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It seems that Luo Yaqin, an older actress who worked with Lingyu before, gave Lingyu a movie script, which tells the story of a group of old actors.
The prototype of the story is herself, from young to old, from not popular to popular, then from popular to not popular.
The story is warm, brutally honest, and thought-provoking, but it’s a pity that it’s not a popular subject in the market.
In addition, the middle-aged and elderly people in the story have lived more than half of their lives.
There are no handsome men and beautiful women; no love, or burning passion; no exciting martial arts scenes.
And Luo Yaqin herself has lived a miserable life for the past ten years.
It will definitely be a big loss in the box office. 

Lingyu Film and Television has already made an evaluation, and no one is optimistic.
But Chen Yuanqing still wants to hold a meeting to discuss this matter.
He has shown Chen Ying the script before, and now he’s asking for his opinion before the meeting.

“There’s been too many films in the same genre in past two years and it’s just common for them to be poorly received by critics.
Will the company make money from this film? We are looking to win awards! A loss of 20 to 30 million is nothing, can we not afford it??” This is Chen Ying’s opinion.
The tone is too arrogant.

“Hmph, are you going to tell Director Li just like that?”

“That’s right.
Why not? A good script is hard to find, and anyone with eyes and brains can see that this one is.
This is a good story.
Aunt Luo’s acting skills are even better.
Needless to say, she is old now and has been in decline, but she still had a reputation in the world back then.
Didn’t she agree to work with you at the time—you know what happened as a result.
You want to do it, right?” 

Chen Ying understands his father’s thoughts.
Back then, Chen Yuanqing’s film and television company was newly opened, with limited funds, and no reputation at all.
Luo Yaqin, on the other hand, was very popular at the time, and her net worth was extremely high.
Normally, Chen Yuanqing wouldn’t have been able to afford her talent fees, but he still went to find Luo Yaqin, and who knew that Luo Yaqin would agree! That show made Lingyu Film and Television an instant hit.
Chen Yuanqing values righteousness, and he definitely wants to repay this favor.
Moreover, this is indeed a good script, but unfortunately there is no money to be made.

Chen Ying knows that Chen Yuanqing has broader thinking than him, and it’s true that the older the ginger, the spicier it is2.
He doesn’t want to embarrass those executives who voted against the script.
After all, it’s about making or losing money and this needs to be explained properly to everyone, so he needs his son’s support. 

Chen Ying and Chen Yuanqing have a rough discussion about the matter then set a time for the meeting.
Chen Yuanqing also raises concerns about the lost 40 million in advertisement agency fees3.
Chen Ying smiles, and says that the old man has good eyes and ears. 

Chen Ying talks to him about his ideas, and he wants to figure out what is going on.
If the root cause is not solved, there would be future troubles in signing and executing the contract.
As he’s talking, he sees that Mi Xi finally confirms to her satisfaction that she can beat the seat belt, and gets out of the car.

Chen Ying beckons her to come over, then he raises his hand and presses the electronic lock, and the car locks with a “beep”.
Chen Ying walks towards the elevator still talking on the phone, but stops when he notices Mi Xi going back to the car.
He sees Mi Xi pull the door handle hard, confirm that it really can’t be opened, nod in satisfaction, and then walk back to him.

Still talking on the phone, Chen Ying laughs and shakes his head.
She unexpectedly still knows to worry about this ah! Really caring!



1Chen Ying is teaching her modern phrases and that not everything needs to be answered seriously.
He just said something like ‘okay?’ that’s tagged at the end of conversation sentences; he wasn’t really asking.

2The older the ginger, the spicer it is.
An idiom meaning the older, the wiser.
Personally, it’s one of those phrases that I know from having read too, too many c-novels and translation footnotes.

3This is referring to the Yongkai contract that the other party isn’t signing for some yet unexplained reason.

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