to knock on the door when they heard the sound of a woman’s sharp yelling from the yard.
The people inside seemed to be fighting, and very viciously at that. 

The door suddenly opened, and a thin and petite man ran out from inside.
He ran very quickly and held something white in his hands.
He bumped into Lin Hao at the door and then disappeared like a wisp of smoke, leaving no trace.

Immediately following that, a curvy woman came out to pursue him, waving a kitchen knife in the air.
She stopped at the doorway and put her hands on her hips as she panted with rage and rained curses on him.
“Xu San’er, do you want to fucking die? You dare to steal things from Laoniang’s home, from under Laoniang’s nose! You son of a bitch, don’t let Laoniang see you again!”

“Damn bastard! Serves you right to never get a wife! If anyone married you, it would be the result of several lifetimes of rotten luck! Dead pervert! Wait for my man to come back and see if he doesn’t beat you to death!

The woman was very agitated, and she cursed until she was out of breath, angrily spitting on the ground.
“Pei, Xu San’er, don’t let me see you.
If you let me see you again, I’ll chop you to pieces.” 

Hearing the woman’s final sentence, Gu Xizhou and the others finally understood why the woman was so angry.

Thieves were despised, and panty thieves even more so.

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The woman swore for ages before she noticed Gu Xizhou and the others standing at the side.
She stared blankly, and then smiled at them as if she recognized them.

Her voice was very tender, as if you could squeeze water from it, while still being cute.
“Street office comrades, ah? Why are you visiting my house, is there something wrong, ah? Is it to explain when the demolition fee will come?” 

Lin Hao robotically recovered his soul from the woman’s onslaught of profanity and quietly explained, “It’s not that.
We just want to ask you about something.”

The woman’s name was Wang Chunjiao, and she was considered to be the prettiest lady in the village.
She had a well-developed figure and good features.
She was a foreigner who came over after marrying.
After listening to Lin Hao, she was unexpectedly direct.
“If there’s something you want to ask then ask, ba.”


“Did you see Old Lady He on the day she disappeared half a year ago?”

Wang Chunjiao fell into thought, wrinkling her brows.
“I didn’t.
You’re better off asking me about that thing that just ran away!” 

“Why do you say that?”

“Xu San’er messes around every day, and he doesn’t have a job.
He steals things on our road every day, and steals vegetables, too.
At noon, every family returns home to cook, and my husband says that he has stumbled across him stealing vegetables from the stalls several times.”

Wang Chunjiao lifted the kitchen knife as she spoke slowly.

“Where does he live?” asked Gu Xizhou. 

Wang Chunjiao pointed ahead to a decrepit house nearby and said, “There, if anywhere.
That house is his.”

“That house is habitable?”

“Xu San’er idles about all day long.
Having a house at all is pretty good.” Wang Chunjiao clearly despised Xu San’er, and she showed a look of disdain when she spoke.

Gu Xizhou and the others hadn’t thought that the house with a collapsed roof was occupied, so they thought that this was the last family.
After they questioned the woman, the sky had already darkened.
Xu San’er had just fled, and it was unlikely that he would return for a while.
They could only go look for Xu San’er again tomorrow. 

After running around all day, Yu Yizhou seemed to enjoy this kind of life.
When they were eating dinner, Yu Yizhou ate the most.
He stuffed himself until his belly was round and bulging.

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Lin Hao and Xiao Nan both felt like it was odd.
This newcomer’s ability to adapt was a little too exaggerated.
Although he was sometimes scared, it was clear that this guy usually had a smile on his face, rather than being afraid.
“This is the first time we’ve seen a newcomer like you.
Your ability to accept all of this is very good.”

Yu Yizhou scratched his head and explained, “You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen the sun.
I got stomach cancer.
I can’t eat, I can’t walk, and I lie in bed every day with my life suspended by an IV.
It’s simply my dream to have a healthy body.”

Fang Zhi nodded as he listened to Yu Yizhou.
He should be the one who best understands Yu Yizhou among the group.
Before, his mother was sick in the hospital for a very long time.
He saw with his own eyes how the disease tortured his mother until she was no longer human. 

After eating, Yu Yizhou went to the room and found a washcloth and basin.
He sought out Fang Zhi, who looked the best, and said, “Um… Xiao Fang, can you go downstairs with me to get water?”

Fang Zhi glanced at him.
Considering the time, he didn’t refuse Yu Yizhou’s request.
Gu Xizhou and Si Yu went down together with them to wash up.

The demolition office was divided into two floors.
The top floor had the temporary dormitories and the bottom layer was their office as well as a small courtyard that had a kitchen and a public toilet.

After washing up, they stayed together to discuss for a moment, but there was no useful information. 

Fang Zhi slept on a chair in the room while Gu Xizhou and Si Yu slept on the bed.
The main reason was that they didn’t want to share a room with the others.
After all, they were still unfamiliar.

The next day, Gu Xizhou and the others had yet to get up when they heard the sound of someone walking around outside the balcony.
It sounded like Yu Yizhou.


Yu Yizhou seemed to be brushing his teeth when he suddenly shouted and pounded frantically on Gu Xizhou’s group’s door.

Inside the room, the three people got out of bed and exchanged glances.
Si Yu walked over to the door and pulled open the window curtains to take a look at the situation outside.
Yu Yizhou had lost his head out of fear and his face was pale. 

“There’s so much blood in the courtyard!”

Following the sound of Yu Yizhou’s shrieking, the others also came out of their rooms.

Si Yu opened the door and walked to the edge of the balcony.
He first looked at the people who came out.
Lin Hao wasn’t there.
Then, he looked down…

There was blood all over the ground in the courtyard, but there was no corpse. 

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