i what had happened in the morning.
Liu Kai was silent for a while, but didn’t have any complaints.
After all, he was now a blind man and couldn’t help.
Rather, he dragged the team down. 


The afternoon proved to be the same as the morning, and the mood of the entire team became low. 



On the fourth day, early morning–


Just after eating, Si Yu, who was always thinking about the issue, suddenly stood up and said: “I might know where their faces are!”


“Huh?” With his statement, all five pairs of eyes turned to him in unison. 


About an hour later, their group appeared in the ancestral hall.
Si Yu pointed at the square blocks of black marble in the ancestral hall and said: “Their faces should be right underneath.”


Gu Xizhou heard this and looked at Si Yu.


The faces were below the blocks…


Wouldn’t that be tens of thousands of people stepping on their faces?


No wonder those monsters were crying so badly, if it was me, I would cry until I exploded!


“Ah?!” Hearing this, the two men who had broken down yesterday suddenly got excited.
They walked on the red marble to a spot where there was no Buddha statue, and looked eager to try something.
“As long as we don’t touch the Buddha statue, it’s fine!”


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Then, Gu Xizhou saw the two men carrying the saw that they used to make the plaque and forced it into the gap next to the marble in front of them, trying to force up the block of marble. 



These blocks of marble were very large, and even their handspan would not be enough to hold the blocks properly.
The two men exerted all their energy, but that block of marble looked to be quite heavy.


“Fuck, I can’t move it at all!”


Gu Xizhou: “Let me try.”


The five of them tried for a long time, and even Gu Xizhou failed, but now he was more certain that Si Yu was right.
The faces of those things were probably right below!


Seeing the sky get darker, the two men who had come together grew anxious.
There was only one day left! If they couldn’t find the faces of those monsters, then the deadline of the ancestral sacrifice would arrive, and the wooden door had yet to appear. 


“Fuck, I’ll just try it!”


One of them got up, seeming like he was about to enter, and Si Yu grabbed him quickly.
“Don’t go in!”


“I just have to make sure that I don’t touch the Buddha statue.” The man hesitated for about a second, then stepped on the black marble. 


Unexpectedly, the man was fine.


The man smiled and pointed at Si Yu with a somewhat sarcastic expression: “Look, I’m fine! You’re too wary, as long as you don’t touch the Buddha statue, you’ll be fine.”



As soon as he spoke, he stood atop the marble block and used the saw to directly slam onto the marble.
This time… the marble block was broken by the saw in his hand! The entire stone slab cracked instantly, splitting apart, revealing dozens of faces under the stone slab!


“Hahahaha, found it! Found it! I knew I was right!” The man said excitedly, then looked at the rest.
“Why are you guys standing so far away?”


The other person who came with him shivered and pointed at his feet.


The man looked down at his feet in horror, and his feet had already disappeared: “Ahhhhhh–”



“He, he was pulled down…” The man’s companion said in a trembling voice.


Si Yu: “He was the one who stepped on other people’s faces, it’s not unexpected.”


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When they returned to their living quarters, Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows.
The man who just died fell into the hole in an instant, as if he had been swallowed up by the black marble.
Still, they had some advancement in the mission today.
At least, they knew where the faces were, and that standing outside wouldn’t work if they wanted to break the marble blocks.
They could only break the marble blocks if they stood on it. 


Before he slept at night, Gu Xizhou grabbed Fu Yiran and said: “When you wake up tonight, wake me up.”


Fu Yiran asked curiously: “What are you going to do?”



“Just wake me up.”


Fu Yiran didn’t ask further, and nodded.


In the middle of the night, Gu Xizhou drifted in and out of sleep, until he was blearily shaken away by someone.
Fu Yiran stood next to their bed and winked at him.
“You’re awake.”


“En…” Gu Xizhou rubbed his sleepy eyes and his gaze fell on the window outside. 


“Why do you want me to wake you up in the middle of the night?” Fu Yiran asked curiously. 


Gu Xizhou: “I want to use the toilet, can’t I?”


Fu Yiran gave him a look, made a placating noise, but obviously didn’t believe him. 


Gu Xizhou wore his clothes and walked into the toilet.
Sure enough, there was a figure standing outside the window in the toilet.
The shadow’s face was closely pressed to the window, but the newspapers blocked out its bloody face, or the image would surely have been an impressive one. 


Demonic Cultivator Gu Xizhou suddenly opened the window, and used one hand to pull in the ‘faceless woman’ through the window and into the toilet.


“…” The monster who wanted to make a sound suddenly found their mouth blocked, and was abruptly beaten by the human in front of it. 



The fierce monster cried: QWQ


Gu Xizhou motioned for it to stay quiet.
“Now, I’m going to ask you some questions.
If the answer is yes, just nod.
If the answer is no, shake your head.




Gu Xizhou smiled slightly, and his hands exuded a strong demonic energy.
He asked again: “Understand?”


The fierce ghost nodded like a chick pecking at grain! Don’t worry, just talk calmly!

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