me translating this chapter ;-; I feel so bad for Su Xiaomian, and I wanted to KILL her abducter aaaaah

Ch71 – I didn’t deceive you

Edited by: Dust Bunny

Caught and taken to a dark, indoor prison, Su Xiaomian’s head was covered with a black plastic bag, her hands were tied together with a coarse cord at the base of her thumbs, and her mouth was covered with tape. 

As her consciousness gradually became clear, the nervous and fearful Su Xiaomian constantly wanted to make a sound.
She was placed inside the bathtub, where an incessant dripping sound echoed.





The heavy and brief sound repeatedly rang out, and her breath gradually became labored.
At that moment, a hand grabbed her.
Su Xiaomian trembled all over in fear. 

“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.” The male voice was very tender, but simultaneously quite strange.


Maybe because the other person’s tone was very gentle, Su Xiaomian’s terrified heart relaxed a bit.
Then, the man said, “I can take the tape off of your mouth, but you have to promise me not to shout, okay?”

Currently, Su Xiaomian was bound tightly and couldn’t see.
She could only nod first and accept the demands of the voice’s owner.

The tape on her mouth was ripped away, and Su Xiaomian’s body shook in fear as she asked, “Where is this? Why did you kidnap me?”


The man crouched by the side of the bathtub and stared at Su Xiaomian for a moment.
Then he said, “This is my home.”

“I’ve been watching you for a very long time,” The man spoke his thoughts, “I like you a lot.”

Even hearing these words, Su Xiaomian wasn’t aggressive.
She immediately had a countermeasure prepared, and her voice was very gentle with a fawning undertone.
“Could you let me go first?”

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“The bindings on my hands hurt a lot.
I don’t feel well.” 

“Okay… ba.” The man was unexpectedly easy to speak to, and Su Xiaomian’s hands were untied.
Then Su Xiaomian mentioned that being unable to see was frightening.
The man hesitated for a moment before removing the black plastic bag on Su Xiaomian’s head.

The plastic bag was quickly removed, and Su Xiaomian let out a heavy breath.
She had nearly suffocated.
Now, she could clearly see her kidnapper.

“Don’t you know doing this kind of thing is wrong? It’s illegal.
Let me go now, and I won’t report this.” Su Xiaomian thought about it and said, “I believe you’re a good person.
We can start as friends.”

Gu Xizhou noticed that the man was affected for a brief moment, but then he rejected Su Xiaomian.
“No, you can’t.
I know you want to get married to that man.
You’re going to get married.” 

“I can’t let you out.
I like you.” The man added, “I won’t let you get married.”

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“He and I didn’t say we were going to get married.” Su Xiaomian was silent for a moment, but Gu Xizhou knew she only wanted to deceive the man because he saw Lin San already propose to Su Xiaomian inside the memories.
They’d already decided to get their marriage license next week.

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Gu Xizhou could still sense Su Xiaomian’s breath and pulse.
Obviously, she hadn’t died, but Gu Xizhou didn’t find it strange.
After all, the photo album had already shown him that Su Xiaomian and this man had lived together for at least three years.


“No no no… I didn’t do it on purpose.
Don’t die!” The man’s face was covered in tears as he began to weep sorrowfully, holding Su Xiaomian’s body tightly.
When Su Xiaomian woke up, the man was surprised, then joyful.

Then Gu Xizhou continued to see Su Xiaomian tied up by the man with her mouth stuck shut. 

Day after day, until one day, the man moved and took Su Xiaomian to live in the suburbs.
The suburbs were very remote and isolated.
There were practically no people around.

The man dug a cellar to imprison Su Xiaomian.
Su Xiaomian was held captive in the house, and the man seldom left.
If he had to leave to deal with some matters, the man could also bind Su Xiaomian’s hands and feet to prevent her from escaping.

Day after day, Su Xiaomian lived in fear and suffering.
Ultimately, the man and Su Xiaomian had a fight, and just like the first time Su Xiaomian’s head was pressed underwater.
Only this time… Su Xiaomian didn’t recover and was drowned to death in the bathtub.

The man who kidnapped Su Xiaomian went mad after that, and Su Xiaomian, who died in his home, was discovered, but her body was never claimed. 

Gu Xizhou watched the scene before his eyes change, and he saw a figure he was familiar with.

Su Xiaomian’s boyfriend——Lin San.

After three years, Gu Xizhou almost didn’t recognize him because the current Lin San had gray hair on his temples.
It’s important to know that he was only one year older than Su Xiaomian.
According to that NPC’s age, Lin San should only be around 27 years old.

When Su Xiaomian said that she was being stalked, Lin San escorted her to and from work every day.
Every day except when Su Xiaomian was abducted, when he was absent. 

Then Gu Xizhou saw Su Xiaomian’s spirit following Lin San at his side.

Lin San’s life was completely different from before.
Besides going to work, he spent some time putting up missing persons posters.
At first, Lin San blamed himself every day for working overtime and not picking up Su Xiaomian.

“Xiaomian… Where did you go? Are you okay?” Lin San crouched down and pitifully drew out the final cigarette in his pack, talking to himself.
“I want to find you, but I can’t.
Rather than you having an accident, I hope that you just didn’t want to marry me.
That you’re a liar…”

Lin San finished the last cigarette and threw aside the butt, using his foot to stamp it out. 

