Ch81 – Corpse Collector

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Translated by: Crooked

Edited by: Dust Bunny 

“Gu Ge, you’re still in the mood to tell jokes.
I think it’s horrifying…” What Fang Zhi saw made his back feel cold.

Gu Xizhou glared at him and said, “I’m just trying to lighten up the atmosphere.”



“That’s not necessary.” Si Yu looked at him with the words ‘you’re teasing me’ written all over his face.

Gu Xizhou: …Can you stop looking at me like this all the time? I think you doubt me! I really want to recite society’s core values all the way through for you to hear. 

When Si Yu had just finished speaking, one of the women was preparing to leave.
Xu Hao rushed over and snatched the woman’s bag, viciously throwing it onto the ground.
“This isn’t pork; this is human meat! Human meat! It, it… isn’t human! Look clearly!


But, the woman just rolled her eyes and picked up her bag of meat while she cussed, “Xu San’er, are you sick? If you’re sick, go to the hospital.
Did you go crazy?”

The other people purchasing meat said contemptuously, “Xu San’er, even if you’re a thief, how can you still slander others? You’ve gone too far meddling in other people’s business.”

Xu Hao looked at them and pointed at the monster inside the butcher’s shop with a shaky finger.
In a trembling voice, he said, “It-it…”


The pig head inside the butcher’s shop was expressionless, as if he didn’t hear Xu Hao at all.
It silently arranged a person’s leg on the chair and ‘ka ka ka’ chopped it up into several pieces.
Finally, the monster lost its patience and glanced at Xu Hao.

Then, the women spoke to each other in low voices.

“Aiya, I don’t know who said someone lost a pig head on the ground last night either.”


“They also said they cut the pig apart and ate the meat.
Who knows if that pig had diseases or not.
I wouldn’t dare to eat it.
It’s better to buy meat at the butcher’s shop to be at ease.” 

The women spoke, smiling while walking away, leaving Xu Hao behind standing helplessly in front of the pork shop.

“My heavens, ah…” Xiao Nan caught up and saw that pig-head, human-bodied boss of the butcher’s shop.
His complexion paled at the sight of the villagers buying meat in the front of the shop.

“It-it’s chopping meat.” Yu Yizhou went to the back and desperately covered his mouth with his hands.
Like that, he could barely restrain himself from letting out a scream.

When Xu Hao heard this sentence, he abruptly turned to look at Gu Xizhou and the others.
When he spoke, it was as if something was strangling his neck, and he was tottering like he would faint in the very next moment.
It seemed like he had grabbed onto his final hope.
“I’m not alone.
You can see it, too.
You can see it, too! I’m not seeing things.
This is real…” 

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“Th-there’s a monster! There’s a monster!”

Xu Hao seemed like he had suddenly gone mad, and he ran in the direction of his house.
Gu Xizhou turned around and looked at the monster with the pig head and human body in the butcher’s shop.
Then, the monster looked at Xu Hao, smiling strangely.
It held a cleaver in its hands and chopped the meat in front of it apart slice after slice, mincing it to shreds.

“Stop him,” Si Yu said to the rest of them, pointing at Xu Hao after a glance at the monster with the pig head and human body.

Fang Zhi was much more reliable than Xiao Nan or Yu Yizhou.
Their physical fitness and stamina were also incomparable.
Although Xu Hao was making a mad dash out of pure terror ahead of them, it still couldn’t match up against the hundred meter sprint athlete and maxed physical fitness of the criminal police. 

After Fang Zhi overtook Xu Hao, he grabbed his shoulder and had yet to speak when Xu Hao recklessly swung his fist.
At first, Fang Zhi was shocked, then he grabbed Xu Hao’s left hand and pulled it behind his back in a beautiful maneuver, easily subduing the mad Xu Hao.

“So awesome!” Xiao Nan looked at Fang Zhi in amazement.
After noticing Fang Zhi’s skill, he was somewhat dazed.
“Do you train?”


It must be said that a lunatic is much harder to subdue than an average person, especially Xu Hao, who had just been stimulated.
Even though Fang Zhi was pressing him down on the ground, he was still struggling incessantly.

Fang Zhi didn’t answer him.
He rummaged inside his clothes and then directly handcuffed Xu Hao. 

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“Cjjjjt! Gbc’a mbwf bnfg.
Gbc’a abemt wf…”

“Ktfgf’r j wbcrafg!”

