quite simple.
That child had been trapped in the water the whole time.
Despite believing that those trapped in the chalk outline would die and those who were ‘it’ would die, he never wanted to kill anyone.”

Si Yu sighed, “Yes, he slipped and fell into the pool, and he was only a child.
He didn’t want to harm anyone.
Because of his mother, he couldn’t leave, so he became a ghost.” 

He remembered seeing Ding Han before his death, sitting in the classroom and talking to the pretty little girl.
He could run, jump, and walk.
He spoke with a childish tone that was especially cute.
After a short silence, Gu Xizhou nodded.

Beside them, Fang Zhi listened to the two speak.
He thought of Ding Han’s last words to his mother and recalled his own mother lost to illness.
He thought he’d finished grieving his mother a long time ago, but unexpectedly the scene evoked his memories of the past.
For a little while, his chest was stuffy, and his heart ached.

“Are you all right, ba?” Gu Xizhou said.

Fang Zhi shook his head.
His eyes were red, and he couldn’t speak. 

A moment later–

“Actually, there was another setting in that world.” Si Yu mentioned drily.
“On the first day, when we took the bus, you drove away that pervert.
Therefore, the woman didn’t have to get off the bus because of him.
In the next few days, she showed up at the gate as usual.”


Gu Xizhou reached out and picked up the coffee on the table.
He was silent for a moment before asking, “If that’s the case, what would have happened if we hadn’t interfered?”

Si Yu said indifferently, “Then she might not have appeared at the school gate at all.” 

Fang Zhi gulped and asked, “Then, once we found that child… he would have…”

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Si Yu raised his eyebrows, speaking carelessly: “He probably would have gone berserk, ba.”

Fang Zhi: Sudden fear.

Gu Xizhou: “……” Fortunately, he helped the woman.
Otherwise, he would have had to viciously beat the pitiful little ghost in the middle of the street. 

After Gu Xizhou confirmed Si Yu was alright, he ate lunch and sat down for a while.
Then, Gu Xizhou drove Fang Zhi straight home.

When the car was about to reach Fang Zhi’s house, he pointed at a corner outside and said to Gu Xizhou, “Gu Ge, you can drop me off there.
I want to walk.”

“Oh, okay.” Gu Xizhou acquiesced with a nod, staying silent.
Afterward, he drove his damaged Land Rover to the repair shop.

As he drove into the shop, Gu Xizhou felt the employees’ eyes were shining as they watched his car. 

“Sir, this car will cost tens of thousands to repair!”

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“Tens of thousands? It’s so expensive?”

The worker laughed, hehe, “Sir, what’s the price? The top configuration of this Land Rover you drive is almost three million.
Isn’t it normal to cost tens of thousands for repair?”

“Wait, this car costs three million?” Gu Xizhou asked anxiously, raising his eyebrows and grabbing onto the shop worker in front of him. 

The mechanic nodded firmly at Gu Xizhou and said, “I’m sure.
All the cars we repair here are high-end models.
I’ve repaired a lot of cars like yours.
I’m sure I wouldn’t make a mistake!”

“Sir, does this car belong to someone at home? You don’t even know the price?”

Gu Xizhou nodded helplessly, bewildered.
He looked down and fished out his cellphone to search.

Gu Xizhou’s finger streaked across the cell phone screen.
He compared his damaged car with the full Land Rover specs for a moment.
They were exactly the same. 

Gu Xizhou: …….

Then, the rich second generation who failed to recognize the car’s value– was him… He’s the one who failed to admit his mistake!


Originally, he thought Gu Ji Ji’s car would cost a maximum of thirty or forty thousand.
He absolutely didn’t expect the car to actually cost three million!

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He recalled Si Yu’s previous words. “I don’t drive cars in that price range.” Gu Xizhou suddenly wanted to kill the local tyrant.
This was a three million dollar car, and he was unwilling to drive it! Alright, you can drive a plane! A one hundred million one, go out and be all flashy. 

Gu Xizhou left the 4S store and went straight home.
He shoved open the door forcefully, and it banged against the wall.

Gu Xizhou closed the door behind him and locked it.
He marched inside and sat on the sofa.
Although he couldn’t see anyone, he guessed that Gu Ji Ji was now sitting beside him.

“Gu Ji Ji… It’s said that ordinary renters have a monthly income of 10,000 in dead wages on average.
Why do you drive a car worth three million?!”

The pen on the desk hesitated for a moment and wrote– what car worth three million? 

“Don’t play dumb! Today, the car got hit, and I took it to a repair shop.
The shop mechanics have seen so many cars, they definitely won’t be mistaken.
Don’t think you can deceive me!”

Gu Ji Ji: En… That car is what I sold my house to buy.”

Gu Xizhou: “Are you taking me as a fool…”

Gu Ji Ji: I am. 

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Gu Xizhou: “I don’t believe you.
You’re definitely a local tyrant, Ji Ji!”

Gu Ji Ji: Hehe, believe it or don’t.

After a short silence, Gu Xizhou saw that Gu Ji Ji was ignoring him.
Gu Xizhou looked around and saw nothing.
Finally, weary and tired to death, he sat on his bed, disheartened. 

As Gu Xizhou was sitting on the bed and feeling down, his head was suddenly rubbed by someone.

Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment, then he asked the owner of the hand: “Did you really buy the car after selling your house?”

Gu Ji Ji: Yes.

Gu Xizhou: “……” 

There was a note put into the palm of his hand, and written on it was– Go to work steadily, behave with diligence and integrity, and don’t have such an active imagination.

The author has something to say: Gu Ji Ji: That’s right, yo, I fooled you ╭(╯^╰)╮

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