t seem like a pervert this way.
You look very handsome, rich too.
If you like Miss Feng, please be more normal, okay?”

Gu Xizhou, “Uh…… that makes sense.” 

“Then don’t stay at the entrance, will you?” The security guard looked at him as if he were a pervert.

Gu Xizhou, “…… sure, I’ll drive away right now.”

Making a U-turn in front of the three security guards, Gu Xizhou finally drove away.
He had just been on the road for a short while when suddenly the three people in the backseat burst out laughing at the same time.

“Hahahahaha, I can’t help it anymore, I’m dying of laughter! Captain Gu being treated as a pervert, hahahaha……” Song Qian laughed so hard his stomach hurt.

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Although the other two did not smile, Gu Xizhou saw that they were both holding back.
The corners of their mouths had cracked, and they were barely holding back their grins.


Song Qian leaned over and said to his assistant and Fang Zhi beside him, “Did you see that security guard’s expression just now? It was so entertaining, with disdain written all over his face.
I can even translate the meaning of that expression for him.”

Gu Xizhou cast him a sidelong glance, “What does it mean?” 

Song Qian spoke full of emotion, as if he were that security guard himself, “Oh my God, how can there be such an idiot, stalking someone if he likes them, as if afraid he won’t be treated as a pervert.
If he could woo a girl like that, that girl must have holes in her brain.”

Gu Xizhou, “……”

“Why don’t you go speak xiangsheng?”

Having been chided, Song Qian stopped joking around.
He changed the topic, saying, “My people are already watching the entrance of the residential district.
What do we do now?” 

Gu Xizhou gave him a look, “Get your people at the bureau to retrieve the information of Feng Tian’s ex-husband and check the residence of his relatives.
We’ll go there.”

“Okay, I’ll make the call now,” Song Qian nodded, and determined the place where Feng Tian’s ex-husband’s parents lived in about 20 minutes.

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, “This is interesting.
The ex-husband is dead and the ex-husband’s brother is missing.”

Feng Tian’s ex-husband was a Xining native, so it did not take long for them to see her ex-husband’s parents, a couple of nearly 60. 

“Greetings officers, is there…… anything we can do for you?” The old lady set the garbage in her hands on the doorstep and asked carefully, leaning against the door.
She seemed a little surprised at the appearance of Gu Xizhou and company.

“Hello.” Gu Xizhou tried his best to soften his expression and said in a soft voice, “We’d like to find out more about your sons.
We found a body that may be the second son Zhao Qiang you reported missing.”

The old lady hastily waved a hand again and again, and said in the local dialect, “Impossible, impossible.
That’s definitely not our son, you’ve got it wrong.”

“It’s not necessarily so, we’re just making sure.
Do you recognise these clothes?” Gu Xizhou took out the photos of the clothes and passed them to the old lady. 

The old lady held the photograph up far away and was just about to study/examine/inspect it, when a greying old man came out of the house, snatched the photograph away and slapped it onto Gu Xizhou, saying, “Take it, it’s not.
One dead and one missing, it’s been 7 years.
How would I know what clothes he’s wearing? I wouldn’t be able to recognise them even if you show them to us!”

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“It’s definitely not, you’ve got it wrong!”

Gu Xizhou saw that their attitude was not quite right, and tried again, “How about this? Grandpa, you give us a hair and we’ll do a DNA test on our side.
We’ll inform you after we get a confirmation.
Is that alright?”

The old man waved his hand over and over again, “No need, I don’t want to know.
I don’t want to find that bastard son!”


With that, the old man slammed the door shut.

Fang Zhi, “……” 

Song Qian sighed, “We’ve met a difficult one this time.
This old man can’t be reasoned with at all!”

In contrast, Gu Xizhou shook his head, realising that something was not quite right, “Did you notice that the old man just now was downright livid, and even disgusted when we mentioned his two sons?”

“Looks like there’s something wrong here.” Gu Xizhou put on a pair of gloves and squatted down, rummaging through the garbage.
Soon he found two cigarette butts and put them in a plastic bag.
“Get the forensics department to check if the deceased has any blood relation to this elderly couple.”


At supper time, the party got something to eat outside, and Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi simply stayed the night at the Xining hostel.

The next day, it did not take long before the forensics department answered Gu Xizhou’s question.

The received report confirmed that there was a Y chromosome identical to that of the deceased——a father-son relationship.

Glacestorm: What happened between the deceased and his parents? What made his elderly father so angry to even hear about him? How does Feng Tian come into all of this? Short chapter this week, but please look forward to the ultra-long chapter coming up next week! Much will be revealed then! 

I’m also changing my release schedule from 3 to 4pm (GMT+8) because I realised I like translator’s notes more than I’d thought.
Hope you guys like them just as much! Chinese culture is very fun~

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