“Pa ibbxr ilxf atlr ues’r wlcv lr rbwfktja jycbgwji.” Xe Wlhtbe qblcafv ja We Ljb, ktbrf tjcvr kfgf ybat rtjmxifv ys Mjcu Itl. 

Vl Te rjlv, “Sc.
Mlgra, yglcu tlw yjmx ab tlr tberf jcv ifa tlw mjiw vbkc.”


When Xu Hao left earlier, he didn’t lock the door, so it was very convenient to take Xu Hao home.
After he got home, his mood was out of control, and he simply couldn’t communicate with them at all.

Gu Xizhou slammed the table furiously.

With a clatter, the table inside the room immediately broke into pieces.
Seeing this scene, Gu Xizhou raised his hands in the air for a moment and didn’t know where to put them.

“You’re pretty strong, huh…” Xiao Nan glanced at the solid wood table that was slapped into pieces.

Gu XIzhou: “It’s still alright.”

Despite his helpless words,  Gu Xizhou’s slam immediately silenced the shrieking Xu Hao.
Xu Hao was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, and he looked at Gu Xizhou, Si Yu, and the others in terror. 

Is there something else you’ve been keeping from us?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, questioning Xu Hao.

Xu Hao shrank back and shivered on the ground.
Unwilling to look at Gu Xizhou, he merely repeated in a whisper, “Eating people, eating people, they’re all eating people.
Only I didn’t eat people.
It’s only me!”

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No matter what they said or who spoke to him, he refused to acknowledge them at all.

“If he’s like this, I’m afraid we’re at a dead end, ah.” Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment, then he looked around the man’s house and said, “Otherwise, we could search his home to look for any relevant clues.” 

Si Yu looked at the state of Xu Hao and realized that this NPC was unlikely to answer any of their other questions.
Si Yu agreed with Gu Xizhou.
“Everyone help search.”

The crazy NPC Xu Hao was nesting on his bed and mumbling to himself.
He repeated the same few sentences over and over again.
“Eating people, eating people, they’re all eating people.
Only I didn’t eat people, only I ‘cannot eat meat from the butcher’s shop’.”


The group searched Xu Hao’s home but found nothing of significance besides a few women’s underwear and other garments.

Gu Xizhou sighed, looking at the already darkening sky.
“Let’s go back.” 

“Might as well.” Si Yu looked at the deranged Xu Hao.

After the group left, they returned twenty minutes later to see Xu Hao’s situation.

Gu Xizhou walked out from inside the room and shook his head.
He said, “He’s really insane.”

“Then let’s go, ba.” 

Originally, they thought Xu Hao might be pretending to be mad, but unfortunately, after they left for twenty minutes and came back for an ambush, Xu Hao was still shivering on his bed and covering his head with his quilt.
It looked a little pitiful.

After dinner, Si Yu looked outside at the dusky sky and said, “Be careful tonight. Don’t sleep too much.”

“Lin Hao died on the first night, and the second night it was the butcher.
Tonight, it probably won’t go look for other people.
Most likely, it will come for us,” said Si Yu.

“Will it really?” Xiao Nan wanted to cry, but he didn’t have the tears.
He looked like a dejected rooster. 

“Tonight… Can’t I go with you…”

Si Yu looked at Xiao Nan coldly and indifferently.
He said, “Of course——not.”

Xiao Nan sniveled and teared up, and this big masculine man unexpectedly began to whimper and sob.

Apparently Yu Yizhou didn’t want to continue with this heavy subject, so he took the initiative to bring up something new.
“We’d better analyze the situation, ba.” 

“En.” Gu Xizhou nodded.
“Yesterday, after Xu Hao told us what he knew, the butcher died the next day.
The scene we saw also transformed into the real scene.
Xu Hao shouldn’t have lied to us, but he definitely hid something.
Now, the butcher’s head was exchanged with a pig’s head.
Does it have a deeper meaning?”

With this being mentioned, Si Yu kneaded his eyebrows.
“Actually, it’s possible.”

After they discussed it for a while, they had to separate into their rooms.
After Gu Xizhou washed up, he lay down on the bed and listened to the blowing of the wind outside while he stared at the moldy ceiling.
Because Si Yu had deliberately instructed them, the three people lay down in the room, but they didn’t sleep.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Gu Xizhou, jabbing Si Yu’s arm. 

Si Yu: “Thinking about the information collected today.
If, it, comes, then how should we respond to it?”

