The others all felt their hair stand on end at the sight of the umbrella.
Clearly, this black umbrella was left by the short-haired woman. 

“Is there something wrong with this umbrella?” Xia Hang asked in a whisper.

Gu Xizhou looked at him.
“Look for yourself.”


“…Aren’t you looking at it already?” Xia Hang took a step back, as if afraid to be anywhere near the black umbrella.

Gu Xizhou didn’t pay him any mind.
He curled up his lips and leisurely went over to Si Yu, saying, “It’s just an ordinary umbrella.
It’s alright.” 

After Gu Xizhou held the umbrella, Si Yu turned toward the hallway and saw a figure flit by.

There seemed to be someone in front of them.
Everyone exchanged glances and tacitly moved forward as one.
When they arrived, the only thing that remained was a puddle of water on the ground.

“We should split up and look,” suggested Gu Xizhou.
“She’s in the school building.”

Cheng Yue looked at the puddle on the ground and said somewhat hesitantly, “Maybe she’s not human… If we split up and look for her, could she…” 

Si Yu said lightly, “Since she’s capable of replacing another person, then she’s definitely not human.
Remember not to go to the fourth floor, and don’t walk the path of death.”

Because Si Yu had spoken, the others didn’t object.

Everyone was going to split up.
Two young girls in the group spoke with trembling voices.
“Si Ge, we’re very scared.
Can we form a group with you? We’re afraid we can’t remember the death conditions…”

Si Yu had yet to speak before Gu Xizhou directly hugged Si Yu’s right hand side.
Simultaneously, he sent Fang Zhi a meaningful glance.
Fang Zhi intuitively learned from Gu Xizhou and hugged Si Yu’s left side. 

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Gu Xizhou: “Wuwuwu, but the three of us came in a team! Big thigh, don’t abandon us! I’m so scared!”

Si Yu: “……”

Hearing Gu Xizhou’s deliberately pinched tone, the two girls clenched their teeth and glared at him fiercely.

Gu Xizhou: “Glaring at me is useless, I won’t give in to you.” 

Upon hearing this, the two girls were forced to give up on the notion clinging to a thigh.

The nine people each formed groups of three and split up to look for traces of the woman inside the teaching building.
Before leaving, Si Yu told Gu Xizhou to grab the umbrella on the ground and bring it along.

“Is this umbrella useful?” Gu Xizhou asked.

Si Yu nodded.
“It should be.
Bring it, ba.” 

The windows in the hall weren’t closed, and from time to time rainwater was blown inside.



The pitter patter of the rain outside was incessant.

“Step step step——” 

“It’s footsteps,” Gu Xizhou said, turning to Si Yu.
Si Yu and Fang Zhi also heard the noise, followed by the sound of water droplets.
Evading the path of death, in the middle of the third floor hallway, stood the vague outline of a figure.


In the dim light, Gu Xizhou finally saw that the figure was the short-haired woman.

The woman entered one of the classrooms, and Gu Xizhou’s group didn’t think before chasing after her. 

After they entered, Gu Xizhou didn’t see a classroom, but another strange room.
The room was completely empty; there was no one in it.
On the ground lay a corpse.

It was a dead woman’s body… Her face was bluish-white, looking straight ahead.
Her mouth was open, and her features were twisted.
She should have died in agony.

Si Yu and Fang Zhi also entered, and the three people all looked at the body on the ground.
The corpse was the short-haired woman.

She lay on the ground, her hair and body were wet, and her appearance was similar to the case Gu Xizhou previously handled with the male corpse.
A typical case of death by drowning. 

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“She drowned,” Gu Xizhou stated.

Si Yu nodded and didn’t speak, beginning to search the room instead.
Gu Xizhou immediately began to help him look.
Located within the most interior cupboard, Gu Xizhou found a photo album.

All of the photographs inside the album were of her and a man.
Each photo was taken inside this narrow room.
Her smile looked very stiff as the woman and the man posed for the pictures.

Gu Xizhou saw a one hundred yuan note on the window ledge.
Its owner seemed to want to throw it outside the window. 

“Open it up,” Si Yu said.
“There should be something we’re searching for inside.”

Unfolding the note and smoothing out the wrinkles, Gu Xizhou saw a few words—— “Who can rescue me? I was imprisoned.
My name is Su Xiaomian, ID number xxxx, I’m at 705-11.”

Gu Xizhou said, “She’s called Su Xiaomian, just like that NPC.”

Si Yu was silent for a moment, then he said, “I understand.” 

“What do you understand?” Gu Xizhou asked.

Si Yu pointed at the woman’s corpse on the ground and said, “More than one person has disappeared.
Do you remember when we just saw Qi Fei?”


Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi nodded.

“He suddenly lost weight not because he was taking drugs, but rather because he was very hungry!” 

Fortunately, Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi’s IQs could still be considered online.
“Li Jia corresponds to the madwoman, Qi Fei’s counterpart is the vagrant, and Su Xiaomian matches this short-haired woman.
More than one person was replaced.”

“Why choose to replace them?” Fang Zhi questioned.

Si Yu pointed at the name on the opened slip of paper.
“If my guess isn’t wrong, then their names are the same as the people who died in the newspaper.”

Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi asked simultaneously, “Why?” 

Si Yu said lightly, “Do you think that Qi Fei could pass the university entrance examination?”

Gu Xizhou: “…En, probably not.”

Si Yu: “They attend school in the name of another person and exchange the first half of their lives, so it becomes an equivalent exchange.
The dead exchange with them for the second half of their life.”

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