p>One of them was him, Gu Xizhou, and the other–although Fu Yiran didn’t say a name, intuition told Gu Xizhou that the person was Si Yu. 


If Si Yu could take him out, why was Fu Yiran unwilling to be brought out by him? What was the difference between Si Yu and him?


It was almost noon when Gu Xizhou returned home. 


‘6’ meant life, ‘1’ meant death? The question kept lingering in his mind.


When Gu Xizhou arrived home and opened the door, he saw the television on and broadcasting the news. 


Hearing the opening of the door, the remote control floating in the air reduced the sound of the TV, and then fell back to the coffee table in the living room.
Gu Ji Ji quickly stood up from the sofa, and held a pen and paper in his hand. 


Gu Ji Ji: “You’re back.”


Gu Xizhou couldn’t see anyone, but he still smiled at the air.


“I’m hungry,” Gu Xizhou said.
“I just experienced a spiritual devastation, and I need to lie down for a while.”



His voice was hoarse and full of weariness.
He lay down horizontally on the sofa.
Until now, he could still feel the despair and pain of the women that he had been attached to. 


In the mission world, he had to be tense and on guard all the time, but he had confidence in his ability.
As long as he did not encounter those mysterious death conditions, he wasn’t afraid. 


But the moment he walked through the door and experienced the stories of the deceased, the sensation of being attached to them and suffering their pain was too much.
It was as if the one being locked in the closet was him, and the one being buried in the dirt was him.

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“En… en…” Gu Xizhou felt something wet licking his face.
He opened his eyes in dissatisfaction and saw his puppy son stepping on his chest. 


There was the sound of cooking in the kitchen.
After a few moments, Gu Xizhou saw ‘a ghost’ put a dish on the dining table.
Even though it was just a bowl of simple fried rice and egg, it was very fragrant.


“Oh my god…” Gu Xizhou sat up, and patted his young puppy son, coming awake almost instantly.
“Is this the legendary ‘wife and child keeping the house warm’? I didn’t expect Ji Ji to cook fried rice for me! Suddenly, I’m not angry at the fact that you’re poor.”


Gu Ji Ji: “…”


Gu Ji Ji wrote: Poor?


“Oh, I took a peek at Si Yu today… well… it was Si Yaoxing in the first world, and his company earned more than nine figures this quarter!” Gu Xizhou made an envious expression.
“Don’t you think you’re extremely poor compared to him? If I were summoned by him, I wouldn’t have to work, and would only have to stay at home and count money.”



Gu Ji Ji: “…”


Gu Ji Ji ignored Gu Xizhou’s nonsense, to the point where he stopped moving.
Gu Xizhou couldn’t see the ‘ghost’, and after being ignored for a while, he lost interest in needling him.


“Ignoring me, fine, let’s talk about more serious things.” Gu Xizhou ate two mouthfuls and continued: “This time, when I entered the mission world, someone passed me a note.”


“Look, here it is.”


Gu Xizhou took the note out of his pocket and put it on the table.
At the same time, it was as if someone sat on the chair next to him, and took the note. 


Gu Ji Ji: 6 means life, 1 means death, wishing you good luck?


“Do you know what that means?”


The pen on the note stood up and moved, writing: I don’t know. 


“Fuck, do you think he’s just making fun of me?” Gu Xizhou’s lips flattened into a line.
Then, his phone rang.
He picked up the call, intending to listen to it, but was hit by someone. 

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Gu Xizhou: “…”



“Okay, okay, okay, speaker mode.” Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes and switched speaker mode on.


“Old Gu, come to Phoenix Mountain for a while.”


Listening to the voice, it must be Gu Ji Ji’s good friend, the forensic doctor Xiang Yuan.
Gu Xizhou froze, then it sounded like someone over there grabbed at the phone. 


“Gu Ge, you’re fine!” Fang Zhi’s voice came over. 


“I’m fine.” Gu Xizhou knew what Fang Zhi meant, and said: “What’s going on over there?”


“It should be… a case of corpse dismemberment.” Fang Zhi replied.


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Before he hung up the call, he saw his house door open by itself.


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Then, car keys were forced into his hand, and was forcefully pushed out of the door.
The big door closed with a heavy ‘BANG!’, and Gu Xizhou stood outside, keys in his hand, and stared at the door.
Then, he looked at the slippers he was wearing, and pounded crazily on the door–



“Hey, Gu Ji Ji, at least let me wear my shoes properly!”


The door opened, and a pair of shoes were thrown out of the door, with a ‘take it and scram’ meaning hidden within. 


Gu Xizhou: “…”


“Gu Ji Ji, you’re ruthless!” Gu Xizhou couldn’t bring himself to fight, and could only change his shoes before leaving. 

soya: due to some real life concerns, i can’t translate anymore… maybe in the future if this novel still hasn’t been picked up, maybe i can come back when i have more free time, but for now i guess it’s goodbye… ahh…

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