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“Then jiayou!”


Si Yu: “……” Can’t you help give it some thought?

In the dark, a small sound could be caught by ear. 

“Step step step.”

Something was going upstairs.

The three people in the room simultaneously got up and looked at the door.

The two people next door did the same thing.
They heard walking outside.
Xiao Nan and Yu Yizhou’s nerves were stretched taut.
They shivered and looked at each other.
They could each make out the same fear from the other’s eyes. 

What do we do? It really came!

“Dong dong dong.”

The sound of knocking on a door.

The two people shrunk their heads back in fright.
After a moment, they heard the sound of the door being smashed. 

In the room next door, Gu Xizhou, Si Yu, and Fang Zhi looked at the smashed door on the verge of collapse.
Gu Xizhou took a step forward and pulled open the window curtains to look outside.

Si Yu also followed to have a look.
“Fuck, two people came to knock on the door in one night.”

Following Gu Xizhou’s line of sight, Fang Zhi saw the monster with the pig head and human body as well as that Old Man Mo, who, accurately speaking, was an Old Ghost.

“Peng peng peng!” 

The knocking changed into smashing the door.
Gu Xizhou looked at the two monsters outside.
While the pig head monster was smashing the door, the old man was contrariwise standing peacefully to the side.
It slowly raised its head and made eye contact with Gu Xizhou before glaring at him fiercely.

Gu Xizhou: “……” I hope that when you meet me alone you still have this much courage.

Si Yu opened his mouth before hesitating.
He originally thought that Gu Xizhou would be very frightened, but he unexpectedly discovered that Gu Xizhou was glaring straight back at the ghost and rolling his eyes at it.

“He glared at me,” said Gu Xizhou abruptly.
“I’m so scared.
Big shot, quick, think of something.” 

Si Yu: “What can I think of?”

Gu Xizhou said, “Just now when we were in bed, you said you were thinking!”


Si Yu: “……”

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“Peng peng peng!” 

“The door’s going to break!” Fang Zhi was shocked as he pointed at the wooden door, which had holes from being attacked by the butcher’s knife.
He looked pitifully at his two arguing companions.
He was about to cry.


Gu Xizhou’s team’s door was finally unable to resist, and the whole door frame fell with a clatter, frightening next door’s Xiao Nan and Yu Yizhou into trembling.
“Kuang kuang kuang! Kuang kuang kuang!”

“Were they al-already killed?” Xiao Nan gave a coarse gasp, hiding below the window and covering his mouth.
His shirt was soaked in cold sweat.
“It seemed like the sound of chopping up bone…” 

Yu Yizhou gulped and leaned against Xiao Nan.
A moment later, the sound from next door suddenly ceased.
He propped his upper body against the wall… He moved, wanting to pass through the glass window and have a look at the situation outside.


A huge pig head was facing him directly.
Yu Yizhou couldn’t help but scream.
Then, their door was smashed frantically!

“Why are they still not leaving after killing three people?” Xiao Nan mumbled to himself despondently. 

Peng peng peng.

Peng peng peng.

Everything was the same as the scene from before.
The door was going to be smashed open.
Despair filled their hearts.
They were done for.
Completely done for.

The two people collapsed on the spot. 

At this time, there was suddenly a familiar sound outside.

“Hey, old man.
Your wife’s body is hidden in the Citrine Village villagers’ stomachs.
Go find them!”

When the person outside finished their words, the pounding on the door came to an abrupt stop.

The old man silently looked at the man standing in front of him. 

After a moment, the voice outside spoke again.
“Come out, ba.
They left.”

“They really left?” They heard another voice.
This one sounded like Gu Ran’s.


The other person’s voice explained, “Apparently my guess was correct.
Every night someone has to die.
Those villagers ate the corpse, so they are the ones hiding the corpse.
The ones who hid the corpse are witnesses, and they are all guilty in the eyes of the old man.
So long as someone dies every day, he probably won’t look for us.”

At the same time off to the side, Fang Zhi gripped his item, Lin Meng’s gift.
Just now when those two monsters came in, he touched the item in a moment of desperation.
This item could pull them into the space behind the mirror——Lin Meng’s room, but there were fixed limits. 

It could only be used once in every mission world, and you can’t stay in Lin Meng’s room for more than three minutes.
Assuming he was by himself, he could stay inside Lin Meng’s room for three minutes, but three people meant one minute.

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