Si Yaoxing shook his head at Ma Yu and Gu Xizhu.
Just then, Gu Xizhou didn’t know how he got his hands on a chair, but he had already went around Zhou Liu’s back.


Ma Yu pointed at the Gu Xizhou standing behind Zhou Liu, and pointed at him, asking hurriedly, “You, what are you doing!”





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Gu Xizhou threw the chair down, and the entire dorm seemed as if it had just survived a rain of blood. 


The boy suddenly froze, and subconsciously touched his head with his hands. 


Gu Xizhou squatted down, grabbing the boy’s hair and pulled him to a mirror.
“Look at yourself.”


Zhou Liu dazedly looked at himself in the mirror.
The wound on his head was terrifying, and he was bleeding profusely, but he… he didn’t feel a single bit of pain.


“You’re already dead.” Gu Xizhou said to the “person” in the mirror.
“Lin Yuan is also dead, but the person who really killed them is not dead.
Don’t waste everyone’s time.
I don’t have that much patience.”


“I… I’m dead?” Zhou Liu’s brain went blank.


“Fuck!” Big Brother, you even dare to fight ghosts!


Seeing this scene, Ma Yu stared at Zhou Liu with a trembling gaze, worried that the other party would suddenly explode and rip them apart. 


Si Yaoxing was the only one who cared about him, and asked: “Are you alright?”


Ma Yu’s face was white and his knees were weak: “Haha, small, small matter…”



Si Yaoxing: “…”


Ma Yu was crying without tears.
He had never seen such a demon-like person before.
If the thing in front of them exploded, wouldn’t their three bodies just go cold?!


Ma Yu tentatively stared at the Zhou Liu who had just been beaten up by Gu Xizhou and unobtrusively moved to the door that had just closed.
The moment something went wrong, he was going to wrench the door open and start running.


However, the worst result that Ma Yu foresaw did not happen.
After Zhou Liu realised he had died, he felt a bitter pain at first, but then seemed to be relieved–


“Just a while ago ba, I also don’t know when I died…” Zhou Liu slowly opened his mouth.


“Lin Yuan was suddenly very uneasy, as if her spirit had left her.”


“I was very worried…”


Zhou Liu sped up his speech, “I asked over and over again a few times, but she refused to say anything, then one day I saw her parents come to pick her up.
She argued with her parents and their voices were so loud.
She ran away crying, and her parents were so mad that they didn’t chase after her.
I was worried about her, so I went after her.”


“When I found her, she looked at me and immediately started crying, just crying all the way…” Having said that, Zhou Liu choked a bit, “Later, she told me that she was raped by Gao Hangyi, that beast.
She wanted to call the police, but her parents wouldn’t let her.”


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“As soon as Gao Hangyi knew of the severity of the situation, he told his dad.
His dad immediately went directly to find Lin Yuan’s dad.
Lin Yuan’s Dad was working in one of the factories belonging to Gao Hangyi’s family, and it seemed like Gao Hangyi’s dad offered him a lot of money… He also promised to give him the position of deputy manager, and so Lin Yuan’s family didn’t… didn’t let her call the police.
Later, when her family wasn’t paying attention, she called the police.
When the police came, her family kept saying she was speaking nonsense, and the police couldn’t do anything, so they left.”



“They later tried to persuade her, saying that they were doing this for her own good, saying that if a girl had been raped, it wasn’t good for her reputation…”


“It was just full of shit, they were only doing it for their own sake! Lin Yuan wasn’t willing, always arguing with her parents.
Once I knew about it, I thought of an idea.
If public opinion forced the police to come and investigate this matter, then her parents couldn’t do anything about it, so we posted it on the school’s forum together.”


After this, Zhou Liu lowered his voice.
“Then the police came to find me and interrogate me.
After I came back, I… I don’t remember.”


Although Zhou Liu didn’t know, Gu Xizhou and the two other people were well aware of it.
After this, Zhou Liu had jumped off the building to commit suicide, but according to this story, Zhou Liu couldn’t have committed suicide.
It was more likely that he had fought with Gao Hangyi and was pushed off the building by the other party.
Later, the incident on the school’s forum was left unsettled, but the school spread it and it became viral, eventually turning into the version they had heard.


After Zhou Liu finished speaking, he glanced at Gu Xizhou a little fearfully and said, “I’ve told you everything I know, are you still not going to leave?”


Ma Yu was certain he had been thinking too wildly and hallucinated… how could “it” possibly be afraid of Gu Ran?


At this moment, Gu Xizhou said: “No, if I go out I’ll have to run around.
Tonight, I’ll just sleepover.
Is there anyone sleeping on that bed?”


Si Yaoxing: “Good idea!”


Ma Yu: “Sleep… sleep here?!! With ‘it’…” Even though it was a different kind, in the end that thing was an “it” and not a “he” ah!


Realising that he was saying something bad, Ma Yu subconsciously looked at Zhou Liu and smiled awkwardly. 



Zhou Liu: “…”


Lying on a bed, not having to wander around in a dream, it was actually a pretty good life–


But Ma Yu was still crying without tears.
To sleep in the same room as a ghost, even if it was in a dream, it was too stimulating! His stimulating heart disease was about to recur! Just as he thought of this, he suddenly heard two quiet breathing sounds ringing out in the middle of the night.


These two people actually fucking fell asleep! Leaving him and “it” to stare at each other.


Ma Yu wanted to distract himself as much as possible, but when he saw the tragic appearance of the boy after Gu Xizhou’s blast, he couldn’t distract himself, and his eyes involuntarily fell on Zhou Liu’s body. 


As if sensing Ma Yu’s gaze, the boy with blood all over his face and a head that had been split wide open turned around, looking at him politely without losing the awkward smile on his face.


Ma Yu: “…”


He really wanted to piss his pants now.

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