Ch8 – Open the Door

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The next day, Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing got up together, and before they even wore their clothes properly, rushed over to the toilet entrance.
But after looking around, Gu Xizhou didn’t even see a single shadow!


The two of them searched around for a long time, before they finally found someone below the bed in the dorm they had spent the night in, dragging him out from under the bed.




Si Yaoxing patted the sleeping Ma Yu and said, “Get up quickly.”


Ma Yu was blearily patted awake by Si Yaoxing, and as he rubbed his sleepy eyes, he asked: “What’s going on?”



Gu Xizhou, who was standing beside them, pointed at Ma Yu and smiled.
“Didn’t you say last night that you wouldn’t be able to sleep in a room with ‘it’? But now you’re getting angry at being woken up? Did you miss ‘it’?”



Ma Yu: “…”


Ma Yu immediately recollected himself.
In yesterday’s dream, he originally couldn’t fall asleep, staring at “it”, but in the end that Zhou Liu was quite considerate.
Zhou Liu laid on the bed and pulled a blanket over himself, wrapping himself up so severely that he looked like a dumpling.
Like this, Ma Yu wasn’t as terrified, and in the later half of the night… fell asleep.



He got up from the ground.
Sleeping on the ground all night caused his body to ache.
He glanced at the situation around him, gave a slight jolt, and patted his body: “Wasn’t it you two who insisted on sharing a room with it! Other people are very reluctant!”


Gu Xizhou: “In order to protect my life, I still have to care about whether or not it’s willing?”


Ma Yu: “…” That’s true.


Ma Yu was oppressed by Gu Xizhou, but he didn’t fight back.
He was seriously afraid of this person.


“By the way, what’s going on with Li He?” Gu Xizhou casually asked.



Hearing this, Ma Yu’s expression turned ugly, and he said in frustration: “I don’t know.”


Asking himself, Ma Yu knew he treated people quite well.
Those who he could save in the mission world, he would save, those he could help, he would help.
He didn’t dare to say how many lives he had saved before.
In this mission world, the death conditions were inferred by Si Yaoxing and him, so he really couldn’t understand why Li He would act like that.


The three of them discussed as they walked.


Si Yaoxing said: “We’ll find out very soon.”


Si Yaoxing’s voice was very light and faint, but his voice was nice to listen to.
After saying this, they reached the first floor, and his gaze landed on the tightly closed room door.


Si Yaoxing said: “We’ll go and test him.”




This time, Ma Yu didn’t refute.
He simply nodded his head.
He also wanted to know the reason. 



Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing reached the classroom first, early in the morning, and the rest of the class entered one after another.
It didn’t take long for the entire class to arrive.



Xiao Lian and Xiao Tian both had red eyes, as if they had just cried.
After seeing Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing, they seemed to let out a breath they had been holding.


Xiao Lian hurriedly walked in front and asked: “Did you see Ma Ge? He didn’t come back for an entire night!”

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“We knocked on your door, but you didn’t answer…” Xiao Tian asked hastily at her side, obviously worried.


“We didn’t see him, what happened? Wasn’t he supposed to be with you?” Gu Xizhou knew the answer but still pretended not to know, and looked around.
He didn’t expect Li He, this bastard, to suddenly appear out of nowhere.
What a daring move.


Xiao Lian: “Li He asked Ma Ge to accompany him to the toilet, but when Li He came back he scolded Ma Ge for not being trustworthy, leaving him in the toilet and running off.
We were also stunned, because Ma Ge simply didn’t come back!”


“We waited for about twenty minutes ba, Ma Ge still didn’t come back, so we, we all went to the toilet to search, but we didn’t find anyone! Ma Ge got lost because of him, but he still refused to go and search!” Having said this, Xiao Lian’s gaze fell on Li He’s body like a knife.


Li He stood beside them and explained: “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, but I was scared.
Ma Ge said he would wait for me, but then he suddenly disappeared… I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t see anyone!”


Xiao Tian was visibly anxious.
“Do you not have any sort of conscience? How many times Ma Ge has saved you, you should know very well in your heart!”


Hearing this, Gu Xizhou felt a little surprised.
These two girls, Xiao Lian and Xiao Tian actually looked to be pretty afraid of everything, but they dared to go out and search for someone, it actually made him admire their courage. 


