Ch6 – Who Are You?

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Ma Yu swallowed his saliva.
If it weren’t for Gu Ran’s failure to meet the death conditions, he believed that “it” would be tearing Gu Ran apart right now.


Ma Yu: “…”




“Kuang-dang!” After a loud noise, Gu Xizhou stuck his head out to look at the bloody and fleshy corpse below.
His face was entirely calm. 


Gu Xizhou looked back and saw Ma Yu and the others staring at him in unison. 



“He, he’s the ghost!” Li He pointed to Gu Xizhou and the people beside him who had the same occupation, and felt like he was having a mental breakdown.



Gu Xizhou looked at him for a while, before turning to Ma Yu, and said with a face full of pity: “Actually, I’m really pretty scared.
I’m not a ghost, he’s blindly accusing me!”


Ma Yu: “… I believe it… really.”



Si Yaoxing glanced at Gu Xizhou, found his expressionless face couldn’t quite resist the urge, and smiled. 


The bell for class rang.
Ma Yu sat in the back row, eyeing Gu Xizhou who was sitting on the left, and thought: if this person wasn’t a ghost, then he was simply too brave! But… before he had lost his memory, he also had been very courageous, and refused to believe in ghosts or gods. 


After Li He suffered through the experience of last night, his entire body was afraid and trembling.
His heart was full of worry and he kept staring at Gu Xizhou’s back.


Si Yaoxing sat next to Gu Xizhou and glanced at Gu Xizhou.
“Your luck isn’t bad, if I didn’t guess wrongly, it actually went to find you last night.
Lu Bing must be really unlucky, actually catching it.
You aren’t…”


Gu Xizhou heard Si Yaoxing’s suspicions and directly denied it three times: I’m not, I didn’t, don’t blindly accuse people!



Si Yaoxing: “… forget it, you don’t have to explain.”


After class, Gu Xizhou went with Ma Yu and the rest to eat in the cafeteria.
Everyone didn’t immediately sit down, as if waiting for Gu Xizhou to choose a seat first. 


Gu Xizhou thought a little, and carried his meal to randomly sit down somewhere.
Everyone immediately sat down.
Since yesterday involved the death of a certain Lu Bing, there were only ten people left to complete the task.
The cafeteria tables could sit four people each, and in order to not sit at Gu Xizhou’s table, everyone ferociously rushed to occupy a seat at a speed faster than an auntie on public transport. 


Si Yaoxing ended up saying understandingly: “No need to fight, I’ll sit with him.”


Ma Yu gave Si Yaoxing an embarrassed look. 


Si Yaoxing sat opposite Gu Xizhou, and quietly ate the food on his plate.


After eating, Gu Xizhou raised his head and noticed Si Yaoxing’s ears were sticking up, like a standing marmot.
That dynamic picture was one Gu Xizhou had seen on Si Yaoxing’s phone. 

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Gu Xizhou: “What’s wrong?”


Si Yaoxing’s index finger rested on his thin lips, and he made a silent movement.


At an adjacent table, four unknown students were quietly talking.
Gu Xizhou realised that Si Yaoxing was eavesdropping, and he also raised his own little ears.



“Xiang Xiaoxiao died yesterday, did you know about it?”


“The day before she died, she said Lin Yuan was coming back to take revenge, and then immediately jumped to kill herself the next day.
Do you think it’s really Lin Yuan ah?”


“What- what sort of revenge is she coming to take? Isn’t the guy who raped her already dead?”


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Gu Xizhou: “Don’t you already know all of this?”


Si Yaoxing faintly said: “What we know is not necessarily the truth.”


As they spoke, Gu Xizhou saw Si Yaoxing carry his tray and walk over to the students who were just speaking.
The plate in his hand trembled slightly, and the oil in the plate dripped onto the girl’s clothes.
Si Yaoxing immediately pretended to apologise to her.


The girl was originally incredibly angry, but once she saw Si Yaoxing’s face, the anger on her face disappeared. 



