dded, “It’s only a guess.
Grab him.
We’ll try to find that person together.”

The five people tied Xu Hao up and took him to the old man’s house.
Gu Xizhou nodded to Si Yu who stepped forward to knock on the door.

“Have you found my wife?” 

As the old man walked out they could see that he also had a hole in his stomach.
This meant… he had also eaten some of that meat.

Gu Xizhou immediately handed Xu Hao over to the old man, explaining, “Alright, don’t ink, he murdered your wife.
Here you are.
Hurry up and take out the props!”

The old man looked at Gu Xizhou deeply.
The next moment, the pig-headed monster carrying a vegetable knife pushed open the door and came out.
He picked up Xu Hao like a piglet and carried him into the house.

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From inside the house came a blood-curdling scream like a pig being slaughtered and the sound of a knife cutting bone. 

“Ka ka ka.”

“Isn’t this…too cruel?” Yu Yizhou gulped, unable to bear the look of the despair on Xu Hao’s face.

“Cruel?” Xiao Nan sneered: “Once you see those memories inside of the door, you’ll know right away that this isn’t cruel.
It’s nothing more than retribution.”

The old man took some crumpled papers from his bag.
Gu Xizhou glanced at them causally.
There were about seven or eight of them, and the old man gave one of each of them to everyone in Gu Xizhou’s group.
He was just about to put the remaining two papers back into his bag…when he was robbed. 

The old man looked down to see his hands empty: ???

“Give me more, ba.
You can’t use them anyway.” Gu Xizhou snatched two more papers from the old man’s hand.


Old man: “……”

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow: “Do you have an opinion?” 

Old man: “……”


Yu Yizhou and Xiao Nan felt a little flustered.

Gu Xizhou spread out the papers to look at them.
It was a blank missing person poster with space at the front to put photos. 

“What’s this thing for?” Gu Xizhou asked, raising the missing person poster.

The old man let out a good natured laugh: “Naturally, it’s to search for people.”

The old man spoke matter-of-factly.
Not only was his tone matter-of-fact, but it carried a hint of mocking as well.
As the old man spoke, his body began to slowly crumble, and the door appeared in front of everyone.

“Why do I feel like it was teasing us? A couple worn out sheets are to be regarded as a prop?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow. 

“Yes, let’s go, ba.”

“There’s no other choice.
I didn’t expect the murderer to be Xu Hao.” Gu Xizhou glanced at the blood flowing from the old man’s door to the wooden door.
He turned the handle and went in.

“Ke ke ke, ke ke ke.” Gu Xizhou glanced at his withered yellow hand.
He’d passed through the door many times and knew that he had entered the old man’s body.

The old man was in the middle of making a stir fry.
The soot irritated his nose and caused him to feel unwell.
When he heard a noise coming from outside, he quickly said to the old lady outside: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, you can eat right away.” 

The old man spoke cheerfully.
Gu Xizhou could clearly feel that the old man’s mood was…very sweet.
He had never disdained his wife because she suffered from dementia.

He loved her quite a lot.

Every single little detail showed the old man’s love for his wife.

His wife couldn’t cook or do laundry.
In that era, such a woman would be rarer than a panda, but the old man didn’t care.
He could do all of the housework. 

He and Old Lady He fell in love freely.
They got to know each other in a production team, eventually they got married and had children.
They never quarreled, and became popular.

That day, when he called his wife to eat after he cooked the stir-fry, Mo Jiaqing discovered she was missing.
Restless with anxiety, he went out and asked everyone, but he couldn’t find Old Lady He.
All his children came home.
The old man cried and blamed himself.


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“It’s all my fault, It’s because I didn’t keep an eye on her that she wandered off and got lost,” the old man cried, “I don’t know if she’s eaten.
Is she hungry or cold?”

“Dad, our home’s contact details are inside mom’s pocket.
Don’t worry so much.
Someone can bring her back.” Mo Jiaqing’s son comforted his father. 

