Ch66 – Look Closely, I’m a Human Being

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Edited by: Dust Bunny

“No matter how much I eat, I still feel hungry,” Cheng Yue groaned. 

“Me too.”

The other teammates agreed one after another.



“If you eat more now, you’ll burst.” Off to the side, Si Yu ate his customary amount.
After hearing them, he gracefully wiped his mouth clean and propped one hand under his chin, languidly mentioning yesterday’s news headline.

Cheng Yue stopped eating, turning a little pale.
He had obviously already realized the meaning behind Si Yu’s words. 

“Vagrant Man Who Didn’t Eat for Five Days Starved to Death on Streets… Then we’ll starve to death in five days?” Cheng Yue asked Si Yu, clutching his hands together.


Si Yu affirmed, “Right.
I haven’t figured out how to break this method yet.
I still need clues.
But as the third world, this mission world shouldn’t be very difficult.
There’s definitely a way to break it.” With one hand braced below his chin, the light rays passed through the old, yellow window and scattered upon the side of his face.
“Gu Ran, are you done eating? Let’s go look for the supervisor and ask for the newspaper.”

Gu Xizhou looked frustrated.
“Let’s go, no matter how much I eat, I’ll still feel hungry.
Eating is useless.”

“Us too!” Cheng Yue said, leaping to his feet.


Everyone turned left and right, winding around the school grounds until they finally arrived at the ground floor of the dormitory.
There was a sign above the doorway with four large words, “Girls Go No Further”.
It was unknown whether the two girls would suffer a sudden death if they entered, so Fang Zhi and one of the male students remained outside to look after them.

Gu Xizhou went into the dormitory and successfully found the dormitory supervisor who was throwing out trash yesterday.
He asked for yesterday’s newspaper, and, at the same time, took today’s news to look at.

Textile Factory Employee Stalked and Murdered at Her Home After Work, Murderer Shot on the Spot After Neighbors Called Police.


The news article was very simple, and there were no photos. 

Cheng Yue’s expression was complicated when he saw the news.
“The madwoman corresponded to a traffic accident, the vagrant corresponded to starvation, and this textiles employee was stalked to her home and murdered… Tonight…”

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“Right, tonight we’ll be stalked by a ghost.” Si Yu said indifferently.

“Ghost… there’s going to be a ghost stalking us?” The next speaker was Xiao Yue, the girl who narrowly escaped death by luckily tripping on her shoelaces yesterday.
There was fear in her eyes, and her expression was even uglier than when she saw the corpses before.

Si Yu nodded coldly and turned back to look at the newspaper article.
It was clear by his expression that he wasn’t relaxed. 

The madwoman, the vagrant, the textile worker, Su Xiaomian… The four were seemingly unrelated.

Gu Xizhou’s group left the building.
The others looked very pale.

Someone was stalked and murdered after returning home.
If the murderer was killed at the scene, then he had already become a ghost.
Tonight, they might meet this ghost, Gu Xizhou thought, raising the corners of his mouth.

While leaving the dormitory, everyone thought about what the two sides had to do with each other, but they couldn’t find the connection.
Once more, they went to search for Su Xiaomian. 

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Gu Xizhou handed the article about the vagrant to Su Xiaomian and asked, “Do you know this man?”

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During the rest of the day, they didn’t find anything else unusual.
Everyone gathered inside Gu Xizhou’s dorm room.
It seemed they were all at a loss with this world, which offered 12 days but really only gave five.

They sat in Gu Xizhou’s dorm for a while.
The sky outside gradually dimmed, and everyone grew tense, their complexions faintly losing color.

“Did you hear that?” Cheng Yue lowered his voice with a colorless face.

Fang Zhi looked around.
At that moment, everyone was sitting on the beds and no one was walking around, but the sound of footsteps echoed inside the room.
The sound was very faint, just like a thief creeping and rummaging through someone else’s home. 

“I heard it,” Gu Xizhou said, nodding.

Most of the team looked as if they were going to faint at any moment, looking all around the room in a fluster.

Cheng Yue said with a trembling voice, “It followed us back home.”

“Yes.” Si Yu looked around the room.
It was obvious that they couldn’t see the ghost right now.
He seemed to sink into thought. 

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“What should we do?” Xia Hang was shaking from head to toe.
“What should we do? Tell us, ah!”

For a moment, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was very grave.



“It’s laughing… It’s here!” Xia Hang shook like a sieve.
He cautiously looked at his companions, none of whom were laughing, and his mood collapsed.
His whole body curled up.

The rest of the group all turned pale, and Bai Dongyang directly began to cry out of fear, tears streaming down his face.

Gu Xizhou: “The other two girls haven’t cried yet, why is a manly man like you already weeping?”

Bai Dongyang replied to Gu Xizhou tearfully.
“I… have never experienced this kind of thing before.
This is my first time coming in…” 

They were afraid, and the more they cried, the louder the sound of the monstrous laughter echoed.
The sound of its footsteps also grew more intense, as if it were pacing back and forth between them and calmly waiting for an opportunity.

“Is crying useful?” Gu Xizhou said coldly, raising his eyebrows.
“Think of a plan first.”


Si Yu got up and walked out, seemingly wanting to avoid the atmosphere of fear.
After he walked outside, Gu Xizhou noticed that the ghost’s footsteps also appeared on the balcony.