Hearing Xiao Tian questioning their morals, a few people shamefully bowed their head, and no one spoke for a moment.



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“Ma, Ma Ge…” Seeing Ma Yu’s movement of opening the window, the others seemed to have thought of something, and their pupils subconsciously dilated.


Gu Xizhou ended up noticing the flashes of glee on the faces of the people who had just a moment ago pretended to be ashamed. 


This was really just too true. 


The man opened the window, leaned over, and after a while, the “Kuang-dang!” noise of a heavy object hitting the ground sounded again.
Gu Xizhou leaned out to take a look, before pulling the curtains shut, and shook his head at several people.
“Don’t look, it’ll scare you.”


Hearing that, everyone present was silent for a moment.


“It’s all because of you guys, how could you be so cruel, refusing to go and find Ma Ge, he could have made it through ah! How many times did he save us?!” Xiao Lian suddenly yelled, “You fuckers aren’t much of anything!”


“Especially you! Because of you, Ma Ge died!” Xiao Lian pointed at Li He’s face, “Fuck your mom, why don’t you go and die?!”



Si Yaoxing went along with it and added another handful of fire, and coldly said: “Ha, only he was a good man.
I didn’t have the heart to I would have prefered to simply test the new rules with you as fodder.”


After that, he offered a closed eyed smile and sat on his seat, watching the others.


The few people that had turned red because of their shame heard this, and suddenly panicked.
Si Yaoxing was already extremely cold to them, and he wasn’t even willing to say more than a single sentence to them, much less help them!


The previous deductions were explained to them out of respect for Ma Ge, that old man, but now that this happened to Ma Ge, the possibility of Si Yaoxing helping them again was basically zero, what… what were they going to do?


Several people started to argue, and their dispute got bigger and bigger, fighting over who should be responsible for Ma Yu’s death, when Li He suddenly shouted, “Stop fucking arguing!”


Li He suddenly broke through the crowd and walked in front of Si Yaoxing.
He gripped Si Yaoxing’s collar and said fiercely, “You say you won’t help Laozi, then who needs your help? If you don’t sleep, you won’t die – this rule hasn’t chased ba? Laozi puts these words down today!”


“I have something that can force you all to sleep without you knowing!”


“So, you white-faced bitch, you better be obedient and listen to me, or else, hehe…” Li He lifted his hand to gently pat Si Yaoxing’s cheek.

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Si Yaoxing suddenly stood up, and accurately aimed a kick at Li He’s stomach.
Even if Li He was agile, it all happened so quickly that he couldn’t escape Si Yaoxing’s foot.





Li He was kicked three meters away, proving exactly how incredible the power behind the kick was.


The people next to them screamed and Li He was stunned, but he didn’t utter a single threat. 


Si Yaoxing coldly stared at him.
“Ma Yu was fooled by you, that’s why he died!”


“Why are you doing this?” Si Yaoxing stepped forward like an arrow, grabbing Li He and questioning him. 


Li He looked at him: “Hahaha, yes ah, so what? It wasn’t like I actually did anything, he’s the one who didn’t know how he fell asleep!! You see, the rules of the mission world didn’t kill me, what can you do to me?”


Just as he sank further into his insanity, the classroom door was pushed open, and Ma Yu walked in.


Gu Xizhou glanced back at him.
“You really can’t tell that you’re quite skilled ah, I was actually worried just now that you might have lost your balance and died.”


Hearing this, Ma Yu rolled his eyes at Gu Xizhou.
This guy’s mouth just didn’t have anything good to say!


He was a policeman.
Jumping from the third floor to the second floor wasn’t a big problem, okay!


“You, you didn’t die…” Li He saw the man, and his entire body froze. 



Si Yaoxing glanced at him, and shook his head.
“You thought you could sneak this sort of botched killing method past the rules of the mission world? Right now, you really should be burning incense and worshipping Buddha, thanking your lucky stars that Ma Yu didn’t die, or your death might be even worse.”




Handcuffs were put on Li He’s body, and his hands were put behind his back.
Now that he had already admitted to his crime, Ma Yu wouldn’t be polite to him.


Who knew that Li He would still try to resist, seeing the teacher and loudly shouting: “Form Teacher, save me!”