Gu Xizhou guessed that Old Lady He died the same day of her disappearance.
Time suddenly fast-forwarded, and Old Lady He had been missing for half a year.
Mo Jiaqing’s children wished their father would move on and come live with them, but Mo Jiaqing firmly refused.

“No way, I can’t move.
What if your Mama comes home and can’t find anyone?” The Old man used this reason to refuse his children.
Due to work, the two children couldn’t come back for a long time.
They found it difficult, but the old man couldn’t be more stubborn, and in the end they chose to compromise.

Then time skipped.
Gu Xizhou saw the people from the demolition office visit the old man again and again and call the old man’s children to attempt to persuade him to move.

“Over my dead body! Otherwise I won’t move! I absolutely will not move!” 

After the quarrel with the office, the old man returned home because he was indignant and let out his last breath… Gu Xizhou could feel the old man’s body was ice cold without a trace of Warmth.
Just when Gu Xizhou thought the old man was going to turn into a ghost, he unexpectedly opened his eyes and got up to go to the store and buy some vegetables to prepare a meal, just like before, as if he was a living person.
It carried on like this until his son came home to visit his father…

When his son found his father lying on the bed, rotting, he immediately shouted in horror, until Mo Jiaqing realized that he was already dead.

Mo Jiaqing turned into a ghost and continued waiting for his missing wife to return home.
He wandered Citrine Village for a very long time until all of the houses were demolished to build new buildings.
While laying the foundation, a lot of skeletal remains were excavated near Citrine Village.
During the war decades ago, there was a mass burial pit.  The skeletal remains of Mo Jiaqing’s wife were also found in the foundations.

Because of the mass burial pit, the remains of Old Lady He were mistaken as the remains of a victim of war. 

The old man was resentful.
He knew his wife wasn’t missing.
She was murdered.


He must take revenge!

But who? Who killed her?! 

Then the scene changed.
A new neighborhood capable of accommodating several thousand people had been built where Citrine Village used to be.
The strange thing was that—people died in this city everyday.

Gu Xizhou, who had been watching through the perspective of the old man, knew that these were all done by the old man!

Is he seeing the future now? Or what?

Gu Xizhou fell into thought.
Then his consciousness became fuzzy for a split second before everything in front of him suddenly became clear. 

After coming out, Gu Xizhou kneaded the space between his eyebrows.
Fang Zhi and Si Yu were also there.

“Fuck, what did you see at the end? The future?” Gu Xizhou asked, raising an eyebrow.


Si Yu nodded: “If Xu Hao isn’t determined to be the murderer, that might be the future.”

Fang Zhi shivered, but he wasn’t cold: “In the end, what happened with Xu Hao?” 

Si Yu said: “Xu Hao killed Old Lady He.
I guess it’s because he stole the butcher’s meat.
The missing Old Lady He accidentally saw him, and in a moment of desperation, he killed Old Lady He.
After that he carried Old Lady He home and cut her up to deal with the body…”

“…” Fang Zhi’s palms were covered in cold sweat.

Gu Xizhou glanced at Si Yu with the curiosity of a baby: “Go on, you don’t need to consider my feelings.”

“…” Si Yu fell silent, and then said: “He cut the old lady into mincemeat, and everyday at noon, he used this meat to trade with the butcher for pork.
So, the butcher had no idea he was selling human meat.
The people in the village didn’t know they were eating human meat.
Only Xu Hao knew.” 

“That butcher is quite unjust…” Fang Zhi said.

Gu Xizhou answered first: “His death wasn’t unjust.
The amount of meat Xu Hao cut certainly wasn’t allowed.
Moreover, in order to dispose of those bodies as fast as possible, Xu Hao certainly put as much meat in the butcher’s shop as possible.
The butcher knew that there was too much meat, but instead of checking the source of the meat, he helped Xu Hao dispose of the body.
He also got what he deserved.”

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