Gu Xizhou followed them, looking around.
He didn’t know why it was only following them.
It hadn’t shown up to kill anyone. 

“It’s right next to us.”

“I hear it.” Si Yu nodded.
After he spoke, he kneaded the space between his eyebrows.
“It still hasn’t started yet.
What does it mean?”

Gu Xizhou: “Maybe his killing conditions haven’t been satisfied yet.”

When Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou, his eyes moved.
He clearly thought of something.
Gu Xizhou looked at him and followed him inside. 

“Don’t turn off the lights once you get back to your room.
It should be fine,” Si Yu said.

“Don’t turn off the lights?” Gu Xizhou asked while looking around for the ghost.
“What’s your logic?”

Si Yu said mildly, “The news article mentioned that the textile worker was killed by the murderer after she returned home and shut off the lights to sleep.”

“You remembered that?” There were only a few words mentioning the lights.
It was easy to overlook while reading the article. 

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Si Yu said, “ I memorized the article when I read it.
If my deduction is correct, it can’t kill anyone as long as the lights aren’t turned off.”

As soon as Si Yu finished speaking, the sound of footsteps inside the room stopped, and they heard an utterly discomfited stomping noise.

It was this furious stomp that proved Si Yu’s deduction correct.

Gu Xizhou: “……” This ghost’s IQ is no good, ah. 

Because of this foolish ghost’s stomp, the group who was previously hovering between life and death and filled with fear was immediately rejuvenated and filled with spirit.

In the evening, Gu Xizhou, Si Yu, and Fang Zhi had just finished washing up in preparation to go to bed.
The ghost seemed to hold a grudge against them, and it remained in their room, walking around.
It paced back and forth, even deliberately increasing the sound of its footsteps.

Fang Zhi was still afraid, and his expression looked poor.
He silently wrapped himself in his little quilt, his heartbeat quick and panicky.
He constantly kept his eyes on the room’s light switch.

He looked pitifully at Gu Xizhou and whispered, “Gu Ge, I’m scared.” 

Gu Xizhou pondered, and said to Si Yu, “Fang Zhi and I will share a bed today.
Look at his little face; it’s all pale.”

Si Yu lay down on his bed.
After thinking it over for a moment, he nodded.




The thing in the room let out strange laughter.
Si Yu didn’t pay it any mind.
He let out an especially cold “Heh.” to the bedside laughter.

It wasn’t long before Gu Xizhou heard the sound of steady breathing from Si Yu’s bed.
Gu Xizhou thought Si Yu’s “heh” was wordless ridicule toward the thing in the room.
A simple translation was: Heh, laozi’s played with millions of ghosts.
You think your pacing can keep me awake?

Gu Xizhou heard stomp after stomp.
That seemed to be this world’s rule.
Without turning out the lights, the ghost couldn’t come out to kill them and could only follow them, just like he also couldn’t find the ghost.

Gu Xizhou cursed, “Damn your stomping! You walk over here and let laozi kill you!” 

When the thing inside the room heard Gu Xizhou, not only did it walk over to him, but it even circled him and cackled in front of him, as if mocking him.

After lying in bed until midnight, Gu Xizhou still didn’t fall asleep.
After he was certain that Si Yu wouldn’t wake up, Gu Xizhou got out of bed and said to Fang Zhi, “I’m going to the toilet.
Stay in bed.
Don’t run around.”

Fang Zhi nodded pitifully.
“Okay, come back quickly Gu Ge!”

To get to the toilet, you had to go through the balcony first, and there was only a wall separating the neighbor’s balcony to this one.
The ghost followed Gu Xizhou with tight footsteps. 

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“You keep following me, follow very closely.” Gu Xizhou said, raising his eyebrows.

As if in response to Gu Xizhou, the ghost let out uncanny laughter.


He looked at the balcony.
Gu Xizhou’s agility naturally went without saying, and he directly jumped over nextdoor.
There was no one in the next room, and the lights were not turned on. 

When he turned around, Gu Xizhou finally saw the ghost’s true form.

It was approximately 1.6 meters tall and looked feeble and vulgar.
It was a little confused when it saw Gu Xizhou enter someone else’s room.

This guy was seeking death, ah!

Then, the corners of its mouth raised in a dark and cold smile. 

It charged toward Gu Xizhou, but unexpectedly, the man grinned at it, and compared to its earlier smile, it was even darker and colder, and even more frightening.

For some reason, it felt a little afraid in its heart and had a bad premonition, but in the next second it shook its head.


He had already become a ghost! He wasn’t afraid of a damn thing!

It was indeed a ghost, ah! 

Gu Xizhou saw that the ghost was falling into the devil’s clutches.
He used his hand and lifted it up as if it were a baby chick.

The uncanny cackling finally vanished.
Gu Xizhou was very satisfied as he looked at the ghost’s dumbfounded expression.
Then, he greeted it with a violent beating.

It shuddered for a while, “You, you’re a ghost?”

It had just finished asking when it felt a sudden deep pain all over its body.
It was just like he was experiencing his death again.
It watched the man’s finger brazenly stab its gunshot wounds, again and again! 


Gu Xizhou pointed at himself.
“Look closely, laozi is a human being!”

It: “……” Look at the hand you’re jabbing at my forehead, how do you look human!

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