om the left side.
Just when the person wanted to call out to them in excitement, their face suddenly showed great alarm.
They turned their head at once and ran away while shouting, “I’m the real Bai Dongyang! The one with you isn’t me! Not me!”

The Bai Dongyang standing on the left side of the hallway seemed very afraid.
With a rigid posture, he said, “No… no, believe me! I’m Bai Dongyang!”

Gu Xizhou and Si Yu looked at him wordlessly.
They directly grabbed Fang Zhi and turned left.

“Do you really believe me?” It was somewhat astonished. 

Gu Xizhou shot a glance at him.
“…” This ghost was putting on such a show? You really should have become an actor; there’s no trace of deceit at all.

Si Yu: “……”

They walked in the middle of the hallway, with the fake Bai Dongyang following behind them.
Suddenly, Gu Xizhou’s group heard the sound of something falling on the ground.
That thing must have been very soft because the falling sound was very light.

Gu Xizhou turned around and looked at the fake Bai Dongyang, who showed a malevolent smile.
“Do you want to see what I dropped?” it said, moving away the hand that obscured the ground. 

Fang Zhi had good eyes, and he immediately recognized that it was a piece of a human lung.
His face paled.

At the same time, Gu Xizhou moved forward and stepped on the greater part of the lung.
The fake Bai Dongyang’s hands hovered cluelessly in midair for a moment, and he was speechless.

Seeing the fake Bai Dongyang’s shocked expression, Gu Xizhou crouched down and grabbed the lung, which had already been stepped on until it was mush.
He stood up and kindly returned it to Bai Dongyang’s hand.
“Important things must be held tightly.
Don’t just casually drop them as you please.
Oh no, It looks like this was stepped on by someone.
How awful.”

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It: “……” 

After a period of silence, it asked suspiciously, “Did you already know I wasn’t human?”

Gu Xizhou and Si Yu nodded simultaneously.
Fang Zhi saw the two nodding and acting so unperturbed and felt stifled.
He grudgingly shook his head at the fake Bai Dongyang.

“Why didn’t you run away?” it asked.

Fang Zhi clenched his hands together and said bitterly: “Wuwuwu, my legs are soft…” 

Gu Xizhou: “Actually, I’m not afraid of ghosts.”

Seeing it look at him, Si Yu thought and decided to mercifully tell it, “Xia Hang was frightened by you because he was already panicked and then triggered the path of death.
Since you want to use the path of death to kill people, then it shows that your killing style still hasn’t shown up, or maybe your death conditions are too hard to meet, even so much that you’re unable to kill anyone.”


Blood quickly flowed from its body, and his whole body transformed into a blood person in a flash.

“Ah——” It roared furiously, exhausting the strength of its body, and glared fiercely at the three of them like a sinister viper. 

“No matter how much blood there is, it’s useless.” Gu Xizhou waved his hand dismissively, looking a little disdainfully at this ghost.
“It’s not like having a ton of blood will give you a tragic death and become frightening.”

Fang Zhi seemed to have listened to Si Yu’s explanation and realized that this ghost couldn’t touch them.
He took Gu Xizhou’s words seriously and said very conscientiously and objectively, “Actually, its death can’t really be regarded as tragic.
The one found in Phoenix Mountain last time was much more miserable… entirely dismembered.
I threw up immediately back then.
Even if it’s completely covered in holes, it’s still intact.”

It stared blankly.
Clearly it was only this guy who was scared by him.
Why is he still earnestly explaining to it… that its death wasn’t miserable enough?

At last, it seemed to have been angered, and it said provocatively, “I hope that when my death style appears, you can still speak so carefreely to me.” 

Gu Xizhou watched it with cold and indifferent eyes as it left.

“It was stabbed to death with a knife,” Si Yu said abruptly.

Gu Xizhou looked at him with a raised eyebrow, leaning against the wall with both hands in his pockets.
“Anyone with eyes would know that.
It seems that after it dropped out of school, it imitated those Hong Kong movies and became a gangster.
As a result, it was stabbed to death with a knife.”

Fang Zhi had already sluggishly come over.
Feeling especially wronged, he glared at the two of them.
“You guys… Why didn’t you tell me, ah! Wuwuwu!” 

Gu Xizhou grinned at him and said abruptly, “If I had told you, you would have already been scared into shrieking.”

Switching the subject, Gu Xizhou turned to Si Yu again and said, “There must be a reason it appeared so urgently.
I’d guess it has something to do with the real Su Xiaomian.”

“Qi Fei didn’t know he was going to starve to death, and Li Jia should have already died.
She knows her own cause of death.
Only the NPC Su Xiaomian called us over and didn’t die directly.
Instead, she received… that woman’s hints,” Si Yu said deeply.
“The ghosts shouldn’t be a united front.”

“The short haired woman’s goal is different from the others.” Gu Xizhou pondered for a moment and said, “She gave her a hint before replacing Su Xiaomian.” 

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Gu Xizhou looked at the umbrella he was holding and said, “She drowned.
It should be today.
She gave us the umbrella first to warn us not to get wet in the rain.”

Si Yu gave an “en” and said, “Should be.”

“Which of them has the door?” Gu Xizhou was most concerned about this problem.

Si Yu said, “It should be the short-haired woman.
The mission world won’t give a task with certain death.” 

As they were talking, they ran into Cheng Yue’s group of three.
They looked very pale and shivered all over.
They mentioned that they’d seen Xia Hang’s corpse on the way.
Seeing as the sky was getting darker and darker, they went around the teaching building in another loop again and found a frightened Xiao Yue hiding in a corner.
One of the female students supported Xiao Yue, and the group headed to the classroom on the first floor.

When they passed by the bathroom, Gu Xizhou pointed at the door and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.
Wait for me outside.”


Fang Zhi glanced at the completely empty hallway and nodded.
He said, “Okay, do you want us to go with you?”

“No need.” Gu Xizhou waved his hand.
“I’m not an elementary student.” 

Si Yu just indifferently told him to hurry up, and the two female students went to the girls’ restroom together.

Entering the toilet, Gu Xizhou had just finished and was washing his hands when a closed bathroom stall behind him suddenly began to issue a rhythmic knocking sound.
‘Dong dong dong’ ‘dong dong dong’

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow and turned around to look at the closed bathroom door.
Unexpectedly, red blood seeped out from the floor of the stall, flowing all the way across the floor to Gu Xizhou’s heel.

Gu Xizhou looked at the closed stall door… and walked over. 

“Dong dong dong——”

“Dong dong dong——”

This bathroom was dim and damp.
It easily made people feel stifled.
It’s a good choice to scare people in this kind of place, but unfortunately… you met the wrong person.

Gu Xizhou walked over and kicked open the door.
Right inside, it struck a pose and rushed toward Gu Xizhou.
It pasted its face snugly on Gu Xizhou’s.
Gu Xizhou could smell the strong stench of blood. 

“Are you too scared to speak?” The corners of its mouth lifted, and it extended a dark red tongue to lick its lips.

“Yes, ah, I’m super afraid.” Gu Xizhou glanced at it and said in his heart: Oh, heh. Give you some color.
You’re still panting.

Unexpectedly, the man who said he was afraid didn’t turn around and flee.
Instead, he took a step inside the stall, put a hand behind his back, and closed the door…

Gu Xizhou pushed up his sleeves and smiled at it: If you don’t take the road to heaven, you’ll arrive at the gates of Hell. 

It: “……” This situation was a little messed up.

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