Mr Passasive

Chapter-2 - Is this your girlfriend ? this is cute


Im Sophie rose, Just turned 18 and Right now, Im sitting on a flight to LONDON. Its a first-class 21000£ flight.

no!! no..! Im not rich if you thought me to be. its just a privilege I got from my scholarship.

3 months back I applied for a scholarship to several universities to different places and luckily, I got this one. I was really surprised with the fact that ”how the hell did I get into this super-rich and elite University ”. They have admission fees for a minimum course up to 50000£ and tuition fees approx. 34000£

Like what people there eat for lunch ”Money…!! ”?

whatever, now that Im going there. Ill do my best and graduate with the best results. yes…!! Im fully determined.

*I yelled in my head*

Oh, yea I got to call my mom,

calling….and calling…




OH! THEN THAT WOULD BE GREAT. ATLEAST I won be convicted for the murder of my daughter ” *sarcastically*

”Mom…!!! why are you talking like this? ”

”You should ask this to yourself, honey…. ”!

”Oh I get it you didn want me to go and now you
e all angry because I didn listen to you? ”

”I didn know my daughter was so smart ” yay..y

”Mom if you want to be this all weird and sarcastic, then Im sorry this call is not reachable ”


Hanged up…..

hasssshhhh. I sighed…

No matter what Mom, I know youll surely miss me.

15 minutes left to take off.

Im bored.but I feel like a part of some royal drama or movie.

Like maybe I am getting cast for PRINCESS DIARIES 3 and Im the daughter of Mia Thermopolis lol!. so exciting….yeshhhh. My imagination was just taking off when I felt a tall figure above my head.

I looked up, *a little annoyed*

why is he not in jail for robbing my heart at first sight. like hes got a perfectly structured face with Royal blue piercing eyes, sharp nose, and dark magnificent eyebrows, and yeah his jaw was on point…even his abs was not any less to ignore. I could see he has perfectly out of gym 8 packs underneath his torso.

(I don know why Im being such a pervert.

Im sorry readers, this is just how Im)

Soooo… handsome. *my jaw dropped*

I didn notice myself staring at him and analyzing his beauty until he snapped in my face!!

”Seen enough ”?

Wh-what… do you mean! *nervously*

I had to cover my embarrassment so I said

”I have seen better ” proudly but only I knew how guilty I was. *haha, awkward…*

Right now I just want to find myself a hole and jump into it, forever away from this emotion-tasting dreadful human realm.

”Oh yea ”? he said smirking and I just rolled my eyes.

but…he was too handsome to resist. I was tempted to take a glance at him again.

not that I wanted him, just attraction you know!

”Get out ” *coldly*

”Excuse me….!? ” * I asked raising an eyebrow in pure surprise*

”I said get out ” the seat next to you is mine. ”miss weirdo, ” he said *still in his super cold vibe*

*anyone who must have witnessed this, could have died due to cold*

hmph, I agree hes good-looking but whats with that attitude, couldn he ask more nicely* I murmured*

I got out and just as he was sitting I exclaimed well Im sorry to disappoint you but Im born weird ”Sir porcupine ” *pouting*

and…..he.. he. ignored me…

I have my reputation. so.., I will not waste my time with such an Ice cold monster.

who does he think he is.

But wait…

why am I thinking about him?, I don even know him, But I feel like I wanna know him. no….no… I must be dumb.

I should stop thinking probably

yes its the best just *stop thinking*

ughhh no… I can stop thinking.

why am I making such a big deal?

calm down Sophie, he must be from some mafia group. so stop being attracted…

”Mam would you like something? ” *

someone said interrupting me*

oh.ahh..ah. yeah

”do you have.. something.. made from chocolate? ”

*I love chocolates, and mom wouldn have let me have it, cause I don look at the quantity, I mean I can eat a lot and now I am a free bird, so lets take advantage*

”Yes, we have Jaffa cakes, Prue Leiths chocolate mini rolls, Banoffee pie, and Richards Black forest chocolate fondants, so which one would you like, maam ” *she smiled*

*Firstly, I do not like when people call me maam and secondly whats with these names, she spoke so fast that I don even know which is what. like can she give me some cake or pudding*

*sighing* ”Whatever is good, ” I said

she looked at me for a second like she wasn trained to attend to people like me then she smiled again and from her tray, she handed me a plate of Richards something fondant cake.

