My Supreme Hero System

Arriving at Silver Moon Academy

[Name: Peter Fermi]

[Level 1: 0/100 exp]

[Professions: N/A]

– – –

[System currency: 0]

[Attribute Points: 0]

[Strength: 12]

[Speed: 9]

[Intelligence: 25]

[Stamina: 13]

– – –

[Abilities: N/A]

”Right… what is that exactly? ”

Peter looked with surprise at the floating panel before his eyes. The typical error message that used to haunt him day after day had been replaced by a status window.

He was lying in a hospital bed, staring stupidly at nothing. The nurse who had come in looked at him with a strange look on her face before grabbing an IV bag.

”Can you really not see these? ”

”No…its probably hallucinations. If you need anything, just ring the bell next to you and Ill come as soon as I can. ” The nurse smiled and left the room.

*Tlim * Tlim* Tlim* Tlim* Tlim

The sound of a small bell rang out all around.

The nurse hurriedly opened the door and asked in alarm:

”What happened? ”

”I was just testing to see if it was true. ” Peter smiled stupidly.

The nurses mouth twitched wanting to say something. In the end she just shook her head exasperatedly and left once again.

Peter didn have time to inspect the system.

As soon as the nurse left, a man in a lab coat entered the room. He was a middle-aged man with gray hair and handsome features that carried some subtle wrinkles.

”Peter Fermi… Im Dr. Joel, nice to meet you… ”.

”The pleasure is all mine. ” Peter responded awkwardly to his courtesy.

”You remained unconscious for three days. In that time, we did our best to restore your physical condition, but what really helped your recovery was the sudden awakening of your second ability. ”

”You say… this? ” Peter pointed to the floating screen.

”Whatever is there, I can see it. But judging by your condition, its probably some kind of passing hallucination. ”

Peter nodded.

He knew this was not a hallucination. Somehow, his natural ability had acquired some source of energy in the time he was unconscious.

Even though his ability was not as useless as he thought, Peter still felt lost in dealing with his new power. He wasn sure what the system was capable of exactly.

Something like an RPG game system? But is that even possible?

Peter looked at the system and frowned.

”Hey… ” he waved in front of the panel to see if that would trigger any reaction.

”Who are you talking to? ” the doctor asked.

”Hehehehehehehehehe… no one. Im just stretching myself. ”

[The host can communicate with the system through thought].

”Oh, thats very helpful! ” Peters eyes twinkled.

”What? ” The doctor asked confused.

[The host MUST communicate with the system through thought].

”Sorry, it was force of habit. ”

Peter looked at the doctor and just smiled as he nodded, having no idea what he was saying.

What are Attribute Points?

[Attribute Points are points used to increase any physical attribute of the user. They can usually be received through quests or basic leveling].

Okay, what are System Coins?

[System Coin are points that can be used to buy things in the system store. The store is one of the most powerful functions of the system and allows the user to buy anything for the right price].

It really works like a game….

Peter was about to ask more questions, but the doctors voice suddenly caught his attention.

”Thats great! I thought you wouldn agree to receive these people. Ill let them in now. ”

Without Peter being able to respond the doctor smiled and left the room.

What did I just agree to? Peter thought.

A few minutes later a man and a woman entered the room.

The man was tall and stocky, had long blond hair and deep red eyes.

He wore a brown jacket unbuttoned over a white shirt and a black tie. With his leather shoes, gray pants and his rather old-fashioned wristwatch, he was like a typical detective stereotype.

The woman shared some extremely similar characteristics with the man, you could tell with a single glance the kinship between the two.

She had a beautiful hourglass figure, her voluminous breasts projected two large proud peaks on her shirt. Her tight leather pants perfectly highlighted the outline of her round buttocks and long legs.

”Peter Fermi, isn that right? My name is Carl Jonhson and this womans name is Liza Johnson. We
e officers of the hero association and we
e here to ask you a question, if you don mind. ”

”Its not as if I have a choice, is it?

[A user of mental powers wishes to establish a connection with the host. Allow?]

Peter looked at this notification feeling ironic.

So this is how they question people?

Putting these thoughts aside, Peter looked at the pair and said in his mind:

”Will they be able to tell if I refuse?

[The user of the skill will feel that the connection has not been established. If the host accepts the connection, the system is able to filter the thoughts and memories that are shared].

[The host may also have access to some of the other partys thoughts and memories].

Then I allow it. But don let any information about yourself escape.

[This is standard procedure.]

The two then sat down on two chairs beside the bed.

”Very well, tell us everything you can remember about that day. ”

”First I need to ask you a question… ”

”Go ahead. ” Carl said without hesitation.

”What happened to Marcus? ”

”Hes fine. Even though he had a longer confrontation with the terrorist, his condition was still better than yours when you arrived. Right now he is resting in the next room. ”

”Right… thank you. ”

Peter felt relieved.

At that moment Peter began to narrate to the pair everything he remembered about that incident. He even talked about the moment when his teacher plummeted out of the window.

During the whole process Liza kept writing down some information on a notepad while Carl just shook his head in agreement.

Thirty minutes later Peter finished his monologue.

Since he had a photographic memory, his account was much more precise and richer in detail than that of the other witnesses. Carl was therefore extremely serious in questioning him about the smallest details.

”This girl you mentioned is probably an illusionist. Also, we don know if the man is actually the leader or just a pawn who was there under someone elses command. ”

Carl thought aloud.

e done here. ” He said suddenly. ”Its quite likely that well need to talk to you more often, so Ill apologize in advance. ”

”There is something else we need to say. ” Liza spoke up suddenly. ”It was requested by the government that everyone involved in this incident was being constantly monitored, especially you and your friend who had direct contact with the terrorists. ”

”This being the case, you and all your colleagues were enrolled in Silver Moon Academy as students. Anything against that? ”

Its not as if I can refuse all that. Peter thought exasperatedly.

”No problem at all. ”

”Fine, when you are discharged from the hospital a private driver will take you home. You will enter the Academy in two months. ”

They both said their goodbyes before leaving the room.

In the corridors of the hospital, the two chatted:

”Did he lie about anything? ” asked Carl.

”No. He was completely sincere. However I felt a little strange while spying on his memories, it was as if he was looking at me too. ” Liza frowned.

”This brat had a double awakening, but I don think his ability is so powerful as to fool you. ”

e right. ”

”Come on, we have to report this conversation to the association. ”

With that, the two headed down the hallways toward the exit.

Back in the room, Peter rested his hand on his chin and thought contemplatively.

”And to think that such a serious woman would pee her pants in the ninth grade.

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