Chapter 05 — Am I really that scary?

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A gust of wind blew by the window causing it to rattle.
The sound echoed through the quiet corridor, there wasn’t a shadow of anyone present let alone voices.

After a short discussion, Gu Xizhou basically understood the situation of Ma Yu and his group’s dorm.

Because of the death condition, the people in his dorm have already been deprived of four days of sleep, it wasn’t clear who it was but someone couldn’t hold up anymore and fell asleep, hence dragging everyone along into the dream.

Walking through the corridor, the three of them heard the low sound of talking coming from an opened room.
The voices were hushed but in the quiet corridor, the three of them heard the content of the conversation clearly.

“Who is it, who fell asleep!”

“Damn it, if I find out who it is, I’ll definitely kill them!”

“Stop arguing, we’re already in the dream! What is the use of quarreling? Let’s first figure out how to live through tonight!”

“It, it didn’t chase us……”

“Is Ma Ge alright? N-nothing will happen to him right?”

Xiao Lian’s eyes were full of tears as she sobbed quietly, “After helping us, Ma Ge still hasn’t returned, could he have been caught by the ghost?”

Before, it wasn’t clear who first entered the dream causing everyone else to follow suit but the female ghost had been sitting right by her bedside, talking to her.

If it weren’t for Ma Yu throwing the ghost off the bed, yelling for everyone to wake up and get out of the room, she would’ve already been caught by the female ghost!

After Ma Ge told everyone to leave, he even stayed behind in order to lock the female ghost in the dorm room.
He stayed behind for a longer period of time than any one of them so they could run first! Xiao Lian, thinking up to this point, felt the tears gathered at the corner of her eyes dripping down onto her cheeks.

“No, Ma Ge is such a good person, he will definitely be fine!”

Outside of the room, Gu Xizhou looked at Ma Yu and was rather astonished, “ It turns out you only ran after you bought them some time.”

Si Yaoxing also dully said: “What a noble person you are.”

Ma Yu helplessly looked at the two people, saying “It’s an occupational disease.”

Gu Xi Zhou was a bit inquisitive about Ma Yu’s profession but right wasn’t a time to be idly chatting.
The three of them knocked on the half-opened door causing the people inside the room to abruptly stop talking, it became completely silent.
Gu Xizhou could hear the sound of nervous breathing from inside the room.
In an instant, the half-opened door was closed shut.

Ma Yu quickly knocked on the door and said, “It’s me, Ma Yu.”

The door opened up a slight crack and an eye peeked through the opening.
After confirming that it was Ma Yu standing outside, the person cried tears of joy.

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“Ma Ge—” The apricot eyed girl— her happiness was short-lived.
Her eyes traveled towards Gu Xizhou and her expression became dumbfounded.

Gu Xizhou put on a clear and innocent face, when paired with his faintly smiling lips he looked like the very picture of a gentle big brother that lived next door: “Hello.”

The girl that had been hugging Ma Yu was immediately frightened and hid behind Ma Yu’s back.

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Ma Yu “……”

Si Yaoxing: “……”

“Xiao Tian, don’t be afraid.” Ma Yu reassured the girl.

Ma Yu looked inside the room and did a headcount, Li He and Lu Bing were also there.
In total there were eleven people. 

We should all stay in this room to discuss what to do next and to observe the situation.
It is very easy to be caught if they were by themselves, having a companion and a helper beats being alone.

Ma Yu had just made this decision when Gu Xizhou noticed that many people were all simultaneously staring at him.

Ma Yu looked at Gu Xizhou again.
In the end, he decided to trust his own judgment as well as Si Yaoxing’s: “He’s a person, it’s just that—”

Ma Yu thought about it before adding another sentence, “He lost his memory.” 

“Is it possible for people to lose their memories in mission worlds?”

Ma Yu was silent for a moment before replying: “This is my first time seeing such a thing too.”

After hearing Ma Yu’s words, the apricot eyed girl— Xiao Tian, who had been scared into crying by Gu Xizhou many times before, evidently let out a sigh of relief.
She turned and nodded her head towards Gu Xizhou as an apology for misunderstanding him.

“No, I’m against this!” said Li He.

“Why?” asked Xiao Tian, “In a situation like this it’s only safe if everyone sticks together!”

