think I killed someone, you have to find evidence, right?”

“In any case, I won’t confess!”

“Evidence? Well, don’t think you’re free if you don’t confess now.
Your nervous expression already betrayed you,” said Gu Xizhou, raising his eyebrows.
After that, he left the interrogation room with Fang Zhi. 

By this time, Xiang Yuan had already rushed over from home.
When he saw Gu Xizhou, he fished a cigarette out from his pockets and handed it to him.
Gu Xizhou waved a hand and said, “Quit.”

“For real? You’re not sneakily whipping them out at home, ba?” Xiang Yuan didn’t lift his head, taking out a lighter to ignite his cigarette before taking a very slow draw.

“You say you drink jujube juice and soak in wolfberry every day to maintain your health, then you turn around and smoke.
Aren’t you interesting?”

Xiang Yuan glared at him.
“Every day, I dissect dead bodies.
Aren’t I under a lot of pressure?” 

After smoking half the cigarette, Xiang Yuan said, “The good news is the DNA has been extracted.
The bad news is that there’s no body and the cause of death hasn’t been confirmed.”

“En.” Gu Xizhou nodded.
“I didn’t expect that arresting a few robbers would also unearth a homicide.”

Xiang Yuan patted his shoulder and said, “Isn’t that good? Otherwise, no one would have found the deceased, and the two robbers can be considered to have gathered merit for good deeds.”

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“You’re a forensic investigator, and you still believe in accumulating merit for good deeds?” Gu Xizhou laughed.
“Then, are you not worried that after dissecting corpses every day, the dead will come back to find you?” 

“That’s different! Naturally, I dissect corpses in order to provide you with a complete chain of evidence.
Without a forensic investigator, what kind of cases do you think you could solve?”

“Yes yes yes.
Without you, we’re useless.” Gu Xizhou  brushed him off with a single sentence of praise and turned to Fang Zhi beside him and said, “Oh, that’s right.
Fang Zhi, please check whether there were any headless corpses found, especially in winter before the new year.
The deceased should have died then.”

Fang Zhi: “Yes!”

Gu Xizhou went back and returned just in time to hear a voice coming from the monitor—— 

“I really didn’t kill anyone! No matter what you say, I didn’t kill anyone! I don’t care.
I answered all of your questions; I don’t know anything.
I hope the police return my innocence!”

Zhou Yiguang said shamelessly.


Gu Xizhou watched for a while and said, “This man is a little hard to deal with.
Let’s detain him for now and talk again later.”

“Fang Zhi, you have someone investigate his interpersonal relationships.
Tomorrow, we’ll gather at Zhou Yiguang’s neighborhood district and visit again.” 

“Okay, Gu Ge!”

After he finished his instructions, Gu Xizhou stayed in the police department for a while before he took the information Fang Zhi had organized and took a taxi directly home.

Gu Xizhou went inside and threw the information on the table.
He lay down on the sofa and slouched, grumbling, “God, why do you policemen work so hard, ah? I’m dying.”

Gu Ji Ji: …… 

Gu Ji Ji grabbed the materials on top of the table and looked at them for a while.

The pencil wrote down a few neat and sharp characters on a piece of paper: There was no headless corpse in Ningqing last year.

Gu Xizhou: “You remember all this?”

Gu Ji Ji ignored his question and wrote: How was the head discovered? 

Gu Xizhou heard him from his reclined position on the sofa and started to speak.
“This morning, I met two burglars who fearlessly robbed someone in front of the police station.
They snatched the bag of a middle aged woman that had 50,000 in it- a huge sum for a robbery.
Then, the two men cried and made a fuss about a reduced sentence.
While they were drinking, they heard this tea shop proprietor Zhou Yiguang brag about his own murder.
Then they reported Zhou Yiguang as a murderer.”

“They claimed there was a head inside a cement block.
What could I do? I was forced to run over and see for myself if there really was a head.”

After Gu Xizhou finished speaking, another line appeared in the book: Were you the one who gave the order?

Gu Xizhou let out an “en” unwillingly. 

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Gu Ji Ji: The weak chicken demonic cultivator has improved.

“……” Gu Xizhou looked at Gu Ji Ji’s words and rolled his eyes.
He said, “I think you treat me like a primary school student, don’t you? Do you think if you praise me, I’ll be just as happy as a schoolchild?”

Gu Ji Ji ignored his grumbling and picked up the case materials to annotate them—— The body? Murder weapon?

Several huge unsolved factors were missing in the information. 

Early in the morning, Gu Xizhou took the well annotated materials from home and sat in a taxi to look over Gu Ji Ji’s notes.
The most vital part of this case was confirming the identity of the deceased.
The second most vital part was to find the body and the murder weapon.
The last two were evidence, and confirming the identity was crucial.

When Gu Xizhou arrived at the neighborhood gate, Fang Zhi was already there.
He waved to Gu Xizhou.
“Gu Ge!”


“First, let’s have breakfast.” Gu Xizhou led Fang Zhi to eat at a baozi store near the district’s gate.
Both of them wore casual clothes.
Because it was rush hour for the baozi store, the tables were all filled with people.

“Did you hear? Someone’s head was found in the neighborhood next door!” 

“There shouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t know, ba.
It’s long been spread everywhere! Did Zhou Yiguang really dare to kill someone, ah?”

Gu Xizhou pretended to look curious about the two men’s gossip and joined the conversation.
“Someone’s head? What about the body?”

One of the men was tall and thin, dressed in a black-sleeved shirt with a bizarre potbelly.
He sized up Gu Xizhou and gossiped, “Isn’t that right? In the neighborhood next door, they found a head inside the parasol’s cement block at that tea shop proprietor’s place.
It’s said that the body is still inside the walls of his house!”

This kind of rumor spread… Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi looked at each other.
Gu Xizhou turned back and said, “In the end, what kind of man is Zhou Yiguang? How could he be so ruthless?” 

The tall and thin man glanced around and lowered his voice to a whisper.
“Although I live next door, sometimes I go to his shop to drink tea and play mahjong.
In fact, that proprietor is very good.
He’s especially filial to his parents.”

“They say his father’s been paralyzed for more than ten years! Zhou Yiguang always stayed home to look after him.
Originally, he was a supervisor at a construction site.
In order to take care of his dad, he resigned and opened a tea shop in the neighborhood.

“Everyone in the neighborhood thinks he’s pitiful for having to take care of his father, so no one reported him to the police.
Otherwise, see who else dares to open a tea shop in our neighborhood, ah! Before, my jealous neighbor snitched on me to the district committee!”

Gu Xizhou continued to ask, “What about his mother?” 

“His mother, ah… I seem to remember it was last year, ba.
Last year, she died.
Those days, I originally wanted to go play mahjong, but he wasn’t open.

“Was it winter vacation last year?”

“It should be, ba.
I don’t remember too clearly.
Anyway, his mom died of illness last year.
Apparently, there wasn’t enough money for treatment.” The man sighed.
“You could say he’s had bad luck this life.
His father was paralyzed when he was at the age of marriage, and no one wanted to marry him.
In order to take care of his father, he stayed home every day to wait upon him.
He’s wasted his whole life.”

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows.
Yesterday, when they cordoned off the tea shop, they didn’t see Zhou Yiguang’s father inside.
He couldn’t help but feel apprehensive, and he asked, “Then where is his father now?” 

“He died last year, too.
Not long after his mother died of illness, his father followed.
I heard… it was a hunger strike.” The tall, thin man lowered his voice until it was almost inaudible as he spoke to Gu Xizhou.

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