Ch62 – Photoshopped Picture

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Seeing Gu Xizhou not speaking, Xiang Yuan laughed and patted his shoulder, saying, “You can go back and sleep.
I’ll call you when the evaluation is finished.”


Returning to the office, Gu Xizhou took out the cot Gu Ji Ji kept in the office and lay down on it.
Lost in thought, he fell asleep in a daze.




When Gu Xizhou was half-awake and half-asleep, he heard the sound of the door opening.

“Lao Gu, wake up.” 

Xiang Yuan saw Gu Xizhou wake up and put the bag of information in his hand on the bed.
He said, “The evaluation results have come out, and the evidence chain has been completed for you.”


Gu Xizhou sat up on the bed while he flipped through the information.
Standing up, he put on his shoes and opened the office door.
He raised his hand to Xiang Yuan and said, “Thanks.”

With a complete chain of evidence, the case was settled.
Gu Xizhou drove a few female coworkers from the office home without much trouble.
The whole way back, the coworkers were discussing today’s case.

With this, his female coworkers’ conversation topic became crooked.


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“Team Leader Gu, if you see us women to our homes in the evening like this, will your girlfriend mind?” one short-haired coworker asked softly.

“Impossible,” Gu Xizhou laughed.
“Do I look like a man with a girlfriend, ba?”

“Our police department is so understaffed we’re using women as men and using men as animals.
Who’s got time for dating?


“Exactly, exactly.
Look at my face, I always have acne, and my hormones are unbalanced.

“Team Leader Gu, when do you plan to find a partner, ah?” one of the women gossiped.

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Gu Xizhou shook his head and said, “It’s not urgent.”

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Gu Ji Ji was looking through the information and didn’t feel like paying attention to him.
He just calmly looked over the case file for a while.
Finally, he put the information in his hand on the table and silently sat in a chair.

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows and began to blow dry his hair.
Suddenly, his cellphone rang, and Gu Xizhou’s heart jumped.

It’s unlikely, right?

Another dead person? 

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He didn’t want to work overtime right now!

The desk inside the room was knocked on.
Gu Xizhou couldn’t see anyone, but he knew it was Gu Ji Ji, who moved faster than he did to the phone on the bedside table.


Gu Xizhou’s face twisted.
Fortunately, Gu Ji Ji picked up the cell phone and looked at it for a while before, unexpectedly, he put it down and didn’t drive him out of the house.

“What’s the news?” 

Gu Ji Ji ignored him.

Gu Xizhou turned on the cell phone to look at it.
As it turned out, it was just a female coworker contacting him on WeChat to thank him for bringing them home.
Gu Xizhou relaxed with a breath.

When he finished drying his hair, Gu Xizhou wanted to continue to play on his phone in bed, but who would have imagined that as soon as he turned off the lights and curled up in bed with it, the bright cell phone was snatched by Gu Ji Ji!”

“What are you doing!” Gu Xizhou was furious! 

Gu Ji Ji didn’t care about his mood, taking the cell phone out of the bedroom and not giving him a chance to touch it at all.
Gu Xizhou determined that the probability of snatching it back from Gu Ji Ji’s hands was too low and finally gave up the struggle and lay down in bed.
Maybe because he was too tired for the last few days, he fell asleep very quickly.

Note: Weak chicken demonic cultivator, go to sleep properly.
Staying up late is bad for the body; beware of sudden death.

Several days later——

Whenever Gu Xizhou came to Si Yu’s mansion, he always felt a little dazzled.
It was a bit awkward to see Si Yu currently because of the previous case.
The construction company under Si Yu’s banner was at the top of every newspaper in Ningqing. 

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“Can you still sell the apartments in Shallow Water Garden? You’re not going to go bankrupt, right?”

Gu Xizhou asked two questions one after the other.

Si Yu shook his head and said carelessly, “I only invested a bit of money in that construction company.”

“A bit of money?” 

In any case, it’s not much,” Si Yu said indifferently.

Gu Xizhou looked stupefied.
For Si Yu, investing in a construction company is actually just a bit of money.
Gu Xizhou began to feel jealous.

Outside, the sun was shining and the cicadas were crying.
The air conditioning blew him from head to toe, feeling especially comfortable, so much so that he felt a little drowsy.

“In the end, how much money do you actually have?” Gu Xizhou asked in a whisper. 

Si Yu glanced at him and said, “Not telling you.”

Gu Xizhou wanted to nag a bit more, but he found that their time in the air was about to reach the last second.
He was forced to abandon his gossipy heart and grab Si Yu and Fang Zhi’s hands.


After a short period of unconsciousness, Gu Xizhou opened his eyes again.
They were standing on a spacious avenue.
He looked around carefully.
This should be a school.

They walked along the road to the front of the school building.
By now, people had already gathered in twos and threes.
When Gu Xizhou and the others showed up, they immediately attracted the others’ attention. 

“Hello everyone.
My name is Gu Ran.”

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“Si Yaoxing.”

“Fang Yuan.”

The three reported their pseudonyms, and several others also gave their names.
Gu Xizhou swept his eyes over them.
There were 12 people altogether who were participating in this next mission.
The number was somewhat large. 

The only good news was that in this next mission world, there were three newcomers.
They looked pale, but they were still calm.
They didn’t cry or call out for their parents, and they didn’t lose their minds or refuse to accept what was happening.
It could be considered a good start.

“Have you discovered anything?” Gu Xizhou looked around and asked the most reliable looking companion.

Cheng Yue shook his head and pointed at the flagpole ahead of them, saying, “We haven’t found anything.
We can only be sure that this is probably a school.
It seems that it’s now on holiday.
There’s no one inside the school.”

As they were whispering together, a woman suddenly appeared. 

She was approximately 170 cm tall, and she wore flat shoes.
She had a head full of black wavy hair, setting off her fair wrist, which gave her a somewhat graceful bearing.

When Gu Xizhou and the others saw her, she turned pale and cried out, “You came!”

Gu Xizhou and Si Yu looked at the woman.
Her tone was very anxious.
It seemed she was this next mission world’s key NPC.
In the process of speaking with her, Gu Xizhou realized they were playing the role of supernatural detectives, and this woman was the crucial character who requested their help——Su Xiaomian.

The twelve people followed Su Xiaomian as she brought them into the office inside the school building.
At this moment, there was no one in the office.
Su Xiaomian went in and stopped in front of a seat, picking up a photograph on it.
She handed it to Cheng Yue and said, “I recently found that my photo isn’t quite right… 

“Excuse me, may I ask, do you think the person in this photograph is me?” Su Xiaomian’s voice trembled as she asked.

Cheng Yue bowed his head to look at the photo in his hand and stared, slightly distracted.
He wasn’t blind.
The only point of similarity between the woman in the photograph and Su Xiaomian was that they were both very beautiful.
The woman in the picture had orderly, short hair, and her expression had a sort of penetrating feel.
Su Xiaomian was an entirely different category of woman.

“About a week ago, I discovered that my photograph had transformed into this strange woman!”

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