e corner of his eye.
“You believe me?”

“Huh? Obviously!”

Si Yu seemed very satisfied with Gu Xizhou’s response, and he raised the corner of his mouth.
“Okay then, we can leave tomorrow.” 

“You said it! Fortunately…” Gu Xizhou let out a long breath.
Fortunately, Si Yu and the others had come in quickly just now and interrupted his plans to interrogate that ghost via torture.
It shouldn’t be regarded as cheating like this!

Si Yu raised his eyes to look at him and said, “Fortunately what?”

“Fortunately, I’m following you.”

“……” Si Yu kneaded his forehead.
“Hurry up and eat something.” 

“Okay okay okay! Eat! When we leave, treat us to a meal! Something expensive!” Gu Xizhou readily decided.

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou with an expression that said “how could there be such a rogue in the world”.

After dinner, they returned to the dormitory.
Because the dormitory only had three floors, then nothing was likely to happen as long as they kept the lights on.
Now, Gu Xizhou and the others returned to their room.
After a simple wash, Gu Xizhou lay down in bed.

There were no strange footsteps inside the room, and there was no weird laughter either. 

If they shut off the light, they would see yesterday’s clever ghost sitting on the chair in their dorm, quiet as a chicken.

After a dreamless sleep, Gu Xizhou and the others ate breakfast and immediately went to the dorm supervisor to read today’s newspaper.


‘Young Woman Imprisoned in Dark Room Built Inside Man’s Home, Woman Died, Deceased’s Identity Undetermined.’

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While the others remained in the dormitory, Gu Xizhou was directly dragged under the umbrella by Si Yu to go to the school building. 

“What is this for?” Gu Xizhou asked.

“To look for that one NPC.”

“Look for her?”

SI Yu interrupted him, “The real Su Xiaomian’s request is very simple.” 

Si Yu pointed at the newspaper and said, “She only wants her identity confirmed.”

“Her identity confirmed? How do we do that?” Gu Xizhou was confused.

Si Yu said, “So long as that one NPC admits in front of others that she isn’t Su Xiaomian, then it’s fine.”

“She’ll admit that she isn’t Su Xiaomian, then Su Xiaomian’s family… no, she shouldn’t have any family, only friends.
If it’s determined that the NPC isn’t Su Xiaomian, then a missing persons report is set up at the police station, then the identity of the deceased could definitely be ascertained.” Gu Xizhou realized what Si Yu’s plan was at once.
As they went into the rain, Gu Xizhou followed after Si Yu as they quickly went to the front of the school building. 

The two first determined that Su Xiaomian was working inside her office.
Then, Si Yu found two students, one male and one female, inside the school building.
Gu Xizhou saw the goods walking over gracefully with an especially infectious smile.

“Hello, there’s a Teacher Su inside the office who wants to ask for your help.
Can you take me to her office?”

The two students were starstruck for a moment, then they nodded.

Gu Xizhou noticed a man covered in blood in the distance looking at him.
His expression was very brilliant, fiercely glaring at Gu Xizhou. 

Gu Xizhou turned around and stared back in an instant.
The bloodsoaked man fearfully moved his eyes away from Gu Xizhou’s face.

The two of them took the two students into the NPC’s office.
The two students were confused.
“Where’s the teacher you were talking about?”

Su Xiaomian heard these words and was struck dumb.
Looking at Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, she anxiously began to cry.

“They-they can’t see me?” The NPC pointed at the woman in the photo and wept.
“Is she… really replacing me?” 

Si Yu took a step forward and picked up the photo.
He said, “If you actually switched with her, then tell them you aren’t Su Xiaomian.
Tell them your real name.”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” The woman looked frightened.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


Si Yu grabbed the crazed woman and said coldly, “Do you enjoy pretending to be someone else? It makes you very happy?”

“Things obtained using another’s identity will always be stolen.” 

“You don’t want to…”

Si Yu interrupted her, “You can still redeem yourself now.
If you don’t admit it, she can completely replace you.
Afterwards, not only will your students be unable to see you, but they won’t even know you exist.
Neither will your family, your parents, or your partner.”

“I…” The woman broke down.
She had already been driven mad by the experience of being replaced by someone else.
Along with the collapse of her mood, she suddenly started to cry bitterly.

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“Yes, you’re right.
I’m not Su Xiaomian, I’m… Yu Xue.” 

The words Yu Xue had just been spoken when Gu Xizhou noticed the rain outside coming to halt.

Underneath the school building, the short-haired woman waved to Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
Then, her body gradually faded away, transforming into a door.
Unlike the previous door, this one was open.

“The door, it’s open?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.

Si Yu looked over, and he frowned. 

His words had just fallen when Gu Xizhou heard the sound of chains sliding, and it was different from the first few times.
If one were to say the first few times he heard them, it was the sound of chains and shackles, this time the chains seemed to be dragging something, then the sliding sound faded away, and the door closed.

After Gu Xizhou and Si Yu told the other teammates the good news, Cheng Yue and the others quickly left.
Among them, Bai Dongyang headed for Si Yu and whispered, “Si Ge, you’re so powerful.”

Si Yu: “En.”

“Can you tell me your real name? I want to thank you.
I still have some money,” said Bai Dongyang. 

This was very obviously planning to spend money to have a bigshot carry him.

Si Yu: “It’s unnecessary.”

Bai Dongyang said anxiously, “I can give you a lot of money… I’ll pay however much! One million first! How about it?”

Si Yu: “……” 

Gu Xizhou saw Bai Dongyang’s appearance and felt a little sympathy for him.
He really wanted to tell him… President Si was the king among local tyrants.

Gu Xizhou called out to Si Yu.
“I’ll leave first.
See you outside.”


He entered the door.
After the familiar dizziness, Gu Xizhou heard a voice.
The other person was talking to him.
Well, to be accurate, they were talking to Su Xiaomian.

“Xiaomian is back!” A young man tenderly said to Su Xiaomian who had just entered the door.
“Just in time.
Quick, come eat, ba!” 

“Thank you, Lin San.” Su Xiaomian was exhausted.
As the two people ate, Su Xiaomian mentioned that she felt like someone was following her tonight.

Lin San was silent for a moment before he said, “Then I’ll come with you to and from work, ba.”

“Okay, thank you, husband!” Su Xiaomian said smilingly, acting coquettish.

The scene changed to Lin San accompanying Su Xiaomian to and from work.
In the process, it could be seen that they were very much in love.
One day, Su Xiaomian got off work, but her boyfriend Lin San hadn’t shown up. 

Unsurprisingly, Su Xiaomian was stalked and abducted.

The man who abducted her was the one Gu Xizhou and the others saw in the photo!

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