Gu Xizhou: “…”


Ma Yu: “…” I may have been blinded just now.



Walking out of the cafeteria, Ma Yu had a strange expression on his face as he gave Si Yaoxing a thumbs up. 


There are only two ways to leave a mission world.
The first way is to kill “it”.
The second way is to fulfil the wish held by “it”. 


In this mission world, because the person who had raped “her” was already long dead, he had always wondered what “her” dying wish was.
If it was to kill everyone who had said things behind “her” back, then the number of people who had to die was seriously way too high.


Not in line with the style of the mission world.

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After Si Yaoxing indirectly inquired about the situation for a long time, the girl finally opened her mouth, and they received a vital piece of information!


Ma Yu sorted out the information received, and said with some frustration: “Since the boy who jumped off the building may not be the one who raped ‘her’, then who exactly was the one who raped ‘her’? There’s still no proper outline of the problem!”


Right at the crowd was clueless and directionless, Gu Xizhou ”woke “Then we should investigate the boy who jumped.
He was taken away by the police because of the rape case, so even if he isn’t the person, he must have known something, else the police wouldn’t have gone to find him, right?”



Ma Yu froze for a moment, and slapped his thigh.
“Yes, why didn’t I think of that! This brain of mind, became stupid the moment I became a player.
So many years of investigations, I might as well not have investigated at all!”


“Ma Ge, so you were a policeman? No wonder you were so good at taking care of us!”


Xiao Lian blurted out beside him.


A few girls had stars in their eyes, and it seemed that Ma Ge had become more great and noble.


Gu Xizhou wasn’t sure if it was his own hallucination, but when Xiao Lian mentioned the word ‘police’, Li He’s expression seemed to tense up a bit.


Ma Yu smiled helplessly, and didn’t feel uneasy about revealing his identity as a police officer.
He interrupted a few girls and took some guys to the evening self-study classroom to find people who had heard about the incident with the boy who had committed suicide.


“No, he’s been dead for so long, what are you asking about him for?” The student treated the boy’s death as a little less taboo than the death of “Lin Yuan”, and seemed more hateful than anything else.


Gu Xizhou: “Oh, nothing much, just curious.
Right, where did he sit?”


The student pointed at the table right at the back and said: “Right there.
After he died, his parents didn’t come to clear his table, and other students weren’t willing to sit at his place, so it’s just been left empty.”


Before Gu Xizhou could move, Ma Yu hurriedly ran over to get everything out of the drawer, taking out the contents one by one.
It was all Year 3 exercise books, examination papers and the like.



Gu Xizhou took a look, and quietly commented: “His grades are quite good.”


Ma Yu: “…” Is that the point?!


The student at the side overheard, and sneered: “No, before the incident, he was actually the representative of our English class.
His grades were good, and he studied hard, and he was the teacher’s favourite baby.
Who knew he was secretly hiding this side of him.”


Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but think of the picture of female teacher slapping Xiang Xiaoxiao.
Not only did he think of it, other people thought of it as well!


After they left the classroom, a few of them snuck into the Year 3 teacher’s office, and after searching for a while, they finally found the English teacher’s desk. 


Flipping through some papers, Gu Xizhou found the English teacher’s name roster.
The name of the first person on the roster was crossed out three times.
The name was Zhou Liu.
There was also a result book behind the roster, and it was unsurprising that Zhou Liu had good grades, scoring around 140 for every English examination.
This should be the person they were looking for. 


They rummaged around again, and found an English diary that belonged to Zhou Liu. 

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Ma Yu held Zhou Liu’s English diary, and said helplessly: “I’ve never learned it ah…”


Si Yaoxing: “I, first and only language is Chinese.”


Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes at Si Yaoxing.
As if he’d believe him! “I left English behind a hundred years ago, I don’t know how to read it!”



It’s really been a hundred years, Gu Xizhou added silently in his heart.


At this time, Xiao Tian stepped forward and took the English diary in Ma Yu’s hand.
“I am an English major.”