Lu He reached out and nudged the Lu Bing by his side.
Lu Bing’s face was deathly pale, he supported himself against the wall and stared intently at Gu Xizhou while saying, “H-he really did die, you guys have to believe me, he really did die, I saw it……”

The two’s emotions were chaotic, seeing Gu Xizhou was like seeing snakes and scorpions.
They grabbed the people next to them with a face full of snot and tears, “He died, I saw it, I saw it.
Staying with him is equivalent to staying together with a ghost ah!” 

“But……”  A few male students looked in Ma Yu’s direction with some hesitation.
Ma Yu was a veteran player, they believe in his judgment but terrified looks on those two doesn’t seem to be faked.
They were evidently very afraid of this Gu Ran.

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Ma Yu remained silent, he stared at Lu Bing and Li He for a long time without saying anything.
Some traces of hesitation could be seen on him, an argument had broken out among their own ranks for the first time because of Gu Ran.

“Why don’t we just let him go by himself ba……being with him, we really can’t be of a peaceful mind.” At this moment, a male student quietly suggested this causing many people to echo his words in agreement.

Xiao Lian and the round-faced girl stared fixedly at Gu Xizhou but didn’t dare to say anything.
They didn’t really have any opinions on this matter.

However, Xiao Tian softly refuted a sentence: “But Ma Ge already said that he’s a person if it’s just because we don’t believe him and he……he dies, won’t we have a guilty conscience?”

Hearing this, the people that had wished for Gu Xizhou to leave quietly cursed a few times: “Holy Bodhisattva, we can’t even guarantee our own life, if it weren’t for Ma Ge protecting you females, we would’ve already—”

“Really don’t know what kind of bewitching potion did you guys give Ma Ge to drink, don’t know how to do anything, only know how to blah blah blah—”

“Shut up!” Ma Yu interrupted the people that were speaking, he irritatedly looked that the talking group of people causing them to immediately shut up in fear.

In this world, they still have to rely on Ma Ge.
After all, Ma Ge’s attitude towards them—these groups of newbies, could still be considered courteous and he was also willing to carry them.
As a result, they didn’t dare to anger him.

“Then let’s take a vote by a raise of hands.” said Ma Yu after a long while of wordless silent, “Gu Ran, Li He and Lu Bing, you three can not vote and neither can I.
The remaining seven people, raise your hand to vote.”

Unexpectedly, only three people raised their hands— the two male students who had been talking before and one female student.
The three saw that the other people didn’t raise their hands and became a little agitated, they looked towards the other people and questioned: “Why are you guys not raising your hand?”

Ma Yu walked into the room and casually found a place to sit down, “The result given by the voting is extremely clear.”

Unresigned, Li He and Lu Bing fiercely glared at the other people and yelled: “Wait! Those who wish for him to stay, raise your hand!”

Out of the remaining four people, only two raised their hands on of which was Si Yaoxing.
Gu Xizhou wasn’t surprised, up until now he still couldn’t see through Si Yaoxing this person. 

The other person, however, caused Gu Xizhou to be a bit surprised, it was Xiao Tian who used to be scared by him.

“Three against two! Three against two! Tell him to leave!” Li He excitingly yelled out, his enthusiasm completely genuine. 

Gu Xizhou: “……” Brother, even I sincerely feel like you’re not lying.

Ma Yu: “……”

Ma Yu somewhat awkwardly looked towards Gu Xizhou, he opened and closed his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Gu Xizhou had gleaned a lot of important info from the conversation just now—-

The string of red numbers floating in the air was the death countdown, this world was a mission world and the original host of his body was one among the many new players……

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Seeing Li He and Lu Bing’s reactions, the original host should have died in the dream world.
But the summoning array that was used to summon him, where did that come from?

Gu Xizhou had already gathered enough information, in the first place, he wasn’t afraid of that thing.
Whether he remained together with the group or acted alone by himself, it didn’t really matter to him.

Gu Xizhou glanced at Li He and Lu Bing.
Not wanting to stay any longer, he directly walked out the door and began to search for traces of the ghost.

Gu Xizhou first walked through the second floor and then headed towards the third floor.
Afterward, he went to the first floor but regretfully, he still didn’t meet it. 

Very soon, he was on the first floor.
He stood outside of room 106’s door and casually took a look inside.
He was just about to leave when he heard the voices of two young males coming from inside the room.

