fu Yiran said seriously.


Si Yu glanced at him and nodded. 



“So, do we still go to the ancestral hall in the afternoon?” One of the teammates asked in a low voice.


“Not for now,” Si Yu said, making a decision.
“Today, the Buddha statue in the ancestral hall has been touched.
The situation in the ancestral hall should be reset tomorrow, and we will go then.”




After lunch, they all rested at home, during which Fu Yiran followed closely behind Gu Xizhou and Si Yu. 


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At night, Gu Xizhou finished washing up and got into bed. 


Si Yu leaned his head on the pillow and looked at him.
It was as if the sun, moon and stars were reflected in Si Yu’s eyes, and the man lowered his voice: “Why did you go back today to save him?”


Gu Xizhou froze.
He knew the ‘he’ in Si Yu’s mouth was Liu Kai, and he said softly: “The other day, he did the most, and he isn’t too bad.”


“That’s it?” Si Yu asked. 


“That’s it.” Does a demonic cultivator need a reason to save people? As long as he likes the person, it’s reason enough!


“Okay,” Si Yu said.
“Then, are those monsters weak in the day?” His voice carried some doubt.
Today, in the morning, that was how Gu Xizhou explained to them, that the monsters looked strong but were simply embroidered pillows, giving way to him the moment he casually hit them once or twice.



“In my opinion, they’re very weak,” Gu Xizhou said eventually, thinking of saying it in a compromising manner. 


Si Yu: “…”


As they spoke, Si Yu used his hand to feel up the muscles of Gu Xizhou’s arm, as if he wanted to estimate who could fight better, Gu Xizhou or him. 


Gu Xizhou: “A pretty face like you should just use your brain.
When you’re in danger, you can learn from Fu Yiran and yell for help.
Today, if it weren’t for him calling your name when he called for help, I almost wouldn’t have reached in time.”


“…” Si Yu reached out to grab Gu Xizhou and said: “Don’t mention that insane person.”


Fu Yiran, who was facing their bed, seemed to have fallen asleep, and only his even breathing could be heard.


It was a dreamless sleep.

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