After someone translated, Gu Xizhou and the rest finally understood the contents of the diary–


“Today I’m in Year 3, I’ll definitely work hard! I won’t let down my parents’ expectations of me…”


“A glass to respect the future, a glass to respect the past, I won’t let myself down! Work hard!”



After reading the contents of the diary, several people were silent for a moment.


Without the girl and the diary, they may have continued to believe this boy was a rapist.
But after looking at this diary, it was difficult for them to connect such a positive person to that kind of person. 


Of course, they couldn’t rule out the possibility that this diary was written for the English teacher to see. 


There was no information about his cause of death in the English diary, and there was nothing about “her”. 



Gu Xizhou thought about it for a while, and didn’t glean any sort of useful information, so a few of them decided to return to their dorms before discussing it further. 



Ma Yu settled the others first.
When he walked into Room 106, Gu Xizhou was playing games on Si Yaoxing’s phone, and even hummed a few times from how much fun he was having.


Ma Yu took this in, and asked the Si Yaoxing who was lying on another bed: “You two are going to sleep today?”


Si Yaoxing: “En.”


Ma Yu: “…”


These two people napped for so long, but didn’t sleep enough…?


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“Okay, then you be careful.” Ma Yu said loudly.
“No one’s going to accompany you tonight.”


“Got it, Police Uncle.” Si Yaoxing waved his hand.


After Ma Yu returned to his room, he saw Li He, who looked like a bow-struck bird after Lu Bing’s death, and hesitated for a moment.
Thinking of what happened last night, he helplessly attempted to comfort him: “Don’t think about what happened to Lu Bing.
The life obtained in the mission world was borrowed from Heaven.
He just failed to borrow it.”



Li He nodded stiffly, taking out a cigarette from somewhere.
After lighting it for a while, he suddenly turned back to Ma Yu: “Ma Ge, can you accompany me to the toilet? I’m afraid to go alone.”


Ma Yu agreed without hesitation.
At the toilet entrance, Li He handed a cigarette to Ma Yu.
“Ma Ge, you can smoked out here and wait for me, I’ll be done soon.


“Okay.” Ma Yu took the cigarette.
After Li He went in, he took out the lighter in his bag and lit the cigarette, then slowly inhaled and blew out smoke in an experienced way.


The Gu Xizhou in Room 106 waited for Ma Yu to leave before continuing to play on the phone, but the phone alarm suddenly rang.


“It’s my alarm for sleep,” Si Yaoxing explained simply, and turned to look at Gu Xizhou again, asking, “Do you want to sleep with the lights off?”


Gu Xizhou nodded intensely, and handed the phone back to Si Yaoxing, lying in bed to coax himself into drowsiness.


After a while, in the midst of his dazed state, Gu Xizhou heard a few noises.
The wind blew gently against the branches outside, making the night exceptionally quiet.


“Get up.” Si Yaoxing patted Gu Xizhou, calling him up. 


“Are we in the dreamscape?” Gu Xizhou didn’t feel any danger and asked casually.


Si Yaoxing nodded in reply to Gu Xizhou’s question, before wearing a jacket and saying, “Come with me to 308 to take a look.”





308 was Zhou Liu’s dorm number, and Gu Xizhou agreed without hesitation.


Gu Xizhou wore his clothes and went out to take a look.
Sure enough, as Si Yaoxiang had said, they had already entered the dreamscape.
The corridor was completely black and all the lights weren’t lit.
They could only borrow the faint moonlight to squint at the road ahead.
Before Gu Xizhou left, he turned to look at the Room 105 next to theirs. 


The door was shut tightly. 


The people next door, were staying up for their life tonight again. 


The wind outside hummed against the glass.
The two of them walked up three floors.
Although the door of Room 308 was closed, it didn’t seem to be locked.
Gu Xizhou gently pushed the door, and the door opened with a squeak. 


There was a boy sitting in the room.
He suddenly saw the two strangers who had broken in, and with a dumbfounded expression on his face, asked: “You, who are you?”

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