Then, the old man drew the knife from his trousers, but because of the sound of the surrounding people shrieking, Gu Xizhou was unable to hear what else the man said.

“At that time, I saw that old fellow chop someone down with my own eyes! It was too frightening!” The cashier seemed very afraid, but then she questioned Gu Xizhou in the spirit of gossip.
“Police officer comrade, I just heard people say that the old slasher fellow was his father.
Is that true?” 

One of the other employees clicked their tongue and sighed, saying leisurely, “Weren’t they arguing over a house in the video?” But in the end, it’s his own son.
How could he do that?”

“Police officer comrade, what’s going on now?”

Gu Xizhou didn’t satisfy the aunt’s curiosity.
Instead, he let the other officers copy the surveillance video and bring it to the station.

After returning to the station, Gu Xizhou hadn’t even warmed up his seat when he received a call that said the perpetrator had turned himself in. 

The old man showed up at the police station.
Gu Xizhou looked down at the old man who was less than half his height.
His eyes were dull, and one was suffused with an old yellow color.
His hair was white, and he looked unwell.
Once was detained and taken inside the station, he began to continuously cough.

Inside the interrogation room, Gu Xizhou sat opposite the old man, pushing a cup of water in front of him.
The old man drank two mouthfuls and seemed to feel better, as he ceased to cough.

Gu Xizhou asked, “Speak, ba.
Why did you commit murder?”

He didn’t raise his head and spoke while looking down.
“Can I have a cigarette?” 

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Gu Xizhou let a coworker outside bring in a cigarette and light it before handing it to the old man.

The old man took the cigarette and said thank you, taking a slow draw from it with a pleased expression.
After a moment, he opened his mouth and began to speak in embarrassment.
“Thank you.
I haven’t had a cigarette for many years… I almost forgot what they tasted like.”

Gu Xizhou didn’t speak, calmly looking at him and waiting for him to talk about his motive.

After a moment, the old man finally opened his mouth to confess about the cause of the murder. 

“He’s not my son,” said the old man with a nostalgic expression.
“At that time, I was homeless and couldn’t afford to marry a wife, so I married a divorced woman.
He is the child that she brought from her previous marriage.

“I lived with that woman for less than two years.
She disdained my poverty and abandoned Xue Chaoguo to run away with a wild man outside.
Xue Chaoguo and I had lived together for two years, so we had some affection.
I didn’t have the heart to abandon him, so I supported him through school and watched him start a family.
I thought that everything was perfect.
Even if I didn’t have children myself, I regarded him as my son.

“I worked a casual job these years to earn money for him, and in my leisure time I helped look after his child… After the farmland behind our house was occupied, there was a pretty good primary school built.
He was very good to me at the time.
Later, he asked me to transfer ownership of the house to his name under the pretext of sending my grandson to study there.
I thought I could rely on him for the rest of my life… In any case, it would be set aside for him in the future, so whether it was early or late didn’t matter.
I put the house under his name.”

The old man was silent for a moment before he continued.
“After giving the house to him… his attitude toward me changed entirely, a complete 180. 

“He actually beat me, and he even drove me out of the house! In this lifetime, I gave everything to him even though he wasn’t my child.
I had no ability and no money, but I raised him for so many years.
How could he hit me and kick me out?” The old man suddenly began to weep silently.
“I didn’t demand anything of him, ah, I just hoped for him to give me a room, a quilt, and a bite to eat…”

“I raised him for so many years.
How could he act like this? I lived in a hole under a bridge, feeling very cold for a few sleepless nights.
The more I thought about it, the more angry I got.
Actually, if he was kind to me and spoke with me when I found him, I wouldn’t have killed him…” The old man’s voice was nasally, and he choked with sobs.


The old man confessed to the crime, plus there was the surveillance tape.
The evidence was conclusive.
Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment, then he went outside and bought two packs of Chinese cigarettes.

Fang Zhi gave Gu Xizhou a strange look and asked, “Gu Ge, you started to smoke again?” 

Gu Xizhou shook his head and said, “No, these are for that uncle.”

Fang Zhi: “He just said he hadn’t smoked for many years.”

Gu Xizhou: “Do you know why he hasn’t smoked for many years?”

Fang Zhi: “?” 

Gu Xizhou’s answer was to let Fang Zhi take the cigarettes to the old man.

Outside the interrogation room, Gu Xizhou heard Fang Zhi’s voice.
“Can I ask you a question?”

The old man had an amiable countenance.
It was unimaginable that someone like this would kill a man in the middle of the road.
“Of course.”

“Why did you say you hadn’t smoked for many years?” 

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The old man was undisturbed, and his whole mood was completely serene now.
He answered, “Because I had no money.
I wanted to support him.”

It went without saying who the ‘him’ was.

Fang Zhi came out and looked in at the crying old man inside the interrogation room who was smoking in silence.
He looked very sad, and his eyes were red.

Gu Xizhou patted Fang Zhi on the shoulder and said, “Really, you can think about it a different way.
His wish could be regarded as granted.
It’s really unlikely he would get the death penalty at this age.
In the future, he’ll have a place to live, a quilt, and a bite to eat.” 

“Okay, the case is cracked.
Everyone worked hard, let’s go home, ba.”

Gu Xizhou returned home.
He just opened the door when he saw his dog son running eagerly toward him.
The dog squatted at his feet, cheerfully wagging his tail.

Then Gu Xizhou felt someone grab his shoulders and spin him around, apparently inspecting his body.

Gu Xizhou: “……” 

“Ji Ji, are you worried I lost a piece of meat somewhere?” Gu Xizhou teased.
“Don’t worry, I’m not a weak chicken like you.”

After that, the door opened with a click, and he was kicked out along with his dog son.


“Hey, you’re throwing a fit again? You little angry ghost!” Gu Xizhou covered his ass painfully.
Then, he recalled that when he had just gone in, he’d thrown the key inside the hallway cabinet…

He really wasn’t angry at all.
Isn’t it just being kicked out by a ghost? 

Ah, ah, ah, ah! Angry, ah! Next time he absolutely won’t throw his key aside!

Just when the door closed, it suddenly opened again.
Gu Xizhou thought that the ghost got over it and planned to go in… the dog rope steadily dropped from the sky into his hands.
There was a small sticky note attached to the end.

The little note said: Walk the dog ^_^

Gu Xizhou looked at the little note while the dog son anxiously wound circles around his feet with its tail wagging like a little electric fan. 

“What are you wagging for?” Gu Xizhou rubbed the dog son’s head and tied on the leash.
“If you keep wagging, it’ll snap!”

Bunny: Gu Ji Ji is the only ghost who can beat up GXZ

Crooked: I feel like this case was too easy

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