Unfortunately, the form teacher didn’t pay any attention to him, and minded his own business, flipping open the textbook and starting the class.


Ma Yu glanced at him and asked: “Why do you want to kill me?”


“If I don’t kill you, can I still run away? Fuck you, this bastard policeman, Laozi hid everywhere and anywhere, just as I fucking thought of coming out to eat something good today, you fucking chased Laozi for three streets!”


“En? Looks like it’s a fugitive.” Ma Yu paused for a moment.
“Looking at how fierce you are, it must be a murder case ba? En?”


Li He heard Ma Yu’s words, and frowned slightly, looking at Ma Yu with some surprise.
“You aren’t that little policeman?”


“Haha, you aren’t!” Li He suddenly rejoiced.
“Hahaha, you aren’t that policeman!”



Li He abruptly turned feral and said: “Laozi isn’t afraid to tell you, there are over ten lives stolen by my hands! Hahahaha, Laozi fled and killed in the same breath, and no matter how the police did, they could never catch Laozi!!!”


“Who dares to touch me, hahaha, who dares to touch me?” Li He acted like he was crazy.


Ma Yu stared at Li He who had gone mad from laughing so much.
He really didn’t know what Li He was thinking about!


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Since he wasn’t the policeman who chased Li He, once Li He left the mission world, as long as he ran away from the chasing policeman, then he would have escaped the punishment of the law once again.


At noon, Gu Xizhou, Si Yaoxing and Ma Yu carried Li He and brought him to the dorm room.
They even asked the teacher to give him a leave of absence.


The winter sun in the afternoon shone brightly, and there was someone scolding madly in the dorm room.


“Hahaha, you all don’t dare to touch me, you cowardly things!” Li He was handcuffed to the bedside, but he continued to wildly laugh and provoke them.


Listening to the crazy shouting of the man in the room, Gu Xizhou really felt like he was going to get a headache.
Si Yaoxing grabbed a pair of smelly socks from an unknown place, and walked in front of Li He.


“You, what are you doing?” Li He saw the socks that had just been taken off, and stared fiercely at Si Yaoxing.


“Letting you taste the original flavour of smelly socks.”



Gu Xizhou glanced at Li He’s humiliated expression, and couldn’t help but laugh.
“He’s lying, it’s not stinky at all, I can’t even smell anything.”


Si Yaoxing stuffed the socks into Li He’s mouth with a cold face, and the dorm room suddenly turned incredibly quiet.


“En en… En…” Li He kept laughing. 


Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing threw Li He in Room 106 before meeting with the people next door, and finally explaining the information they had obtained yesterday.
In the morning, Gu Xizhou had also asked a few students about Gao Hanyi.


This guy was a thorn in the class.
His grades weren’t good, and he only came to this high school because his family forced money in.
He didn’t study well, and always mixed with good-for-nothing people.
He loved to bully people in school, smoking and drinking as he pleased, and he also fought with someone until their spleen exploded, and had to pay quite a bit of money for compensation.


Just like this, this bastard was still alive and well. 


In the afternoon, just after a class, a few girls deliberately stood near Gao Hangyi and whispered. 


“Aiya, we shouldn’t have transferred here, what’s going these few days, there’s always someone dying!”


“I heard there this school used to have a girl called ‘Lin Yuan’, and after she died, the suicides started!”


“How did this happen?”



“If you ask me, who am I going to ask? Still, I heard Xiang Xiaoxiao say once, that there seemed to be a link between Lin Yuan and the death of that guy.
They all say that Lin Yuan was raped by that boy, but that’s not true.
The person who raped her was someone else, and that someone is in our class!”


“It can’t be ba? There’s a rapist in our class? Having someone like that in our class, that’s so disgusting.”


“How can that be? Us girls studying in the same class as that kind of person, just the thought of it is terrifying…”


“Fuck off, why don’t you piss on the ground and look at your reflection, with that kind of face, you’re afraid of people wanting to sleep with you?” Gao Hangyi heard the few girls whispering and angrily shouted, turning to face that round-faced girl and scolding her.


The girl with that round face was already self-conscious about her face, and instantly choked upon hearing Gao Hangyi’s words.
In the end, it was still Xiao Tian standing up and said, “This doesn’t even concern you, what are you getting so stimulated for? Unless you’re the one who raped her?”