After Su Xiaomian was abducted, Lin San immediately went to the police to file for a missing person.
Other than Lin San, there were only a few coworkers that noticed she was missing since Su Xiaomian’s parents were already dead.

After Lin San reported the issue to the police, the officers verified that Su Xiaomian was a counselor at a certain college and hadn’t gone missing.

Seeing the fake Su Xiaomian put Lin San at a loss.
The people around him also told him… maybe his girlfriend didn’t meet with an accident but was nothing more than a liar.

Maybe because he really liked Su Xiaomian, regardless of whether Su Xiaomian was really kidnapped in an accident or she merely ran off, he hoped that he could find her.
He didn’t want to recover his 10 or 20,000 yuan deposit, he just wanted to set his mind at ease. 

He was afraid… if by any chance she really did have an accident but no one knew.

Lin San posted missing persons notices, and Su Xiaomian’s spirit followed behind him.
Several times, Gu Xizhou has seen Su Xiaomian’s spirit silently holding Lin San, just like before.


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“I didn’t deceive you.” The woman’s cheeks were stained with tears, but Lin San was unable to hear her words.

Gu Xizhou could feel the woman’s despair.
Then, time flashed forward in an instant.
Su Xiaomian had apparently already found out that her identity was stolen.
Because of this, she cried day and night.
Then, Su Xiaomian began to despise the person who was using her identity… 

Time flashed forward once again.
There were many strange ghosts by Su Xiaomian’s side.
Some of them were crushed by cars, some were only skin and bones, some had several knives inside their bodies, and some were scalded from head to toe…

On this day, when Lin San was posting the missing persons posters, he was caught and beaten.

“Damn mental case.
Every day you’re sticking stuff up.
Are you sick, ah?” One of the burly men snapped.
“That woman is a liar.
Do you still really think it’s true fucking love, huh?”

The men moved forward and surrounded Lin San and began to cruelly beat him.
Lin San could only barely cover his head with his arms and curl up.
Those people weren’t too ruthless.
They clearly just wanted to teach him a lesson.
After beating Lin San up, the men swore and left.
Lin San, on the ground, cut a sorry figure as he crawled up into a sitting position.

Gu Xizhou heard Lin San let out a faint sigh.

“I just want to make sure you’re alive,” said Lin San to the missing persons poster in his hand.
Su Xiaomian sat down beside him and began to shed tears. 

Silently crying.

Perhaps it represents the most genuine sentiment.

At this point, Gu Xizhou suddenly heard the sound of chains sliding, then the chains snapped.
Gu Xizhou immediately looked at the ghosts surrounding Su Xiaomian, but he was certain that the sound of chains came from Su Xiaomian’s body.
No such sound appeared on the surrounding ghosts.

Before he had time to think about it, he opened his eyes the next moment to see Si Yu’s luxurious villa.
Gu Xizhou kneaded his forehead. 

Si Yu, Fang Zhi, and him all took a moment to collect their thoughts.

“Hu——” Gu Xizhou sighed and rubbed his stomach.
He looked pitifully at Si Yu and said, “I’m so hungry.
Is there anything to eat at your house?”

Si Yu nodded.
“Wait a minute.”


Si Yu left for a moment.
When he came back, he passed a menu to Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi.

Gu Xizhou looked at the menu and the prices, a little stupefied.
He still asked, “You’re treating us to this?”


Si Yu didn’t answer.
He only shot a glance at Gu Xizhou.

After a moment of astonishment, Gu Xizhou’s gluttony returned.
“If that’s what the local tyrant says, then I won’t be polite!” 

“999? What kind of food is this, ah…” Gu Xizhou looked for half a day.
These dishes’ prices were really scalp numbing.
“Isn’t it just a cucumber… Is it more delicious? No, it’s only more expensive!”

Fang Zhi was inwardly shocked as he looked at the prices, whispering, “Gu Ge, are we really going to eat this?”

“En, the aunt isn’t here today, and I can’t cook.” Si Yu said indifferently.
“…The taste is still okay.”

Gu Xizhou’s eyes were dazzled, and Fang Zhi thought it was too expensive.
After looking for half a day, they didn’t want to eat anything.
Finally, Si Yu decided to order for them over the phone himself. 

Gu Xizhou supported his jaw with his hand and turned to look at Si Yu.
Recalling Bai Dongyang’s matter, he asked, “Oh, by the way, didn’t Bai Dongyang say he’d give you a million to carry him once? How did you reply?”

Si Yu glanced at him and said, “Can, but it’s not necessary.”

Gu Xizhou thought Si Yu’s full statement must be: Can carry him, but it’s not necessary.
That little speck of money isn’t even seen by President Si.

In under half an hour, Gu Xizhou looked at the table full of food and sunk into profound contemplation.
He asked Si Yu, “Why is there so much?” 

Si Yu said in a reasonable tone, “Because I’m hungry.”

“I saw you eat about the same as usual in the mission world, and you even thought you weren’t hungry…” Gu Xizhou said, curling up his lips.

Si Yu: “I ate less because it didn’t taste good.”

Gu Xizhou huffed.
This moneybag is so pretentious.
Even nearly starving to death, you still have to consider how delicious the food is? Whether you eat or not, you’d still be just as hungry… 

Crooked: I had such a terrible time translating this chapter ;-; I feel so bad for Su Xiaomian, and I wanted to KILL her abducter aaaaah

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