He stopped walking.

“Damn it, the person surnamed Si, is there something wrong with his head? The two of us are obviously human! How can we be a ghost?” said Li He quietly.

He (LH) and Lu Bing both sat on the bed with their back leaned against the wall.
They stared alertly in all four directions.
At this moment, a gust of wind blew by causing the windows to create echoing rattling noise.
The surrounding environment seems to have become even quieter.

“He’s just trying to sow seeds of discord! Fuck, he let those people vote again against us and told us to scram?!”

“He better be careful and not land in my hand, otherwise I’ll mess with him to death!”

The two swore a few times as they talked and it was only then did Gu Xizhou realize that after he left, it was unknown what Si Yaoxing had said but he had convinced the group to start a second round of voting.
The two people ended being kicked out of the group to act alone like Gu Xizhou.

“Say, that Gu Ran, what if he didn’t die? At that time I only pushed him from the back, although I saw that thing catch him and used a knife to slit his throat……but I didn’t see him breathe his last.” Li Bing hesitatingly said this in a small voice.

Li He revealed an ugly expression, “This is a possibility, let’s make sure again tomorrow.
If he’s really a person, find a way to have him sleep, have him die!”

Hearing Li He’s words, Lu Bing was no longer as fearful as before, his expression became tranquil: “What if we got the wrong person?”

“Don’t fucking pretend, are you afraid of having an extra life? If we are wrong, then whatever, it’s our bad luck.” Li He stared at Lu Bing and laughed coldly, “But if it’s really ‘him’, if I don’t kill him, even if we got out of this damned world it would be useless.
There will only be bitter days up ahead of us.”

“You’re right.” Lu Bing’s heart calmed down and he wasn’t as afraid anymore.

Outside the room by the door, Gu Xizhou heard the two’s conversation and momentarily blanked out.

The reason that those two want to kill him is because they know each other from the outside world?! But because their appearances were altered after entering the mission world, they weren’t sure if he was the one that they’re looking for.

He was deep in thought and was just preparing to walk into the room when at this moment, a black shadow appeared behind him.

“Who is it?” asked Gu Xizhou towards that black shadow.

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The shadow quickened its pace and walked a step forward.
When it saw Gu Xizhou, its footsteps became even quicker.
From the darkness, it was a young man that walked out.

“You, why are you here?” The young man said this anxiously and retreated two steps.

Gu Xizhou’s eyes curved into two crescents and a trace of a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.
Just as he was sleepy, a person, ah no, a ghost has sent a pillow.

Gu Xizhou looked at 106’s door.
The two of you, don’t blame me oh.
Since it was you guys that made the first move and killed the original host—and now you even want to kill me, don’t blame me for being discourteous.

“Li He, why are you guys here? Where’s the others?” Gu Xizhou deliberately increased the volume of his voice and called out his name.

The two people who were in the room—

Lu Bing abruptly looked towards the Li He on his left, he leaped off the bed and pushed open the door to see what’s happening.
Outside the door, he saw Li He and Gu Xizhou these two people.
He subconsciously grabbed the Li He from outside before bolting.

Lu Bing sweated profusely, he kept running and running and was even faster than a dog.
Finally, after realizing that no one was chasing after him, he hid in a storage room on the third floor.
He gasped for breath as he said to the Li He next to him: “That really scared me to death just now……I actually sat on the same bed as it! Fuck! Thank god Laozi ran fast.”

The Li He in front of him smile and asked him: “Am I really that scary?”

Lu Bing: “……”

The next morning, Gu Xizhou woke up feeling spirited and refreshed.
He ate breakfast and directly headed for class.

Lu Bing was already in the classroom.
Like yesterday’s Xiang Xiaoxiao, upon seeing Gu Xizhou, Lu Bing pushed open the window.
He turned to look at Gu Xizhou, his lips revealing an unsettling smile.

The other people in the room felt a shiver all over their body after seeing this smile but Gu Xizhou this mother f*ucker, actually returned the smile. 

Gu Xizhou: “Yesterday, thank you.”

‘It’: “……”

Gu Xizhou: “Going to jump ya? You continue, I wouldn’t want to delay you now.”

‘It’: “……”


XIAOTING: Welp, bye-bye Lu Bing.
(Light a candle for him…)

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