of his mouth.” 

Gu Ji Ji, “……”

Gu Xizhou closed the door and bitched a bit in the living room, “Ji Ji, don’t randomly throw things out in the future.
Don’t you think it’d be such a nuisance for the neighbours to see a pair of slippers at our door?”

Gu Xizhou picked up the slippers left at the door and put them on, “Ji Ji, how about you cook me a meal?”


Gu Xizhou got a smack on the back from the ‘ghost’.
Gu Ji Ji frostily snatched the papers from his hand, sat down on the sofa and began to read.

This slap was probably to tell Gu Xizhou——don’t even think about it.

Seeing him like this, Gu Xizhou took out his phone and ordered takeout before sitting down and briefing him on the situation of the on-site investigation that day.

Gu Ji Ji: The murderer killed intentionally.
It would be difficult to identify the deceased from missing persons. 

Gu Xizhou, “Why is that?”

Gu Ji Ji: The murderer cleaned out everything that could serve as a proof of identity from the clothes.
It was a premeditated murder, planned in advance.
Moreover, you said the dumping site for the corpse is very remote and the body was buried in the soil.
If not for the dog, the chance of finding it is practically zero.

Gu Ji Ji: The dumping site for the corpse is very remote, and even the locals seldom go up the mountain.
At the same time, all the bags prepared by the murderer are the same, indicating that they were prepared in advance.
In fact, I suspect that he…… drove in from out-of-town just to dump the body.

“You can infer that much from just this?” Gu Xizhou asked. 

Gu Ji Ji wrote in pencil: Noob demonic cultivator, this is the basic quality of criminal police.

Gu Xizhou, “……”

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Honestly, sometimes he really wants to beat ghosts up.

Gu Xizhou thought about it but resisted.
After all, with the restriction by the rules, he could not see Gu Ji Ji and might end up beaten up by the ‘ghost’ instead. 

“So our only hope is the bloodstained parking ticket?”

Gu Ji Ji: That’s right.

Another day passed, and just as Gu Ji Ji said, the source of the corpse remained unconfirmed.

“Somebody died and no missing person was reported……” Gu Xizhou could feel a headache coming on.
Could it really be a case of off-site corpse dumping? 

Gu Xizhou had just been puzzling through it for a short while when he heard somebody knocking on the door.
It was Xiang Yuan.

Xiang Yuan walked in, a piece of paper in one hand that he handed to Gu Xizhou and a thermos in the other, “The ticket was printed by a thermal printer.
I checked it after restoration, this ticket is from an underground car park over at Xining.”

“Oh…… it really is.” Gu Xizhou pulled the photocopied material over.
At the very top was a picture of the ticket.
That jinxing mouth Gu Ji Ji had got it right.
For two whole days, he had called everybody who had reported missing persons in the past 10 days to come for corpse identification, and not a single one of them was it!

“The deceased got lucky,” Gu Xizhou said. 

If not for the ticket, the case would really be stagnated, with nowhere to proceed.

Gu Xizhou had a call made to the car park at Xining and received confirmation that the ticket was from a black Mercedes with license plate number xxx.
Considering the high value of the clothes worn by the deceased, it could be concluded that he might be the owner of the vehicle.

“Get the traffic police to check for the car owner.”

Fang Zhi ran over and said to Gu Xizhou breathlessly, “The car owner is a female.” 

“The car owner: Feng Tian, female, 31 years old, divorced……”

“She’s not married?” Gu Xizhou asked, “What about her ex-husband?”

Fang Zhi frowned, “Her ex-husband has been dead for 7 years.”

“Seven years?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“How did he die?” 

“It was a car accident, the car ignited.
She received nearly one million in compensation, and in the 7 years since her ex-husband died she’s opened a total of 5 stores in various major shopping malls.
She didn’t remarry in these 7 years though.”

“Can you reach her?”


Fang Zhi nodded, “I’ve got her registered number.
Shall I call now?”

Gu Xizhou shook his head, “I think the situation is a little complicated.
Contact the police in Xining first and get her residence.
We’ll go there directly.” 

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“Alright,” Fang Zhi paused, “I’m going with Gu Ge this time too?”

“Yes, if you go with me you can see your sister on the way,” Gu Xizhou shrugged, “Pack up, we’re driving there in the afternoon.”


As he said, Gu Xizhou took Fang Zhi along, driving at lightning speed for nearly three hours before they got to the police station in Xining.
The first person they saw there was Song Qian, whom they’d met in the peddler case the last time. 

“And so we meet again.” The two shook hands and Song Qian said blandly, “Get in the car first, I’ll take you guys over.
She lives in a villa in this area.”

Gu Xizhou nodded, “That works.”

It was already 3 in the afternoon when the car stopped in front of the villa.
Gu Xizhou had eaten some bread and milk in the car, and the few of them knocked on the door.

The lady who answered the door was a little shocked to see the police there.
She leaned against the door and asked carefully, “Hello…… how might I help you?” 

Mature, beautiful, sexy, good-looking and hot, even Gu Xizhou was surprised that such a beautiful woman had remained single for 7 years for her late ex-husband.

“Hello, would you be the owner of a car with the license plate number xxx Feng Tian?”

The lady nodded, “Yes.”

“We’d like to ask you about some things, could we speak inside?” Song Qian stepped forward and said, flashing his police ID. 

Feng Tian stepped back to let Song Qian, Gu Xizhou and company through the door.

The five of them went in and looked around.

There were lots of children’s toys, a toy horse and a crib.

“There’s nobody else at home.
Please, have a seat,” Feng Tian said softly as she took a few glasses of water out of the refrigerator and set them on the table. 

Hearing this, Gu Xizhou was slightly stunned.
He grabbed a plush toy next to him and asked casually, “Does this toy belong to your child? I recall that your record states that you’re widowed though.”

Feng Tian was stunned for a moment and shook her head.
She said bitterly, “No, it’s not my child’s…… I never remarried since my ex-husband passed.”


“Pardon me if I ask then, but what are these toys all over your house for?” Gu Xizhou asked.

Feng Tian answered, “Just to look at…… Could be useful in the future……” 

Gu Xizhou nodded.
He had carefully examined the plush toy just now, some parts of the fur had been tugged off, not too long ago, quite recently actually.
The lady did not seem like the type to pull plush toys for fun, and there were even saliva marks on the toy.

She was lying.

Glacestorm: So what does she want to hide? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out!

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