ly nothing.
The whole time we were just walking while trying to see whether we could catch sight of that woman on the way, but we didn’t do anything…”

When Cheng Yue heard the two, he was obviously very disappointed, and he angrily kneaded his forehead, saying, “This garbage mission world— what should we do, ah!”

Now everyone’s mood had frozen, and their complexions weren’t good.
Kong Lingling suddenly died while walking on the path.
If they couldn’t find the death condition, then it was very possible that they might accidentally trigger it while walking around the school! 

“I don’t know whether this counts as different,” After being silent for ages, Bai Dongyang suddenly spoke.
“She walked in front of me and Xia Hang.
Right ahead.”

Gu Xizhou recalled seeing the position of Kong Lingling’s body just now.
“Did she turn left or right before you?”

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“Yes! Yes, at that time, we were at an intersection.
The playground was on the right.
She turned right first and suddenly fell to the ground!” Bai Dongyang seemed to think of something.
“Will we immediately die if we turn right at a corner?”

Si Yu shook his head.
A moment ago, the three of us went from the library to the position you mentioned and turned left.
When we returned, we followed behind a schoolgirl and turned right.” 

“Moreover, all of us have turned right in the school.” Si Yu said quietly, raising his eyebrows and shaking his head.

Gu Xizhou also nodded.
If turning right caused you to die, it would really be too easy to satisfy this condition!

“Do you still remember the directions the student gave you to the playground?” Si Yu asked.

Bai Dongyang and Xia Hang both looked at each other and made a thoughtful expression. 

“We came from the dining hall and didn’t know the route.
Then we looked for a student to ask for directions.
She told us: turn left from the dining hall and go straight.
Then turn right and go straight.
Turn left, turn left… After that, finally turn right and go straight!”

Xia Hang remembered, “It seems like there’s no problem, ya!”

Gu Xizhou heard him but shook his head and said, “No, there’s a problem!”

“What’s the problem?” Xia Hang asked, puzzled. 

Gu Xizhou pointed at the dining hall a short distance away, raising his eyebrows as he said, “Do you see? You can see the library from the dining hall.
This is a straight path.
Just now, we walked straight from the library to the playground and turned left to where Kong Lingling died.
In other words, despite what that student told you, you only need to go straight, turn right, left, then right from the dining hall.”

When Fang Zhi heard that, he wrinkled his brows and and, after a period of silence, said, “The death condition should be related to walking a specific route.”

Si Yu nodded.
“Like this, ba.
We’ll follow these students to see how they walk.
We’ll look at which routes they don’t take to eliminate the death conditions.
On the way, ask a student for a sheet of paper to write it down!”

“What about the others?” Cheng Yue lowered his voice and asked.
There were only eight people here.
There were still three more absent! 

Gu Xizhou lowered his voice, “If we see them while following these students, warn them.
Right now, we don’t know all the causes of death, so don’t move blindly.”

“Oh, that’s right.
Just now, when we were in the library, we came across Qi Fei.
Qi Fei said he saw a woman with long hair.” Gu Xizhou told Cheng Yue the information they just asked for.
“The woman went to the teaching building.”

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“Then let’s go to the teaching building! We’ll be safe when we get there!” Xia Hang suggested.

Si Yu shook his head.
“We passed through the teaching building this morning, but when we return, the lefts and rights will be the opposite.
Who knows whether that’s a method of killing.
We must eliminate the death conditions first.” 

“I agree,” said Gu Xizhou.

The rest of the group also showed their approval.
Xia Hang was still very afraid when he saw the path, and his body trembled as he walked, most likely due to Kong Lingling’s death.


Gu Xizhou looked around, then broke the group’s silence, “Oh, by the way.
When you follow someone, don’t follow them continuously.
After entering a building, you go in, then come out again.”

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou with slight appreciation in his eyes.
He used a pleasant voice to add, “Right.
When you follow those students into a building, it’s equivalent to clearing the path’s memory.
If you don’t clear the path’s memory and follow someone at will, you might inadvertently trigger the death conditions!” 

“Okay!” Cheng Yue looked at Gu Xizhou, somewhat astonished.
He didn’t think of that just now.
He only wanted to write down the path.

“I’ll follow him, ba.” Gu Xizhou said carelessly.
He pointed at a schoolboy ahead of them who was holding a basketball and wearing a basketball uniform.

Walk while writing down the route: Left right left… Left…

After walking for approximately half an hour, Gu Xizhou ran into Si Yu when the two students they were following entered the same dormitory.  Because no one left the dormitory, they didn’t dare to walk around at random.
They just sat on the stairs at the door of the dormitory. 

“These are some of the people I followed.
Take a look.” Gu Xizhou had recorded the whole journey while walking after looking for a student with an itinerary to write it down.

“En.” Si Yu nodded and took it from Gu Xizhou’s hand, looking over it slowly.

The cicadas buzzed outside while the sun beamed down on the two people sitting on the stairs.
Gu Xizhou propped his jaw on his hand and stared at Si Yu.

The man’s eyes shone in the light and gave off a faint radiance.
The shade of the trees fell on his cheek, light and shadow intertwined, shining on his porcelain skin so that it looked transparent. 

Gu Xizhou looked at him. No wonder NPCs were always bewitched by him.
This face really looks like a brave, scholarly youth dressed in pure white.
It’s very dazzling. 

“It must be left left right!”

Crooked: The rules are going a little over my head ;-;

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