”Idiot ” I heard someone say

and….. you
e right Mr. porcupine said that!!

”Who are you referring to? ” *I heard myself saying to his insult*

(a cool breeze passes in between, our dear FL lead got ignored again)

*shut up author, you made him like this. you
e responsible for my insults, I hate you!!!!*

(I don think my readers hate me for making him like this, right guys ?)

*annoyed.. annoyed… bored..*

I checked the time, I still got 10 hours to land.

so, what am I gonna do with sooo much time?

*and….again frustrated and. .. annoyed*

*I looked at my right where he was sitting*

*I could look at him forever in this state* so radiant* am I allowed to touch his face, cause it looks priceless*

with his headphones on, he was resting in a super comfortable posture.

And here Im sleepless

I very slyly pulled out my camera to take a picture with him. *why? simply because Ive to brag about him to my friends and also…I don know, haha Im soo intelligent… I guess*

I clicked one, then two and three and… fourth… when … he woke up, catching me in my act as he grabbed me, by my hand.

*I…I was surprised….and doomed

He looked straight into my eyes and I felt my face being hot with the sudden increase in temperature**I am sure… doomed right now. what If…. he kidnaps me when I get down the plane*

*also Im still terrified, embarrassed

”Delete those right now ”, *he said with a glare*

” what are you talking about ” *I lied hoping he would believe me but really… who am I kidding, hes Mr. porcupine*

You know what I mean ” *again with that glare*

*are these photos so valuable, hes just a human. why fuss about it..but… is he someone so.. important? I don know. but I better obey him for my 18-year life*

”Uh.oh, yea… I wasn taking your pictures, I…I never sat in a flight near the window seat, so I just wanted some night light pictures from the window ” I said *believe me please… believe me. Crossing my fingers in hope that my lie was believable*

He paused for a second and looked at me like he was noticing my every expression.

”lets change then, he finally said ”

”R-eally!? * I asked nervously* he nodded,

thankfully, Im not a good liar but I think hes too naive to get me, my proud moment xd* we changed and then I decided to thank him and said

”Thank you for exchanging ”

”he nodded in acceptance to my thanks and then after a few seconds he said ”I know you have my photos in your phone ” he shrugged without even looking at me

*I mean, do I look so ugly that even looking at me is a sin….but I think I look acceptable hmmph.*

*but I didn know that he knew how to speak more than 4-5 words*

I didn look at him for the whole flight for obvious reasons until our dinner came and I have no idea what those dishes were even called but I ate.

something was odd and I don why I feel like this but every time someone passed across us, I felt a stare and Im not some iconic beauty so its obvious they were looking at him

And those air hostesses, my god..are they having orgasms in a plane?

I mean are they even allowed? professionally, They had their boobs on the plates, and skirts were put to a dangerous length like do they even serve this kind of service here? soo…yuck but the funny part is that their efforts were in no consideration cause he didn even look at them. lol! those girls dreams with him were shattered and that look of grief on them was very funny….!

but… Im jealous hes getting soo much attention but where are my handsome hosts *pouting

After eating I still had 8 hours to go, so… I tried to sleep but couldn .. cause… I have got a weird habit of reading COMICS overnight and browsing through my social accounts but I can do it here!!. Of course because of no internet!!

EVENTUALLY, After an hour or two struggling, I slept, when I felt something soft on my lips, so nice and calming, ”was it a kiss? ”

shes not awake fellow Readers, this is all she felt in her dreams, so.. Don dream for our Mr. porcupine to be so caring all of a Authors note: Give this novel a 5 star and show your support by writing a review and continue reading the next chapter.

-Your dear author

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