“What bullshit are you trying to say?!” The boy suddenly hit the table in a fit of anger.


“Hey, you’re actually getting more stimulated the more you talk, it wouldn’t really be you ba?” Xiao Tian used an incredibly wide-eyed gaze to look at Gao Hangyi’s uneasy self, making it seem like he had been entirely seen through.  


“Pei! My family has money, I can get any kind of woman I want, but rape Lin Yuan? Am I insane?” Gao Hangyi furiously shouted.


“If it’s not then it’s not, what are you so loud for?” Xiao Tian rolled her eyes as she spoke to Gao Hangyi.


Xiao Tian waited for a while before subconsciously glancing at a few other girls, and a few other boys also showed a hint of excitement, the first condition of death was reached! The second condition of death was a lot simpler to achieve, and if it happened, it would have to wait to be seen tonight!

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After dinner, Gu Xizhou and the rest returned to their rooms.
This night, Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing would also stay in Room 105.
Only Li He who was handcuffed to the bed frame would be left in the next room. 


“You two Masters, don’t sleep tonight, they’re terrified.” Ma Yu specifically told Gu Xizhou and Si Yaoxing these two individuals.
Only after they promised not to sleep, did he finally let out a breath he had been holding. 


In the middle of the night, Si Yaoxing suddenly said to Ma Yu: “I still want to sleep for a while.
I’ll go next door to sleep, and come back tomorrow morning.
These few days have really tired me out, being unable to sleep for the past few days and even running around in a dream, I’m just too tired.”


Ma Yu: “…” I definitely saw you sleeping well for a few days…


Gu Xizhou made an assenting sound.
Anyways, Room 308 was extremely safe in the dream, and he really wasn’t worried for Si Yaoxing.
Right now, he didn’t feel drowsy.
He was thinking of how when this was all over, the “him” who left this world would leave and return to the modern world, or maybe something else…


He still didn’t know, and thinking to this point, he felt like it would be a sleepless night. 


The Li He next door saw Si Ysoxing enter and tried to shout, but when he saw Si Yaoxing lie on the bed to sleep, his stuffed mouth couldn’t stop laughing. 


His eyes were congested, and his facial expressions were ferocious. 




The sun had just arisen when people started to enter the classroom one after another.



Gu Xizhou wasn’t surprised to see Si YAoxing, but after that he suddenly saw Li He enter.
His right wrist that had been handcuffed had a layer of skin scraped off.
It was likely that his hand had been forcefully pulled out of the handcuff, causing the surface skin on his wrist to be scrapped. 


A few girls screamed as soon as they saw Li He. 


Li He walked in front of Gu Xizhou, opened the window, and jumped down.


Gu Xizhou leaned out to take a look.
The floor looked like a rain of blood had just fallen, and in a brief moment, Li He left nothing but a pile of flesh on the ground.


He subconsciously looked at Si Yaoxing: “?”


Si Yaoxing spread his hands with a helpless expression: “All I did was go over next door to sleep.
He was forced into the dreamscape, and right as we were about to leave, he was pitifully caught by that female ghost.”


Ma Yu: “…” You must have done it intentionally ba!


Several people felt a chill go down their back, but they didn’t feel any sort of pity towards Li He.
They all knew that this type of murderer was better off dead than alive.
If they let him continue to escape death, who knew how many people would die.


“Deng deng deng–“


The footsteps sounded a little rushed.



Several people looked at the classroom door at the same time.
Gao Hangyi walked in with a face full of fear, and his body was completely out of his control.
His eyes were filled with tears, and he looked terrified.


But his hands were controlled by some unknown power, and he pushed open the window, just like what had happened to… the girl named Lin Yuan not too long ago.


In the midst of Gao Hangyi’s scream of horror, Gu Xizhou watched him flip out the window and jumped down.


And the window in front of him turned into a wooden door.
He subconsciously twisted the handle, and with a squeak, the door opened. 


Inside the door, it was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.


“Let’s go.” Si Yaoxing gestured for Gu Xizhou to go first.
Gu Xizhou hesitated in front of the door for a moment, before taking the first step, and then his consciousness blurred. 

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