”Flush over three pair. ” The dealer called monotonously over the painful groans of the table. My heart raced as I considered my winnings with a faux grin. This was a high stakes game after all… Life or death, if you will. Not because of the game itself, but because of whom it was that I was playing against, and his known temper.

”Ha, told you Id win this hand, Boris. Now, I believe this pot is all mine… ” I boasted through my growing unease, attempting to sound as natural as every other hand wed played that night. Now, it is worth noting that Boris hates to lose, and Id been working him all night, setting up this one massive play, this one hand. My instructions were clear after all..

”Take him for all that you can, Ken. ” Boss Dimitri had ordered with his thick Russian accent. Boris had apparently flubbed another rather important job, and while he was protected from spontaneous harm or injury within the organization… His wallet was not.

”Bullshit! ” Boris bellowed like a bear awoken from his hibernation, both hungry and irrational at the loss of substantial monetary gain. The crazed look in his eyes scanned my surface wildly until they narrowed suspiciously upon my right arm. My eyes went wide as I realized what he was imagining…

The truth.

His right arm blazed through the air faster than I could pull mine back. Painfully his paw clamped around my wrist, damaging the card dealing apparatus under my sleeve as its metal components cut into my wrist.

”You think to cheat Boris?! ” He shouted into my ear as I shrank away from him.

”Oh, come now, Boris. We are all thieves here, Whats a little dishonor among friends? ” I answered with a sheepish grin. However, the massive Bratva was having none of it. His shiny bald head glowing in the overhead lamplight, making him appear more like angel of death, than tracksuit wearing gang officer.

”Boris is no thief. ” He whispered harshly into my ear, his hot smelly breath brushing threateningly against my cheek. ”Boris is killer. ”

”I-I was just following orders, man. The boss was pissed you fumbled the pharma gig. He just wanted me to fleece your wallet real good, thats all! I promise! It was nothing personal, Big B. Just business! ” I pleaded while attempting to pull free my hand from his bearish grip and pushing to put more space between myself and the massive man.

”Just business? ” He repeated angrily. ”You try to rob Boris, and you call this business? ” His gruff Russian accent aiding in the malice of his message.

With his free hand, thick and calloused, he reached up slowly, calculatingly up to my neck. I struggled harder to free myself, but Boris merely laughed as his fingers closed in around my windpipe.

The sound of my choking, sputtering and struggling filled the room. My eyes scanned for help, lingering on the dealer whom merely stood statuesque, paralyzed by the fear of watching me being… Well, murdered.

Panic set in as my periphery began to darken with the lack of oxygen entering my empty lungs. Continuing my desperate search, I saw the only thing around me that was ALMOST within reach.

With no time to think I acted, thrashing a knee up and into Boriss groin, his eyes went wide and he yelped in pain, releasing his death-grip on my throat. Reaching with my left hand, I snatched the half empty glass of vodka he had been sipping on just moments earlier.

Had my neck not just been crushed, a powerful cry of justice might have left my mouth as I smashed the glasss lip into his eye, but instead all that came was a breathy and raspy wheeze.

In contrast, the wail that left Boriss lips was both genuine and terrifying. The effect it had on me was immediate and primal. I sucked in some much needed air whilst turning on my heels, priming myself to sprint out of there as fast as my legs would take me.

”Bang! Bang! Bang! ”

Bullets echoed into the air as he shot at me. Ducking with my hands over my heads, I managed to dodge the shots fired. Though I doubted it had anything to do with my awkward maneuvering, and more to do with his now missing and blood covered left eye…

Fuck, **, **… I can believe hes actually shooting at me! I screamed internally as I burst through the back door and into the old rusted factory proper. It was late at night, so there was minimal if no staff around, but every single one was on high alert after those gunshots went off… Each of them that I passed dipped out of the way with a sorrowful expression across their face.

I knew that look of course, because I had used it dozens of times myself. That look that said ”Im sorry, I wish there was something I could do… ” never in a million years had I considered that I might be on the receiving end of that look.

”Bang! Bang! ”

Two more shots rang out as I reached

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