p>Si Yu didn’t say anything, but Gu Xizhou knew he didn’t mention the headline for no reason.
Since Si Yu didn’t say anything, he temporarily decided not to ask anything either. 

At the head of the stairs of one side of the teaching block, there was a mirror.
Gu Xizhou glanced at his reflection in the mirror.
Inside the mission world, he looked very gentle.
Compared to the real world, he also looked more pale, and he was a little shorter.

Fang Zhi still had a baby face, but compared with outside, he was tall!


The mission world was indeed illogical.
Gu Xizhou was speechless.

“Go upstairs, ba.
Remember the path that leads to death.” Si Yu walked in front and warned the others, “Don’t forget about it when you’re running away, either, or else no one will be able to save you.” 

As they walked, the others mentioned that they should certainly be even more cautious in this world.
Most of them, like Gu Xizhou, were in their third world.
It wasn’t the first time that Si Yu, this big shot with over ten worlds of experience, had seen such a strange death condition.

“This is my third world.
Why is it so difficult?” Gu Xizhou whispered.
They walked ahead of the others and talked quietly.

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou, and his expression was also at a loss.
In a voice that only they could hear, he said, “I also think it’s odd.
The first two weren’t bad.
This next mission world shouldn’t have newcomers.”

Noticing Si Yu’s hesitant expression, like he wanted to say something, Gu Xizhou tugged at him and said, “What do you want to say? Say it directly!” 

“The experience from the mission worlds with you is less than one ninth of what it used to be,” said Si Yu, knitting his brows.

Gu Xizhou: “It’s normal for a level 18 bigshot to get a smaller reward for a level three monster!”

Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou’s explanation and reluctantly said, “En.” Then, he walked ahead.

Seeing this, Gu Xizhou heaved a sigh of relief.
He raised his eyes to look at Si Yu’s back.
His heart was stuffy.
Stingy world, even if he was cheating, it didn’t need to deduct points so ruthlessly, right? 

Si Yu entered the empty office.
He went to Su Xiaomian’s desk for a moment before walking to the window.

Gu Xizhou walked to the window and looked down.
He saw the short-haired woman standing downstairs.
Her eyes bent smilingly after seeing Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
She turned toward the dining hall.
As she left, a few students waved to her.

“Do we chase her?” Cheng Yue asked, turning hopefully toward Si Yu.
It was clear that Cheng Yue had chosen to obey Si Yu, so now he turned to look for his opinion.

“No need,” said Si Yu, looking at the reflection in the glass of the open door.
“She’s coming.” 

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Gu Xizhou looked at the figure in the glass.
From the head of long hair, it wasn’t difficult to guess the person’s identity.

“So you were all here!” When Su Xiaomian entered the office, there was a smile on her face.
Because she was very beautiful, it was as if this warmed the heart and delighted the eye.

Gu Xizhou nodded.

Si Yu took out the newspaper.
Pointing to the report, he asked, “Teacher Su, do you know the insane woman from this car accident?” 

Su Xiaomian picked up the newspaper and looked it over carefully.
She took a very long time to peruse the report before she finally said dully, “I don’t know.”

“Think again, carefully.” Si Yu persuaded.


Su Xiaomian shook her head and said weakly, “I’m certain.”

After she said this, Su Xiaomian glanced at her watch and offered them an invitation, “Do you want to eat lunch together?” 

“No need, go ahead.
We’ll find out the cause as soon as possible.”

Su Xiaomian nodded faintly upon hearing Si Yu’s refusal, quickly leaving the office.

After Si Yu saw her leave, he began to rummage through her drawer with an indifferent expression.
The others quickly began to help.
Soon, the drawer’s contents had been entirely combed through.

“Fuck, there’s so much makeup and bags! I thought her drawer was full of those specialized books for university teachers!” 

“It doesn’t look like there’s anything useful.

Gu Xizhou stood at the office window.
Just like before, he saw Su Xiaomian leaving the teaching building.
He stopped and looked for a while.
Cheng Yue moved closer and asked, “Did you discover something?”

Gu Xizhou said, “Yesterday, when she took us to the dormitory, a lot of people greeted her along the way.”

Cheng Yue gave an objective evaluation, “She’s really good-looking.
It’s not strange for someone to greet her.” 

“Right, but now, watch how none of the students greet her.” Gu Xizhou pointed at Su Xiaomian in the distance.

Si Yu said straightforwardly, “She was already replaced.”

Everyone was struck speechless by these words, and the atmosphere was suddenly silent.

They quickly left the teaching building.
After eating lunch in the dining hall, they searched all afternoon without finding any clues. 

After dinner, they returned to their rooms and washed their faces.
Gu Xizhou lay on the bed.

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Gu Xizhou stared at the ceiling as his stomach growled and grumbled, “I’m starving, ah.”

“I’m hungry, too.” 

Fang Zhi agreed with Gu Xizhou.

“Haha,” Gu Xizhou laughed, but suddenly his smile froze as he recalled the day’s events.
He struck the bed plank and asked, “Si Yu, are you hungry?”



Gu Xizhou: “Fuck!” 

“Gu Ge, what’s wrong?” Fang Zhi sat up in bed and looked at Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou called out and jumped down from the bed.
His eyes fell on Si Yu and his expression read “pain in the ass”.
He recited the article they read earlier that day.
“Vagrant Man Who Didn’t Eat for Five Days Starved to Death on Streets.”

“Ah,” Si Yu rolled his eyes and said, “You still have a bit of IQ.”

Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu with a deep hidden bitterness.
“The woman who died in a traffic accident corresponds to one of the death methods.
Starving to death, this shouldn’t correspond to…” 

Si Yu mercilessly interrupted Gu Xizhou conjecture with an indifferent tone, “Right.
If we can’t leave in five days, we will starve to death.
That’s why I said there shouldn’t be newcomers in this world.”

“……” This one is a little ruthless, ah.

“Originally, there were twelve days to clear this mission world, but in reality there are only five days.”

Gu Xizhou said begrudgingly, “You already guessed it.
Why didn’t you tell me to eat more at dinner today!” 

Si Yu ignored him and turned so his back was facing him.

Gu Xizhou seldom suffered from insomnia, but he was half-awake all night.
As soon as he fell asleep, he was woken by the feeling of hunger.
It was truly difficult to bear.
At dawn, the whole team, each and every one with dark circles under their eyes, entered the dining hall just like fierce tigers, throwing themselves and the food to devour it.

After eating countless steamed buns, Gu Xizhou was still unsatisfied.
He looked at his stomach with distress and only felt gnawing hunger.

He would rather be chased by a ghost… well, to speak more accurately——he chased ghosts. 

The author has something to say: Goodnight, the death method in this chapter should be understandable… qwq

Crooked: Someday I will learn to translate in a timely manner

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